Indians Fighting In Swat

May 21, 2009

Warning: Explicit & Disturbing Pictures
Pictures below contain nudity and are gruesome. Please do not proceed beyond the written description if such material is offensive to you.

Zaid Hamid And Ahmed Quraishi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Pictures of Uzbek and Gurkhas non-Muslim militants killed during the Pakistani military sweep of the Swat Valley. These exclusive pictures show that they are uncircumcised. Their facial features prove they could be Gurkha fighters whom the Indian and the British militaries use to fight in mountainous regions. The Americans have also hired some of them. The pictures also show that some of theses killed terrorists could be Uzbeks from Abdul Rasheed Dostom’s murderous militias in Afghanistan that are allied with the U.S. occupation army and Kabul’s puppet government.

The question that arises here is this: Why is the Pakistani military’s media arm, the ISPR, not releasing these pictures to the Pakistani media? This is the biggest proof that Indians are not only sending trained butchers and terrorists from Afghanistan disguised as Taliban to kill Pakistanis, but there are actual Indians fighting within the ranks of this so-called Pakistani Taliban in Swat?

Is the Pakistani military afraid of the pro-U.S. government in Islamabad and does not want to cross the line? It is the responsibility of Mr. Rehman Malik, the Federal Interior Minister, to bring such evidence to the notice of the President, the Prime Minister, and the Foreign Minister so that the elected government could raise this issue with the United States and NATO and take a stand on the reason why these supposed allies of Pakistan are letting Afghanistan be used as a base for anti-Pakistan activities, especially by the Indians and their paid agents in the Kabul government. So why is this not happening? And why is Pakistan letting the United States and its allied government in Islamabad get away with the murder of Pakistanis at the hands of terrorists sent from Afghanistan?


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  1. Why doesn’t our army and the government does not confront these Indian baboons and their American handlers with this evidence? I m sure there is more evidence than this. I think the reason is right now there is a nexus between Indians and Americans to prop up India as a main regional player and Pakistan is just a stumbling block (kabab mei huddi). But the tide will turn as slowly and surely the Indians are being encircled by the Chinese string of pearls (Gwadar is one of them) and it should not be long when Pakistan will find its vigor to stand up on its feet and not taking American crutches. No single player – army or politicians can do it, but it has to be a concerted and unified effort. The task is uphill but Pakistan will succeed inshallah to come out this crisis.

    • You have a point but no one speaks on it ?

  2. This may be a bit off topic but still wanted to share.

    PAF jets in action in Swat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAogyaQCrIU

  3. On topic: this is very disturbing news, ofcourse we do know about similar cases in Bajaur. However, as far as I know it isn’t fard to circumcise (please correct me if i’m wrong). At the same time it is considered a taboo in those areas when males remain uncircumcised. Anyway, what I find hard to imagine is that Indians would be physically present at the battle scene. I’m not sure if their activities stretch beyond funding and training such militants.

    • The images may be true. Question how could Indian regular fighters be Swat. simple answer, we had sent Gibralter Force in IOK in 1965, comrising commandos and local mujahids. Indian regulars infiltrated in to East Pakistan and faught alongsise Mukti Bahini. Indian regulas have been in Sri lanka. This is the best time for India to take the benifit of situation created by Great Musharraf, bleeding us through 1000 cuts….

    • You are correct- this looks like a propaganda because if there had been iota of truth- PAK army wouldn’t be sitting silently and PAK might have called world media to expose Indian wrong doing.

  4. u gota be kidding me.!

    this is based on the fact that some guys were uncircumcised so they are indian??? ridiculous.
    so ALL muslims are circumcised? no way to find out.

    do ALL muslims refrain from alchohol as they are supposed to? not in ur life. jinnah himself was a hard drinker.

    this article furthur strengthens my belief in the stupidity of zaid and Ahmed Quraishi

    • You need to worry about problems with hindus…we have every kind of hero and pious person to look up to and we are fairing better than you indians. Remember everything in India today that you take pride in has a Pakistani (Sub-continental Muslims) name on it. Whether its bollywood, your nuclear weapons the Taj mahal. So you should GO AND DO SOMETHING and prove yourself before coming up here and Barking like a hound making no sense.


      • u just proved that we give muslims and their monuments proection in our society.


      • How idiotic!!

