Identity: Pakistan

June 7, 2009

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  1. Masha’Allah. Great effort. Pakistan Zindabad. Zaid Hamid Zindabad.

  2. we need such patriotic voices .. impressive..

  3. Subhanallah, must watch for every pakistani…ham sab ko ab hath mai hath laina hai aur aik nai kaum banani hai jo izat aur abro ki aihmiyat janti ho…

  4. we need to buy some time of pakistan TV channels and play this, remind people of pakistan that our history goes beyond the acts of one person or party

  5. Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am one of the janoonis of Pakistan. I don’t know how many Pakistanis are like me, but I feel not many.
    Zaid Hamid Bhai, please tell our Pakistanis that we need to sacrifice, and first thing would be, not to benefit enemy in any way, so stop watching Indian, stop buying Indian. I don’t know how many can do that?

    • Bro there are many like you. I am one of them

    • v nice from u… i m 100Prcnt agree with u.

      thanx ..
      safia khalid.

    • Assalam U Alikum!!!

      Brother note down my name. I am a Muslim and Pakistani and i do not watch indian neither buy anything indian. So i can do that & there will be many who can do that and those who can’t will do the same InshAllah very soon. We need convey the message of BrassTacks to them.

      • me too….

    • MashaAllah very good suggestion, I’ve been working on the same thing as well. The first thing I’m trying to do is to weed out this Indian shit from our homes, then urge our relatives and friends and keep on expanding the circles as well.

      Each one of us should start the effort from NOW and let’s see where it ends.

      • tears of joy and happiness to know that there are so many of us we could make the difference.

      • tum sab behan ke lode sirf yahan blog mein yeh sab likhne layak hi ho………u guys are the most India obsessed dick heads ……….tumhe india ka naam liye bagair namaaz to padi nahin jaati ……….saalechude hue log

  7. a tear is rolling down my cheek !!

  8. our media is obssessed by indian culture.what if we dnt watch india,just watch pakistani channels ,they play indian movies ,dramas n shows even their own productions are a copy of indian soaps….. these channels must stop such things….even on eids n other festivals they show KHURAFAT of lux award,z award,iffa show etc…specially geo…
    I think to some extent we shud watch indian movies to keep an eye on wat they r showing against us.



  10. Mashalah,Bohat Acha hai.Pakistan is our beloved country and we will do everything to protect it. Click the link below for more information.

  11. Long Live Z Z Hamid

  12. […] Watch: Zaid Hamid on Sipahi Maqbool Hussain (second half of the first video) […]

  13. Time for serious introspection. Objectively examine the performance of all our leaders so far. Determine who delivered maximum for Pakistan and what was their profile.
    My take, after the Quaid i Azam, it was only Musharraf with his sincere ‘Pakistan First’ belief in all his actions.
    In hounding him out have we missed a Godsend opportunity ? Is there even a close second alternative ?

  14. Because Musharraf is neither Sindhi,nor Pathan,norBaluchi and not even Punjabi. He is only a true Pakistani.
    He is not a member of any Zaat,Brathery.
    His electorate are only those who are real and staunch Pakistanis.
    But they only few in a total population of 17 crores.
    That is why he is facing this.
    Only God can come to Pakistan’s rescue.
    And God is Great.

  15. Pakistan has a glorious destiny . we are a destined nation.

    “the conquest of India by the muslims just prior to the return of Jesus, the son of marry pbuh:
    (Ahmed , an nisa’i, at tabarani, al hakim)

    but before we achieve that we must undo all the negative programing that has been done to our people by Hindu Zionist and western Zionist and return back to the deen of our Prophet Pbuh.

    our identity is Pakistan and our ideology is Islam ..

    these should be our top priorities in life to be successful in this world and the world after this.

    All my respect to zahid hamid he is doing a wonderful job.May Allah give him long life and may Allah guide us all to the rite path.

    Pakistan zindabad

  16. There are a lot of Muslims in India as well. How will boycotting Indian products help the Muslim Umma? Charity begins at home, look around you. Are we doing our bit to eradicate illiteracy ( the root of why Pakistan is where it is) corruption and greed.I am sure there are other ways to start a revolution.
    There is no nationalism in Islam. Allah created us into tribes and nations so that we may recognise one another, not divide ourselves and be proud of being of a certain origin or nationality.

