India on failing streak…

May 28, 2009


Tabish Qayyum and Hammad Qureshi

Once again Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of India has failed to fulfill its agenda of avenging the self created Mumbai wounds by eliminating leadership of Jamat-ud-dawa (JuD). They are working on two primary objectives:

  1. To eliminate JuD leadership,
  2. To damage trust between JuD, Pakistani Government and Law Enforcement agencies, that has naturally built over the years due to the pro-Pakistan policies and defence of Pakistan that JUD has carried out over the years.

Third consecutive incident of Police under attack but failure to achieve objectives is a continuation of RAW’s agenda to create a hostage situation where Indian terrorists posing themselves as Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (LeT) will demand for the release of LeT leadership – that drama failed in the initial attack on Sri Lankan team, then in Police training center, where the Indian indoctrinated terrorists failed to consolidate and hold ground to show heart in fight and eventually were not able to produce desired results.

In this third attempt which was an act of desperation, showed a change in RAW’s strategy which could be described as direct approach by trying to eliminate JUD leader Hafiz Saeed under police custody to create an impression to JUD supporters that Pakistan could not protect their leader and Pakistan has staged a drama to murder Hafiz Saeed in an attempt to rectify relations with Indians.

Had these attacks been successful, JUD would have broken into factions of people who would consider Pakistani government and army as their enemy and then a new series of attacks would start by planting another enemy in Pakistan right at its heart.

A dirty political game is being played in Sindh, North West Frontier Province (NWFP) is already burning and Baluchistan’s insurgency is not new – thanks to our admirers in shape of our enemies – given in these circumstances, Punjab and Azad Kashmir are the only areas where the RAW has failed to spread its virus of terrorism only because of the JUD’s influence which is in absolute support of Pakistan.

JUD’s ideology paves way for curing the misguided jihadist elements that are being reigned by RAW and being continuously funded by enemies of Pakistan.

Hafiz Saeed also survived an assassination from bomb blast in 2000 at Urdu Science College in Karachi where he was about to deliver a speech – the blast left many injured and three dead. Blasts not deterring Hafiz Saeed delivered his speech on the same spot right after half an hour and people remained in the congregation chanting slogans of takbeer “Allah-o-Akbar”. During his speech, Hafiz Saeed, neither blamed government nor asked his followers to block University Road to call an strike instead he said, “we will revenge the blood spilled here in the mountains of Kashmir”.

This is a well known fact in that that JUD is an asset for Pakistan, whether it be charity and aid work to help people in natural disasters or to defend ideological borders of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan because if India engages itself in any kind of mischievious adventurism, it is going to be very sorry in days to come.

Tabish Qayyum and Hammad Qureshi | Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz



  1. We should teach the Indians a lesson. Why dont we take all the facts stated above by the author and go to the International community and show Indian involvment. Why are our leaders scared to do this??

    • And you seriously believe that the ‘International Community’ will listen to you sympathetically? Wake up brother.

    • In fact ‘The International Community’ is sitting at you western border ready to swallow you up.

  2. I have no doubt that at the appointed hour India will pay a massive price for all this terrorism.I’m eagerly awaiting the hour when we takeover India again….

  3. Indians are just piling on the miseries for them… Does the third-grade raw think that it can destabilize pakistan like this….

    Ever heard of the following urdu phrase
    “Sau Sunar ki- 1 lohar ki”

    just wait and see… as far as i know, ISI has all the evidence it needs of Indian involvement.

    • So you accept you can only be a lohar and not a sonar??? It is known fact that hafiz sayeed was the mastermind of so many terrorist attacks in India, still you guys defend him!!! We will fight it out but be aware that these very terrorists will eatup your own country one day.
      If ISI had all the evidence why aren’t they producing in Intenationla courts and get India declared a terrorist nation? JUD is a declared terrorist organization by the UN. You guys are still supporting it???
      Wake up guys… you are no greats neither are you inferior to anyone. Live happily and let others also live in tranquility.

      • dude dont u think if it was up to us(the civilians of pakistan) we would have gone to the internaional and prove india is a terrorist state? its the fucking government and u talk abt UN, UN is bullshit, its led by US so what u think is gonna happen?

  4. @Sri: After the Babri Masjid was brought down, it wasn’t Hafiz Saeed who bombed India. It was Dawood Ibrahim. Your worst nightmare. Dawood Ibrahim still operates in India successfully whenever he wants. The reason he has people’s sympathies is because the Indian Govt. has been biased against the Muslims of India since day 1. You might be able to kill people, but you can’t finish off the thinking in their hearts and minds. The thinking of hatred that is aroused in their hearts by the cold-blooded murder of innocent unarmed Muslims. Now don’t go about blaming Pakistan for the fall of Babri Masjid. It was a state-backed terrorism. That’s basically when the fire was ignited. You Hindus asked for trouble, and we’re giving you just that. And after the three consecutive attacks in Lahore, one on the Sri Lankan team, one on the Manawan Police Station and now the third one yesterday, it seems India is out in search of some trouble. Just like Newton said, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so i guess all you need to do is wait for the reaction.

    You destroy our Masaajid in Police Security, you burn our Muslim brothers alive with Police Backup, and you ask us to live happily and live in tranquility? You are such a hypocrite!!!

  5. Agar basti mein aag lagi ho to pehle apna ghar bachaana chahiye ya padosi ke ghar mein jhankna chahiye? Go figure…

  6. We Pakistanis support Justice and the truth … whether it be from some one known as terrorist .. and we reject injustice and hypocrisy whether it be from UN or USA,INDIA,ISRAEL or other regional tyrants ,if you are reminding us of UN’s decision about JUD ,then we will remind you of the Kashmir’s resolution,The whole world can unite but could not produce evidence against JUD and Hafiz Saeed’s involment in any Terrorist act,and not a single person can deny the atrocities of INDIAN forces in KASHMIR,

    And make no mistake , this raging fire is not home grown that you see in Pakistan, it is orchestrated and fueled by RAW,CIA and Mossad. It wont be long when winds will change the direction and magnitude of these flames .

  7. Asslam Alikum i am a member of Jamat ud dawa and inshAllah we will give our lifes for Pakistan to protect it from enemies.

  8. Latief ghosa said that JUd have relation with A-qaeda:((

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  10. […] thats a double slap on the indian face….first they tried attcking hafeez in lahore and failed…then pak goes and releases him…cool read below… India on failing streak… Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz […]

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