        Indian Muslims are Indian, how could you even think of taking credit for their achievements when you rejected them as ‘muhajirs’ ?

        Your statement proves that Pakistan is filled with parasites…who just jump to take credit. If ‘sub-continental Muslims’ are such great WHY didn’t Pakistan or Bangladesh achieved anything?

        You live in a twilight zone of distorted history…You hate Modi but love Jinnah, who was 1000x of Modi.

      • Buddy

        Why dont you go fix your issues with Dalits and the Naxalites first …How much your loved by indians muslims can be seen in kashmir ?

        If indian muslims are sooo much in love with other indians then what is 50% of your army doing in kashmir 😀 😀 😀 ????

        Like i said …put your house in order first and then come up here …

      • LOL …..LOL ….

        Blogging from your bedroom window from somewhere international and making hilarious statements is very entertaining.

        You guys cant get a Fighter Plane up in the air when will you become a super power ?

        If you had the TITS (i wont even say balls because thats what men have) then you would have done that in the past 5000 years..not even in the past 1000 years have you come close to being a super power.

        Yes …SUPER BEGGARS …I can imagine but buddy its not in your genes to become one.

        The only Time Pakisan was a Super Power was when Muslims ruled it and the ONLY time it will become a Super Power is when Pakistans true rulers come to New Delhi. 😀 😀

      • For record sake only- India do not have problems with Hindus or Muslims. Common man atleast is living in harmony and I am sorry Indian muslims can be declared better than living in PAK. I am not biased but this is fact of PAK govt. itself which says tht it’s nationals wants to migrate to India !!

        Democracy in India is not like we see in PAK- in India we have thousands of sects and many religions, castes and tribes. All these colors are handled by some politicians for manipulating….to get to power and same scene is with PAK also because there is no accountability of politicians.

        This is why PPP is nothing more than pack of jokers who are more interested in US aid than solving PAK issues.

        House will never be in order my friends- and reason is not any outsider, reason will be our own people who were traitors and there is still a creed present in us.
        Beware of insiders- because you can handle outsiders with ease but damage is alwyas done by ‘own people’.
        PAK is fighting a US fight with US aid and India is also a puppet in hands of B. Obama. Both countries are doing fine because they are expressing romanceand love through bus, tain and trade routes. What else is required for good relationships ?

    • Never said Indians.It says Indian backed terrorists.They claim themselves as religious fighters (TALIBAN) who are on Jihad.But being uncircumcised shows that they are not even Muslims.Which proves foreign elements fighting in swat.America agreed that its weapons are being used by taliban.Supply line come from Indian embassy in Kandhar.Indian backed Chota rajan has been reportedly involved in sending people to Pakistan.

  5. May be Pakistan can stop issuing Passports and use circumcised penis as one. Indians have better things to worry about than trying to help you people kill each other. Go get a life man.

    • BUddy …this article is for people with a Penis …people like you shouldnt be worried 😀 ..lol they fall outside this category !!

      • Besides when you come up to a Pakistani forum.. respect the true rulers of India !

      • then why are u here?

      • Wah Wah Emperor Babur janab, Kya munh-tod jawab diya hai aapney in kaffiron ko. Aisi ki taisi kardee. Accha, chaliye ab bheek mangney ka time ho gaya hai.

      • Hum apni aukaat nahi bhoolay …tumein to apna naam bhi apnay British Aur American Masters say layna perta hai ….Yeh do kori ki aukat hai tum logon ki.

        LOL 😀

        Ab jakay koi aur naam soch

      • lol @ the comment by brother Emperor Akbar 😀

  6. The title of this post claims “Indians fighting in Swat” and the contents say that the dead are likely to be “Uzbeks” and “Gurkhas”. Well, I’m sure esteemed defense analysts like ZH and AQ do realize that Uzbeks and Gurkhas are not Indians.

    This is blatant jingoism of the worst kind. Come on guys, you can do better than this. If you have any real proof of Indian involvement, share it with India and the world community. Else, set you house in order first before pointing fingers at others.

    • Indiana Jones Buddy ..DID you wash your face this week at all ??

      Gorkhas are KNOWN TO BE INDIANS FROM DAY ONE…Please do us all a favor …everyday when you get up ..

      – go to the bathroom
      – stick your face in the shitter
      – flush a couple of times.