    • Dear Hopeful,

      While it is true that there is no nationalism in Islam you need to understand that Pakistan and Islam are two sides of the same coin. This might seem like a ridiculous thing to say since many people like to point out how ‘Un Islamic’ everything in Pakistan is right now. However, if we go back to the basic question of why Pakistan was created, in other words what was the ideologoy behind the creation of Pakistan; the answer is that it wasn’t just created so that Muslims had a land of their own but also because from this particular place on earth, a spiritual revolution would emerge that would take the entire world by surprise and through which a new life would be given to the Muslim Ummah. The creation of Pakistan itsef was a message to the enemies of Islam and a clear indication of the coming renissance. Let us be clear that the reason why we shud be proud of being Pakistani is because we have been given this great honour and opportuity and not because we are superior to the rest of the Ummah. Pakistan is here to serve the Ummah and through reviving our ideology, we will do just that!

    • Also, I dont think that it’s lack of education that is the cause for all our problems but rather lack of morality; for every single person that has looted and damaged Pakistan always belonged to the so called well educated elite. The point that I have raised about Ideoogy takes care of the moral problems that we have in our society as well as it focuses on reviving our core values and systems which are to be based on the pristine values of our Religion. Therefore by reviving the ideology of Pakistan, we can address all he current ills that our society is facing and serve the Nation of Islam as well as the entire humanity!

      • u didn’t unerstand the point of Hopeful, did u? Pakistan is Naimah of Allah(SWT) praise Allah for this blessing and donot try to put this above all. The foremost for a muslim is the Love of Allah and his Prophet and then the rest of the blessings…………Being a muslim all muslims are brother irrespective of their color, origin, natioanlity etc.
        The success for a muslim is to save him/herself from hell fire and enter in Jannah. We must correct our toheed right and should not try to make the country another idol to worship.

      • Wow… I wonder why anyone can have so much hatred for India just because you are born on other side of border which was not in your hands entirely. Why also the acts of some individuals is attributed to the act of the country. And same happens here in India as well. We have terrorist attack and we talk about country pakistan. It is not the country though, it is because of some people having different ideological thinking residing somewhere in pakistan. And we blame the whole country for their deeds. This is really sad. U guys talk of injustice done to your muslim people. Frankly, injustice is done to all who are poor. Some chunks of poor are muslims and they get harrased by some individuals who have power for their petty benefits. Politicians do that to remain in power. This gets highlighted and you guys get brain washed to blame country for the act of an individual. When you come down to india,you will realise, there is not as much hatred for pakistan as you guys have been made to know for india. Dont you think, we are being brain washed to focus are energies on hatred for each other and not on progress of our own. Obviously, because when we will start focusing our energies for our progress, these developed countries will loose their glory and status. By progress, I mean, food for all humans, education for kids, employment for humans and so on to live quality life. Just for them to maintain their ego and status, we have been influenced and taught to hate each other. Trust me, I would not like to hurt any pakistani who has not hurt me. Past, what we read in history are again views expressed are the understanding of a biased individual and do not reflect the whole story. If somebody hurts you, you have right to defend. Actions of some individual of a particular country do not reflect action of that country as a whole. We have more muslims in India then in Pakistan. If India as you think harass muslims, how would their population grows so much. All other religion in india are fine with that. We have so many muslim scholars here, some being my professors. So think about it.

  17. Umar the Great, was once asked, “What qualities should people look for in a leader? How do we identify which of us is most capable of being our Amir? Umar, without a second thought, replied, “The one amongst you who acts like an Amir when he is not, and the one who behaves like an ordinary man when he becomes the Amir.” Zaid Hamid seems to be someone like that. Well done Zaid.
    But do not stop to think rationally. That is essential too. We Pakistanis must base our policies on Jinnah’s wisdom. Pakistan’s Anti US rhetoric helps nobody but the caste-Hindus who are our enemies. Think of the possibility of bringing USA on the side of God! Lets preach love!

  18. This is the reality that Zaid Hamid is saying….
    We need to play these sort of videos on our live media.We need unity.We need unity to hit our enemy and world’s bigest terrorists india,usa,and israel.go to hell india,usa,israel…
    Allah is Great!
    Islam Zindabaad!
    Pakistan Tabindabaad!

  19. Everyone is commenting, who is working for Pakistan?

  20. WE (the nation of pakistan)dont ever need any kind of president primeministers and MUSHARRAF . we can take care of our land by our own. v hate all them who r enemy of pakistan.

  21. asalamalakum,i am so happy there are many people who are genuinely in love with our pakistan.some people i have come accross think im crazy to love pakistan so dearly,like a peice of me.i am so happy to hear such encouraging comments.even though i was born in the uk,and went to pakistan when i was 15,i instantly felt like it was home despite my family who are not patriotic at all.long live pakistan may allah protect the people of pakistan,and make pakistan islamically stronger anspowerfull!” “PAKISTAN-ZINDABAD”!

