Saving Agent Mehsud

June 2, 2009

PakistanKaKhudaHafiz Exclusive Report


The Americans do not want Pakistanis to capture Baitullah Mehsud alive, and attempting to eliminate him using air-strikes will not be easy since Pakistan Army is advancing towards him already. They will either take him out before he is captured, or he will mysteriously disappear only to re-emerge later at a different location. The U.S. military has moved troops near Mehsud’s area under the pretext of finding Osama or Mullah Omar. This is a deception. They have been saying Osama is in Pakistan for years. Why haven’t they acted earlier? This American move has something to do with Pakistani military’s march to destroy Mehsud and his proxy militia. We already know that terrorists are using American weapons to kill us while pretending to be Taliban. The Pakistani military better watch out what our ally is up to this time.

As Pakistani Forces zero in on Baitullah Mehsud in South Waziristan, the United States has announced it has given its forces in Afghanistan standing orders to enter Pakistani territory if it has ‘intelligence’ on the presence of Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zwahiri and Mullah Omar at any given location.

The Washington Post reported that the US Special Operation Forces had already established ground teams near the Pakistani border in Afghanistan who would move into Pakistan when required.

This announcement by the US has raised eyebrows in the Pakistani security establishment as it comes at a time when Pakistan forces, having recaptured most of Swat and defeated the US-equipped terrorists there, is moving into Baitullah Mehsud’s stronghold in South Waziristan.

The US has in the past shown no interest in striking Baitullah Mehsud’s Tehreek-e-Taliban, and has infact carefully avoided targeting TTP with its Predator and Reaper drones.

Statements from captured TTP commanders and weapons recovered from them have confirmed Pakistan Army’s belief that the Americans and Indians are training, funding and supplying weapons to the TTP terrorists.

“This is what the Indians tried to do before the Sri Lankan (army) got to Prabhakaran. His capture would have uncovered Indian intelligence links with the LTTE. They tried and failed to rescue him, so they had him executed before the army got to him. He was shot in the head from close range by his own men”, says a senior intelligence official on condition of anonymity.

“The Americans don’t want Baitullah Mehsud to be captured alive either, and they cannot eliminate him with an air-strike anymore since Pakistan Army is advancing towards him already. They will either try and take him out before he is captured, or he will mysteriously disappear only to re-emerge later at a different location. This announcement has nothing to do with Osama or Mullah Omar. They have been saying Osama is in Pakistan for years. why haven’t they acted before?”

The Pakistan Army must capture Baitullah Mehsud alive. But before that, they have to ensure they block Baitullah Mehsud’s supply lines from Afghanistan – with aggression if necessary – and ensure he does not disappear towards the Afghan border where there is a getaway crew waiting for him.

More on Baitullah Mehsud




  2. we have to capture some top TTP leadership soon. its imperative to gaining public confidence in our Armed Forces, and unfolding this deceit.

  3. Your own “Innocent” hafeez Sayeed has termed the operation in Swat as unislamic. Get well soon brothers!!!

  4. Clear your ears Sri. He has also said something about suicide attacks. I am sure you couldnt see that.

  5. The current situation is both troubling and hopeful, once we win in NW Pakistan against the militants the US will no longer have anyone to point their fingers at for their own failures in Afghanistan and that’s unacceptable to them on their part. Pakistan will have to be kept on the backfoot, as far as they’re concerned. That’s why I believe this thing just ain’t over yet, however 2009 is sure to become a very, very important and defining year in our own war against the militants.

  6. Baitullah Mehsud took responsibility of assassination of Benz Bhutto, and the establishment of Islamabad washed out evidence within an hour, Mush govt didn’t hold accountable persons, etc. Where actually is the fault? Well, when it comes to the assassination of Benz Bhutto you would have a finger pointing to yourself?? I’m afraid to say, our leaders, whether they are democratic or military, are nothing in favore of the nation of Pakistan. All our base belongs to US.

    • @zabardast

      This is one of the MOST truthful comments here.
      Whether its pak military of politicians … they have ditched their OWN people.They are responsible for mis-directing common man. Pak army rules on false pretext of saving pak from imaginary ‘indian aggression’ and politicians rule on the pretext of having ‘civilian’ rule and ‘working for common’.

      Forget Kashmir… you already have half of kashmir so is 70% of punjab. Forget ‘revenge’ and exporting terrorism.

      But the problem is pak army/govt wont allow this and if they allow the WEST wont allow this.This is because a conflict in this region is in favour of west.

      Its GOOD that some pakis have started realizing the truth… inspite of so much of anti-India progoganda.

      • Amit it is ur governments intelligence that carried out train bombings, mumbai attacks, supported LTTEs Prabhakaran , and is now helping inn supply of weapons to taliban.Your government is killling innocent civilians in srinagar and other parts of indian occupied kashmir.

        Your government is supporting this terrorism, India better back off from our country. Your media spreads more propoganda and bollywood misleads your citizens.