      There ….now go do some research

      That should fix your problem …LOL

      • how do u know it works? did u try it on urself?

      • You said “Gorkhas are KNOWN TO BE INDIANS FROM DAY ONE…”. Well, by that logic even Pakistan was a part of greater India once. So I guess all the Pakistani terrorists are also Indian.


      • NO I used an Indian subject like u to test on :D…lol

      • @ Indian Jones

        By the same logic all of India was Pakistan Once ..The mughals and earlier muslim rulers were not Hindus … DId u shove ur face in the shitter for a wash yet ??:D:D

    • Yes- they and we all can do better but some people are behaving like kids and feeling happy to write something here and feels they have done some great service for their country.

      Think and think…be mature otherwise you [ we too ] will never know who sold us to others!

      Had Indians be fighting in SWAT- Gen. Kiyani won;t be sitting silently and PAK just looking otherside. Am I wrong ? Or you want to abuse Pak army too ???

  7. @Indiana Jones:
    Use Google to define:Gurkha, you will find:

    # a member of the Nepalese force that has been part of the British army for 200 years; known for fierceness in combat
    # a member of Hindu people descended from brahmins and Rajputs who live in Nepal

    # Prithvi Naraya Shahdev and Sri Teen Maharaja Jung Bahadur), The Way of Sacrifice: The Rajputs, Pages 28-30, Graduate Thesis, South Asian Studies …

    # an ethnic group from Nepal; a member of this people serving in the British and Indian army

    # Brig.W.St J.Carpendale 2/1st Bn, Gurkha Rifles 2/2nd Bn, Gurkha Rifles 2/9th Bn, Gurkha Rifles

    # gurkhas – are recruited and employed in the British and Indian Armies under the terms of the 1947 Tri-Partite Agreement (TPA) on a broadly comparable basis. …

    # a member of the principal Hindu community in Nepal, renowned for its military prowess

    And other than this, teach the same lesson to your Zee and Star TV for spreading ridiculous lies against Pakistan.

    • Did you even read what you so assiduously gathered from Internet? Gurkhas are from Nepal and Nepal is an independent sovereign country. How does it make them Indians? Assuming the Indian Army still employs Gurkhas, why would they send them all the way to Swat valley to spread terror?

      Moreover, the report also identifies the dead as “Uzbeks”. I am sure you can also find a link between Uzbeks and India if you look hard enough. Good luck!

      • Lolzz @ Excuse, “why would they send them all the way to Swat valley to spread terror? ”

        Answer is pretty clear.

    • Wastage of energy- no one in Asia needs google to define GURKHAS but what I saying is simple…

      Had Indians be fighting in SWAT- Gen. Kiyani won;t be sitting silently and PAK just looking otherside. Am I wrong ? Or you want to abuse Pak army too ???

  8. Ah yes …yet again some indians raise their head and to ask for “proof”. Any kind of turmoil in pakistan benefits only India and no one else . There you go THATS YOUR PROOF and your presence with 13 consulates in Afghanistan …THATS YOUR PROOF and the fact that YOU PEOPLE DONT HAVE THE COURAGE TO COME FACE TO FACE AND HAVE TO SNEEK IN – THATS THE BIGGEST PROOF AGAINST YOU. The day is not far when you will be at the recieving end …so save your proof for that day.

    • we have seen pakistani courage. 90,000 surrendering! world record

      • Will you stop worshipping the Cow, Monkey, Elephant and over a trillion other goods once you become a superpower? What will be the status of your Eshwar, Ram, and etc.?
        What strategy will you adopt to come back from the recession being a SuperPower?
        How many people will have food, shelter, clothes, and respect in your SuperPower, Baby?

      • @ Syed

        sorry pal. india is gonna be superpower.

        u want to see international proof?


        International proof? Like what they gathered against Iraq’s ‘WMDs’? Or how they failed to really predict China as the emerging and leading global power during the 80s – 90s?


      • @ Syed

        You raise some important question about India’s future e.g. poverty, economic recession etc? However, was there really a need to bring in religion into it? By dissing Hindus, do you seriously think you are doing a service to Islam? Let me tell you, such comments only perpetuate the perception about Islam being an intolerant barbaric medieval cult, which it is not, I am sure but who cares).