  22. i also donot buye any indian movie or drama ctc. because they spend these money aganist us and our Army…………… I HATE INDIA

  23. Zaid hamid heads to Islamabad At 2pm sharp convention center on 31 Jan Maria Bee Ali Azmat n many more atIslamabad the BeautifuThe amazing youth show come n join

  24. I pray to “ALLAH” that our future leader Zaid Hamid give him long life,may he continue with his great efforts of taking Pakistan to on the road of prosperity…Ameen Suma Ameen,long live “PAKISTAN”, “PAKISTAN ZINDABAD”.

    PS:Please DO NOT watch Indian tv channels,or buy Indian videos,or anything…Buy “PAKISTANI” and “BE PAKISTANI”


    On December 25, 1876 a child was born in a prominent mercantile family of Karachi who was destined to change the course of history in South Asia and to carve out a homeland for the Muslims of India where they could pursue their destiny according to their faith and ideology.

    From his very childhood, young Jinnah developed the habit of stem independence and self-reliance. In 1892, he was called to the Bar at the very early age of 16. He stayed for four year in England and on his return, started his practice in Bombay. The early period was spent in hard and constant labour. However, he soon came to be looked upon not only as a brilliant lawyer, but also as a man of great integrity and character. He was soon elected to the Imperial Legislative Council where he moved the famous Muslim Waqf Bill-the first instance of a Bill passing into legislation on the motion of a private Member.

    A lover of freedom and a great patriot, Mr. Jinnah began by accommodating the Congress point of view; and was called the, Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity’ when he brought about a rapprochement between the Congress and the Muslim League in 1916. He soon felt, however, that the Congress was merely a camouflage for consolidating Hindu India at the expense of Muslim, and it was at the London Meetings of the Round Table Conference during 1930-32 that he received the shock of his life. “In the face of danger” he said, “the Hindu sentiment, the Hindu mind, the Hindu attitude led me to the conclusion that there was no hope of unity”.

    Mr. Jinnah returned from England in 1934, and set out to galvanise the Muslim League into a most dynamic organisation. “We are a Nation” he asserted, “with our own distinctive culture and civilisation, language and literature, art and architecture, names and nomenclature, sense of value and proportion, legal/ laws and moral code, custom and calendar, history and tradition, aptitude and ambitions; in short, we have our own distinctive outlook on life and of life. By all canons of international law we are a Nation.”

    In subsequent years, Mr. Jinnah, popularly known by the title ‘Quaid-e- Azam’ (the Great Leader), came to symbolise the Muslim aspirations for a separate independent homeland, and in 1940 the Muslim League, under his inspiring leadership, demanded that India should be partitioned and the Muslim majority areas should constitute the sovereign, independent State of Pakistan. It was his ardent advocacy and unbending character, his unshakable determination and his ‘Power of persuasion that brought about the successful fruition of the Muslim struggle in the shape of Pakistan.

    The Quaid was seventy-one when Pakistan was born. He was spared by Almighty only for one year to set the ship of the new State on its keel. Even during the brief period of his Governor Generalship he strove hard to lay down correct precedents for the growth of a democratic tradition in Pakistan.

    He died on September 11, 1948 deeply mourned by a grateful Nation but as one of the great immortals of history .

    It was, therefore, with a sense of supreme satisfaction at the fulfillment of his mission that Jinnah told the nation in his last message on 14 August, 1948: “The foundations of your State have been laid and it is now for you to build and build as quickly and as well as you can”. In accomplishing the task he had taken upon himself on the morrow of Pakistan’s birth, Jinnah had worked himself to death, but he had, to quote richard Symons, “contributed more than any other man to Pakistan’s survivial”. He died on 11 September, 1948. How true was Lord Pethick Lawrence, the former Secretary of State for India, when he said,

    “Gandhi died by the hands of an assassin; Jinnah died by his devotion to Pakistan”.


  26. Will India launch punitive strike(s) against Pakistan? Highly unlikely. India would have already struck if it had a choice. It doesn’t have a choice for two major reasons:

    1. Indians know, they can start a conflict, but where and how the war ends will not be in their control.

    2. By tangling themselves in a war, they run a too realistic risk of delivering a mortal blow to their service-based economy, which may not even survive the brinksmanship Indians are engaging in.

    Arguably, Indians suffer from the ‘white man’s complex.’ Urbanite Indians love to mimic the American way of life. They imitate the ‘goras’ in ways ranging from their attire to their manner of speech. So much so, they have named Bombay film industry after an American icon, namely the Hollywood. Somewhere during the last decade or so, Indians became so engrossed with the ‘gora complex’ that they began imagining India to be an economical powerhouse and military superpower equating the Americans. Perhaps, it’s this complex which sullied the better judgment of Indian urbanites and their media in demanding punitive strikes against Pakistan.