      • I dont understand why India had more than 200 consolated in Afgahanistan, I dont understan how taliban have Indaian and American weapons and currency, and I really dont understand how you can comment on the situation here when there are more than 12 freedom movements goin on in youe own country. Atleast our media is free and is able to show what they want to unlike your media..Our Politician may be bought but the defenders, The military and the people of this country are still alive so dont even think you can create differences amongst us..U better understand that..

  7. Sub Drama Hay 🙂

  8. Excellent presentation to depict the reality of todays troubled times in Pakistan.

    If only we have more platforms like this to present an effective and coherent depiction of reality to assist the truth in this information warfare age.

  9. We all know that TTP with Baitullah Masood is against Pakistan. Why are we capturing Hafiz Saeed and other true pakistani muslims? Aren’t they our assets? Assets means a true pakistani, like us and every individual?

    How can we convince army to block the route to Baitullah from AFG? It seems nobody is doing naything regarding Baitullah?

    Why is that? Why is our govt. making fun of everyting, we were/are never so weak as a nation? What went wrong?

  10. Here come the man
    With the look in his eye
    Fed on nothing
    But full of pride
    Look at them go
    Look at them kick
    Makes you wonder how the other half live………

    The devil inside
    Every single one of us the devil inside

    Here come the world
    With the look in its eye
    Future uncertain but certainly slight
    Look at the faces
    Listen to the bells
    Its hard to believe we need a place called hell

  11. well USA is really evil intelligent,they capture pakistan from all fronts,but v have one great power that is ALLAH.no matter what enemy think v can think like hazrat KHALID BIN WALEED(RA).first this small pakistan thrash india than russia(super power) and now itz time for USA(super power).

  12. […] سیکیورٹی تو کر لو۔ تفصیلات کے لیئے لنک دے رہا ہوں Saving Agent Mehsud […]

  13. I just wish that Allah would give pakistan more people like Hamid Zahid and Ahmad qureishi and take all our upper elite away from us.

  14. What about Pakistani Government? America is surly our enemy. We do not want to discuss or prove this again and again. Baitullah Mahsood has full support from our enemy. OK, then where is our government?
    Mr. Hallbrook is now Pakistan. He had a joint press confrence in President House without PM – Gillani. What this indicates? Tell them, our eyes are wide open, we Pakistani Nation are watching them and we recognise our enemy too.

  15. Allah helps those who help themselves. We as a nation are not willing to change our attitudes. We don’t have any patience and respect for our fellow pakistani muslims. Everyone thinks he is the best and on right path.
    Just as parents are more strict to their favourite kid, Allah swt is more strict with us as Muslims. The only way is to do lots of istighfar and correct ourselves, no need to blame any generation, change the present only.

    We call ourselves Muslims yet do not pray and present excuses, we have forgotten the boundaries set for Mahrram and Na-Mahrram, Drinking is not taboo anymore, ante-marriage relationships are considered “in” and “pardah” is “out”. These are things mentioned in Quran, no conflict in madhab, sect or group every Muslims believes in Quran being the guide for life.


    • Amen 🙂

      Yeah one important point comes in mind is that in Islam drinking is strictly banned but I can see its common now.

      And the most important thing is that terrorists gives Quran as a excuse for war.

      • @ Amit
        People from every religion has black sheep’s and ones who don’t follow the religion as it has been directed by God.

    • I have seen muslims drinking in India too but I am not fanatic as I feel that religion is personal issue and personal preference. I should not comment on it. Everybody knows what he is doing and I shall not stand like a preacher and start giving sermons !

      I like that line above

  16. Interesting report..

    I just remembered .. were they not saying that Osama is in Chitral?

  17. U.S. State Department official Gregg Sullivan takes your questions

    Tuesday, June 9, 2009
    9:00am – 10:00am

    Mr. Ahmed, Mr Zaid and all people be there so that you should ask insight based CIA, India Connection and why they failing to block afghan border to infiltrate in Pakistani Soil. Why meshud is not getting hit etc

    I hope that you’d be there


  18. Mahsood has closed all the options for him. He is neither of any use for USA now nor for Pakistan. He is just living on bonus.

  19. Don’t you see that they even do not want to capture BIN LADEN. His name was used to invade Afghanistan and Pakistan and actual operation of USA is even not known to Mr. 10 % .
    Who knows Us is spying on CHINA and INDIA by coming closer in this region and all this in name of terror and BIN LADEN.
    Guys ! don’t you feel that I have some weight if I say there is no damn Al-Qaeda . It seems to me that this is all fluke and whole this baloon is created to do digest tax payers money and invade countries. You know why I think so ?

    Because if Al QAEDA has done 9/11 then just imagine how fierce and resourceful they are or should be. Why we do not see anything like that again ?
    They could have damaged US with ease and sometimes I suspect that this economic downfall could have some link ?????

    These all are my imaginations and can be wrong but I do not digest few things- that’s why I penned them down. USA has all that technology to scan this planet- they have powerful satellites and still they tell the whole world that they do not know….this somewhat hard to digest.