        By the way, like it or not, India IS the world’s largest democracy and an incredible melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicities. I do realize that many Pakistanis can’t digest this reality and their anger and frustration of not being able to achieve a similar status in the last 60 years is prefectly understood.

        Although it is also true that India is far from becoming a super-power, but it surely seems to be on the way. I sincerely wish that all our neighbors could join us on this journey, but some of them seem to be on their own flights of fantasy e.g., Gazwa-e-Hind etc.

        Well, good luck to all of you and khuda hafiz, indeed…

      • @ MOD

        sorry man. i know how u hate to hear it but it is true what i said

      • Yeah a supper power whose power cant even make a living by collecting Garbage…Am super power which doesnt control vast swaths of its land 😀

        A super power who gets beat by a country 10 times its size 😀

        A super power where 75% of people dont have access to a toilet..

        You are right my friend you will be a DOOPER POWEr :d :d


      • I have seen some super powers from 1000 years B.C. and some of the currently falling empires. None of them is forever and there is no pride in it. Russia has fallen before your eyes and USA is falling apart. If India wants to be the next, who cares. One day, there will be nothing but the judgement and that day my friends, only religion will be discussed.

        Who said India is a democratic state? Dude, put your ducks in line, its a Socialist state of its own kind. Where Hindus are allowed to demolish Mosques and kill muslims. Invade Sikh’s Temple and kill Sikhs.

        By the way, how come out of 80% Hindus speak 41% Hindi and 13% Muslims speaks 5% Urdu?????????? ohhhhh i.e. a Socialist state or rather a Hypocratic State? Oh no..a SUPER Hypocratic Static Power. lol.


      • oops, one more thing. At least India is third largest HIV power, sorry to say but dude, go get a grip on Health then think about nukes.

  9. Yu indian dudes! do all hindus eat beef? I know some who do. Do you expect those beef eating Hindus to go out and demolish a mosque in the name of terrorism?

    Go get some brains.

    • Brain curry… Yumm…

      • @ Indiana Jones

        Buddy why are u not using an Indian Name …are you so ashamed of your penis worshipping, cow piss drinking identity that you have to borrow from other cultures ? 😀 :D…….LOL

  10. nikhil u suck to death man. we have seen ur courage as well for the whole 10 years or so 😀 whn ur CHotia army stood on the borders for 10 yrs threatening To attack nd in just matter of a single day they had to push back wht abt that???
    if u dnt knw the reason it’s COWARDNESS. 😀 go suck IT nw!

    • cowardice? no. its our desire 4 peace. a concept u wont understand.

      fact is… we can destroy u whenever we want.

    • yO NIKHIL ….want some cow urine and while ur at it i might get u some cow whit tooo


  11. Wah, kya discussion hai. Best one i’ve ever seen on the blog. Sure helped everyone to gain some new insights (ya think?).


  12. hahaha u sound so lame. it’s nt PEACE bro whn for 10 years u stand like shits on the border n do NOTHING!!! and then run away in a single day. its the FEAR of DEATH Inside u which made it so. NOT PEACE . suck on that again!

    • u say indians have fear of death? funny bcos we have no history of mass surrendering like 90,000 troops. I think those who did it, has.

      • @ nikhil

        But what about your hindu ancestors going back a 1000 years ??? Millions of people were living under our kingdom.. Can you imagine how many times we could have kicked your ass ??? 😀 😀

        This is the difference between you and us 🙂

        Dont worry we still have to get all our land back from you guys … Radio Pakistan will INDEED be broadcasted from New Delhi 😀
        :D………..LOL LOL

  13. nd yeah i second u. if u talk abt facts.. THE FACt is this time around we did make PPL shit in their PANTS . u talk abt destroying us LOL u r one FUNNY guy . u have been dreaming this since 1947 . i m happy to let u knw that DREAM ON!

    • we can. but we choose not to. India is a country based on non-violence. u can see that all wars have been started by pak.

      • Yeah right non violence in Kashmir, gujrat, naxalite areas.

        Take that black cloth of ur eyes and please wash your face in the shitter 😀

  14. dude which history do u read nd which century have u been living in:D??? INIDA IS A COUNTRY BASED ON NON VOILENCE ..
    what abt the KILLINGS Of MUSLIMS living in INDIA? i have so many things to mention here boi, but its useless to talk with person of ur caliber.
    😀 yar seriously i dnt want to waste my time with u .