    Nevertheless, after the initial hysteria will ware down, at least some sane Indians will ask, if India could afford such an arrogant behavior? That when the reality will hit them rudely, like ton of bricks, that neither India is America nor Pakistan is Afghanistan.

    Despite the ferocious appearance of the Indian military, largely on paper; the fact remains, over 80% of its obsolete hardware is a carryover from the Soviet-era. Indian handicap of obsolete hardware was highlighted during the 2002 India-Pakistan standoff. It was a humiliating experience for the Indians. Operation Parakram cost India about $2 billion in cash and 798 in human cost, and that too without a single shot fired from the Pakistani side.

    It was also a disastrous Indian deployment, because even after one year of hostile posturing, they could not cross the border, fearing an all out war ending in a nuclear exchange. That is when India truly lost its supposed conventional superiority over Pakistan. The humiliating pull back effectively closed the doors on India for any future conventional war endeavors; because Pakistani nuclear arsenal was here to stay. However, during the same time Pakistanis were modernizing its arsenal through the rapid induction of modern weaponry like F-17 fighters and precision weapons like the Hatf-8 cruise missiles.

    Since then, India has dabbled with nonstarters, like ‘cold start’ doctrine. The idea was to catch Pakistan off-guard by sending a comparatively smaller but highly mobile force across the border at a moment’s notice. It was a nonstarter because of Pakistani equalizer (its nukes); plus they realized they would still have to deploy a considerable amount of logistics and men at the front positions, where they would have remained juicy sitting-ducks for the preemptive PAF air strikes.

    The other reason India cannot afford a war with Pakistan is, its economy is too young and still too small to survive through a round of war. Regardless, the havoc it will run on the already distressed Pakistani economy, the war will for sure spell an end to the largely service-based economy, which depends on the foreign investments; and the foreign investments inherently depend on peace driven stability.

    A brief look will abundantly expose the facade of the Indian economy; which will collapse at the first signs of uncertainty or instability. In 2008, its external debts increased to around $221 billion. In 2007, Indian exports stood around $145 billion, while imports were around $217 billion; a deficit of $72 billion in a single year.

    Its factory output account for 27.6% of the GDP and employs 17% of the total workforce. Rest of the workforce is largely dedicated to the agriculture sector. According to a 2008 World Bank report, 75.6% Indians live on less than $2 per day. It suffers from higher rates of malnutrition than Sub-Saharan Africa. Over 70% its population is either illiterate or educated below the primary level. Indian tourist industry is 1/6 of Las Vegas. Recently, Standard & Poor’s announced, India risk a downgrade from BBB-minus rating to the lowest investment-grade rating. Clearly, Indians are hardly in a financial shape to even contemplate on waging a war.

    Indian service industry accounts for over 55% of its GDP. Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India. A large number of Information Technology companies are located in the city. It is the largest contributor of India’s $33 billion IT exports (2007). IT giants like Infosys and Wipro are headquartered in Bangalore. Other undertakings headquartered in Bangalore are Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to name the few.

    Bangalore is also called the world’s call-centre capital. Foreign IT giants like the IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Apple and Cisco have also heavily invested in the city by opening call centers there. These call centers bring in major amounts of service-generated foreign revenues. Their 24/7 operations provide the customer support throughout the globe. An interruption of operations for even for a single day could mean loss of millions of dollars for the foreign investors.

    As ugly as it may sound, but that’s what wars are, brutal and ugly. Imagine: far short of nuclear strike, only a couple of bombs or Shaheen-II (with an accuracy of 200m) armed with conventional warheads are dropped on the outskirts of Bangalore. Will even a single foreign company think twice before closing their operations for good? Would they stay around to see if they will get lucky during second round too?

    Feel-good slogans like ‘shining India’ don’t help the arrogance clouding the good judgment war-mongering Indians. They can try to start a war on their terms, but it will definitely not end at their terms. Unless India has somehow overcome their fear of far-superior Pakistani nuclear arsenal, or they have found a way to move whole India under kilometer deep nuke-proof shelters, it will not dare to start a war.

    Courtesy: PKKH.

  27. Pakistan has always had the honor of being the peaceful one of the lot. Most of the time when Indian soldiers, and Indian Jet Fighters are lost and “accidentally” step into Pakistan territory, our Army takes them by the finger and leads them back into their own territory. Just like you would help a blind man cross the road. Today Indians, after being patted by the West every now and then, have mistakenly “assumed” that they are finally ready to attack and conquer Pakistan. However, my dear Indian friends, the case is not so. We are already bruised. If we are further evoked, the consequences might be injurious to your health and definitely fatal to your bloody Airforce. So take this as a loud and clear message: BACK OFF! or we’ll rip you apart,where it really HEARTS!

  28. Malik Mudassar Rasheed Awan Pakistan in Rawalpindi

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