    Now- next on agenda is IRAN and very soon we will see some action.

    NOTE: Taliban will not die- this whole eye wash to digest US aid will be over soon unless more money comes from Sam uncle. But Taliban will remain…after all TALIBAN is million dollar baby in hands of Pakistan.

    • @hindblogger

      I agree with a lot you things you said, yes there is no Al Qaeda even a documentary is made about that.

      But calling Taliban a million dollar baby in the hands of Pakistan, are you implying that Pakistan has made taliban for money? If you think so than why are they mainly targeting security forces only.

      Pakistan did make taliban during the soviet era but those taliban like Mullah omar who are the ‘real’ taliban don’t even care what happens in countries around Afghanistan, they only care about getting the invaders kicked out of there country. They are sort of freedom fighters they don’t plan attacks on other countries or innocent people but only on the armed forces which have invaded Afghanistan.

  20. I may be wrong- but I always try to smell what is hidden between lines. There is no doubt that Mr 10 % do not want Taliban to perish. Army also do not like it to get perish…you know why I think so ?

    Because they nurtered it- bows down to it’s command and let thousands die. PAK and ARMY allows US to operate in PAK and have drone effects !

    Money is paid and even if some Talibanis are dead…and some temporary ‘elimination’ is done…it is acceptable – after all you have to digest billions of dollars too !

    • Don’t talk about Mr 10% coz he doesn’t care what happens in or around Pakistan. Army only supports the ‘real’ Taliban which are in Afghanistan, they are not dumb enough to kill there own people mainly security forces, damage infrastruture and make there people live in tents. What’s the profit Pakistan making destroying billions of dollars of infrastructure and getting billions, which we all know will be going into the corrupt governments ministers bank accounts.

      Army have said a zilion times we can target drones but we are waiting for a signal from the government. Over 700 civilians have died in these drone attacks. The army hatesss Zardari and his team of thugs they don’t want to get involved much but when things start getting way out of hand they will eventually intervene.

      The people fighting in swat against the army are NOT taliban. They are 15-20% foreigners, and rest are thugs, all are supported by foreign agencies, otherwise where the hell are they getting such advanced weapons some of which even the Pakistan army doesn’t even posses.

  21. You have a point- no doubt. But I have only one reservation. That is role of PAK army in this whole game. Gen.Kiyani just watching mr.Zardari allowing under the table US forces to bomb targets in PAK ?

    Gen.Kiyani knows that US has small bases built near AFGHAN-PAK borders and from there they control and are keeping any eye on PAK.

    Gen. Kiyani knows perhaps much more than we can imagine- about money, about handshake. But his silence in all these developments is somewhat dramatic.

    Mr.Zaradari or Mr. Gilani, both are doing just oppiste to what Gen. Kiyani would have done in these circumstances. But why army is silent- may be US does not want army rule in PAK- because then USA won’t be able to provide money and grant has to be withdrawn !

    “The people fighting in swat against the army are NOT taliban. They are 15-20% foreigners, and rest are thugs, all are supported by foreign agencies, otherwise where the hell are they getting such advanced weapons some of which even the Pakistan army doesn’t even posses.”

    I also feel that you have a point. Keep the faith buddy ! and dream for better days…for both nations.

    • Like you said Gen.Kiyani knows the bigger picture, we don’t so we can’t really say if he is doing the right thing or not.

      With so much pressure on Pak army fighting in swat, keeping an eye on the nukes, security, the last thing they would want to do is to also handle the government. Army is for security but sadly due to our corrupt politicians they have also had to run the country. I do blame them for staying in power, they should take over but than give the power to someone else who is democratic and probably backed by the them. Because of the mistake they make by staying in power they are blamed for everything wrong by the corrupt politicians even though that is not there fault.

      God bless us all!

  22. […] PKKH has been writing that Baitullah Mehsud is a foreign asset with assigned responsibility for create chaos in FATA to destabilize Pakistan. In earlier days of conflict, PKKH presented full coverage on Baitullah Mehsud in “Who is Baitullah Mehsud?“, then on April 5, 2009 PKKH wrote “Agent Mehsud on a mission to prove his worth” and the most latest report presented was after on-going successful operation rah-e-rast “Saving Agent Mehsud“. […]

  23. What its going on …
    my friends its a War against Islam by the Kaafars predicted centuries ago….
    America is going to face a Collapse in Afghanistan, Iraq and in its own country soon the world will see a New Emerging Super Power of this Wold “THE UNITED CHINA” with Allies Pakistan and the Muslims against those Kaafars (Americans, Isrealeans, Indians and Europeans) and Insha Allah we will bring then in Hell…
    And about the India its Last Few Overs for Indian Kaafars to fight against Islam. may they live in Hell …

  24. And we know that Hallbrook is zionist jew and Indian ally who is allways talking gloom and doom about Pakistan.

  25. […] own war” through propaganda against Pakistan and due efforts of agents like Baitullah Mehsud who successfully managed to hijack Tehreek-e-Niffaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM)’s 20 years […]

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