  15. nd yeah U CAN DREAM ON b my GUEST !

    • i dont dream. i make realistic comments ALL which have valid sources

      • Cow shit nikhil ?

      • Please don’t say that Babar….they drink cow urine but do not eat cow shit. lol

  16. correction ALL NON MUSLIMS FEAR DEATH 🙂

    • so the 90,000 who surrendered were non-muslims?

      • @ Nikhil

        Have you forgotten how your forefathers lived under me for 1000 years 😀


        Please recall the history as a whole and lets not be partial 😀

      • @ Emperor Babur

        You claim “Nikhil’s forefathers lived under you for 1000 years.” Wow, good for you mate! It doesn’t seem to have done much good for you though. You still live in a country that the rest of the world considers the most dangerous place right now.

        By the way, would you and others like Imran etc stop insulting your Hindu ancestors by harping on the Mughal period? You fools, those tyrants converted your poor Hindu and Dalit ancestors to Islam with threats of death and promises of money. And you guys are actualy proud of that?

      • You freaking if my ancestors the mughal had converted every Hindu would their be 800 million hindus in Pakistan (= all of india and pakistan) today ?…
        😀 😀 :D…1000 years is a long time dont u think ?… Maybe the Cow urine is hampering your memory a bit.

        you people are going to towards muslim rule again because beggars cant be choosers

        question …do u even have a shitter in ur house 😀 ….LOL

  17. This is sad and pathetic. It pains me to see how many elements of Pakistani society – especially the “enlightened” ones, or journalists! – continue to perpetuate half-truths much to the suffering of the country.

    It is time we woke up and looked at reality. I am getting sick and tired of having to correct friends and family every time a new rumor of an uncircumcised maulvi taleban fighter planted by the RAW surfaces. Here are some questions to ask ~before~ doing your research and posting such garbage:

    1) What does India have to gain? Keep in mind India right now is mainly concerned with getting western contracts and increasing business, engaging in shenanigans like the ones this article talks about is the last thing they would want.

    2) If RAW is so sly and cunning to have been able to plant such “agents” in Pakistan that they were able to setup madressahs and preach and pray over their own FM stations for so long, they could not find someone to circumcise said agents before sending them to Pakistan?

    3) Why would anyone, India most of all, use ~their~ own people to plant in Pakistan when Pakistanis can be had rather cheaply? Before anyone goes into righteous indignation over this comment, this has nothing to do with Pakistanis being cheap – any society with large numbers of people barely able to feed themselves WILL have some members who can be paid to kill others.

    I am afraid this type of propaganda against India, USA, mysterious “Foreign Elements” etc etc ad nauseum only serves to prolong our pain.

    P.S. I find it very hard to believe that any blatant proof exists that Indian/uncircumcised (apparently the author thinks all Indians are uncircumised) fighters are mainly responsible for the fighting – there would be no reason for Pakistanis authorities to not present such proof to the World. As far there being American pressure etc, that is just more blarney. Look at the recent Mumbai attacks – Pakistani government bodies were vehemently denying any role by Pakistanis (until the poor crying mother of the perpetrator was found in a Pakistani village by the Pakistani press) – where was Pakistan’s bowing to American pressure then (keep in mind the US was strongly suggesting a Pakistani link). Perhaps the author thinks that Pakistan bows to US pressure on every other issue? or only when the planets are aligned right?

    • @moby

      I find it very hard to believe that in the 21st century their is a human race that worships a COW 😀

      How can you worship a COW, A PENIS and all such deragaory things ?

      Can someone please elaborate on this ?

      These so called intellectuals need to get there head out of a cows ASS first …then you can talk about a country like SRI lanka that just kicked your ass.:D:D

      • Well, Hindus worship cows and penises and all kinds of things. They have millions of gods and drink cow urine and do everything that you can imagine. They still somehow manage to study, get decent jobs, and go about their lives in a generally peaceful manner.

        Yes, Babri masjid, Godhara massacre and other such incidents happen but in a country of 1 billion plus you will have some fanatics. Moreover, there is no reason to believe that misguided elements do not exist among other religions in India.

        Pakistan has tried its best in the past to fan separatist elements among the India Sikh (Khalistan movement) and Muslims (Kashmir insurgency). Come on, please admit you guys are still pissed about losing East Pakistan and the cowardly surrender by Gen. Niazi and his troops.

        Keep living in the history and you will never see the future…

      • Okay so a penis a sperm ejaculation organ is what you worship …can anyone please elaborate what is define about a sperm dripping penis ?:D………..lol

        These people get jobs …like slaves in foreign countries which due to the downturn now are leaving india too.

        These sane people who cant solve problems of their own countries call exploitation jobs and a way of becoming a SUPER POWER 😀 😀 …

        Now a Cow and a Monkey …WHat is divine about that ?…Can someone PLEASSE explain THIS to me ?

        lets do a street test …go to downtown New York and try telling someone YOU WORSHIP A COW 😀 😀 :d ….Lets see their Reaction.

        Maybe you guys can try a Donkeys Ass next 😀 ..lol

    • Mr Moby May…
      Let me make one thing v v clear to u.. Muslims n hindus can neva b friends n they neva have been.. and they neva will be. coz a hindu is always v narrow-sighted and always a back-stabber.. They pose to b gud but are da worst form of people imaginable. And remember that i m a military person n ve participated in many operations in WANA and surrounding areas and let me assure u that i ve seen indian and US currency in the hands of these miscreants. They are not muslims but merely agents of RAW, MOSAD and perhaps also planted by CIA in some cases.. As far as u say wut India has to gain by destabilizing Pakistan.. Well i suggest u open ur eyes n take a bite at the reality.. Wut had India to gain by capturing Kashmir and holding it against the will of the locals.. Wut kind of a f***ing democracy are they.. No matter wut they say or pose the fact remains that they still can not accept the existance of Pakistan. They still can not beleive that Mohammad Ali Jinnah was able to grab a piece of land for Muslims.. If they were able to, they wud kill every single non-hindu in da world.. coz they are v narrow-minded ppl.. Please open ur eyes to world politics so u come to kno wut a country has to gain by destabilizng an “enemy” and getting it declared a terrorist state..

    • 1. Dis-stabilize pakistan, revenge for Assam, Kashmir, khalkistan etc (this has nothing to do with acceptance, but mindset of Indians who thinks ISI involve in these all moments).

      2) Point to be noted that how come TTP (people who are illiterate) managed to established a radio station which couldn’t be jammed by the pak army (well equipped, access to scientists) a radio station which they don’t want to publish. (Be logical). 2nd thing, how come those un literate people planned many operations within pakistan.
      3rd how come the people who don’t have resources could pay 50,000$ to a family just for single suicide attack?
      4th, they have done enough demage within pakistan, which shows they are backed by some foreign agents. And also many reports of RAW involvement in Baluchistan are present with ISI.

      3) I guess u didn’t read the article, it never mentioned any indian. Just Uzbeks, goraks, Afghans etc

      Ps: i have nothing against India.

  18. […] Indians fighting in Swat […]

  19. @ Emperor Babur

    You are one sick person, dude. I wonder what you do in real life. How do you get along with people? After reading all your sick nonsense, I have no doubt that your hatred for Hindus and complete lack of understanding or tolerance for other faiths has led Islam to the sorry state in which it finds today.

    Keep the hate going, my friend. That’s what makes your enemy get stronger.

    • Very well said indian jones . When you come to a pakistani forum and badmouth our religion and our heroes …Do you really expect LOVE from us ???

      Dont start a fight if you dont have the TITS to put up with one !!…

      It is attitude like this off the indians or should i say the higher caste hindus that has led to so much hatred.

      People like you dont know how to treat others in respect and when they get banged they demand respect need a serious change of outlook.

      When your army of a million plus cannot attack a country 10 times smaller …THATS HOW STRONG YOU ARE 😀 😀

      • “Very well said indian jones . When you come to a pakistani forum and badmouth our religion and our heroes …Do you really expect LOVE from us ???”

        Can you please show me a single post in which I have badmouthed your religion and your heroes?

        You on the other hand, my sick friend, have been going on about Hindus and Indians like a broken record…

    • Mr Indiana Jones
      Had u read da Hindu history and seen wut kind of ppl are they,u wudntb saying so.. but perhaps u r a hindu.. U say v lack tolerance but it is ur religion which teahces injustice.. The caste system for starters and then the custom of “sati”.. Cant da whole world see the hindu atricities on their women.. They burn their women alive if the womans husband dies.. wut kind of a sick thing is dat.. U talk of tolerance.. Y cant u tolerate that an “untouchable” can eat from the same plate as urs and drink from da same glass.. n u call us intolerant..

      • Sati, untouchability, urine drinking, cow worship, penis worship… Is this what they teach you in your history and geography lessons in Pakistan? I guess you guys are still using textbooks from the Nineteenth century that the Brits may have left behind…

  20. Man i love it when India boasts that it is not comparing to Pakistan. Yet the sour truth is that Pakistan is the only obsession for India.

    Cheap wanna beez…

    • @ HK

      I am sure you were looking into the mirror when you typed this out. Let me say it slowly, no one, I repeat no one in India cares about Pakistan anymore. Yes, twenty-thirty years back the post-partition generation was obsessed with the nostalgia of the good old united India.

      Today’s generation in India is too busy chasing their materialistic dreams and enjoying life. Of course, there is some noise when you send a few so-called “Mujahids” to kill a few innocent civilians. I know it sounds callous but it is like sending a few ants to kill an elephant.

      Your best chance was to be under USA’s rehmo-karam, but you guys seem to have bitten the hand that fed you for all these years. So they are bombing your country and killing civilians everyday. You have one of the worst ever humanitarian crisis since the partition within a few miles of your capital.

      And all you guys can do is to comment on India’s caste system, Hindu religion’s shortcomings, and some obscure separatist movements in remote corners of India. How does it help you solve your own problems?

      • My dear your presence here marks your obsession.. lie as much as you want… I think you cant even find a better place on the web to past time… typical Indian you are.. no surprise at all !! Thanks a bunch for proving my point right… 😉

      • @ HK

        Are you saying your understanding of India is based on what the handful Indian posters on this blog say? Do you think people like Nikhil, Sri, Indiana Jones, Peace Lover etc. represent Indian opinion?

      • @ Khuda Gawah

        NO i have relatives, friends, Neighbors & colleagues in addition to make my mind up about India…

      • OH yeah and the Media as well… Unless you want me to change my mind some body in a billion needs to take an initiative. As now meeting people from out side my Indian circle are endorsing my observation… Which bitterly is true about Most of the Indians…. 😉

  21. Its a big power game playing in this region. I have visited India, I met with some politicians and government officials and a lot public people. In Public I saw a very good response. I met with one minister, who was in politics for the last 40 years. We were sitting in a resturent and sent his seceretery to us and asked can he meet us. we accepted and and he was very aged and came to us and start talking to us. it was a very friendly conversation of 10 minutes. He said You are our guests, you’ll visit here and meet a lot of people and you’ll find no difference in public. it will be same. you’ll find same effection and love. But the main problem is in between the governments. both of the governments do not want peace. the beaucoracy is BHEN…. he abused the both governments. and we agreed to him. and after the whole trip I abserved the same thing. Problem is with the both governments.

    My personal opinion what I saw there is. I saw India is getting weeker. its roots are getting weaker. altough its a big economy but one of sense clicked me in my mind. Im unable to explaing the observation but my sixth sense says, india is getting weaker. altough I saw so many positive things.

    Both the governments are playing in big power’s hands. this shloud be realised by the governments.


    My suggestion is if we both countries sign an aggreement that both countires will not fire a single bullet for the next 10 years and will not take any step to harm each other. and just for the next 10 years both countires will not spend a single money on defence purchase and development against each country. I am sure about both countries, both will be the richest and the most peacefull nations of the world. Two Neighbours Two Super Most Powers.

    • @ A.B.M.Faisal,

      I think you are speaking about a perfect world. Yes I have been there as well and yes that in a billion population of India most don’t even care about whats happening in the neighboring state, forget across the borders and most don’t even care for a shining India because its not helping their everyday lives. But yes there are quite a few who’ll never share your idea of having Peace with Pakistan at all as the very ideology of India is based on deception. Atrocities towards the minor is not a big issue there. 1 Billion people have their own tole and problems in India. If you have visited I am sure we don’t even need to talk about the problems there. Its a small world with in itself.

      For their world, Simply watch their media, what is the message being passed. Talking about Peace is useless. People I believe without nationalities are well off with each other. Frankly speaking I don’t see many Pakistanis talking much against India. Mostly they talk about entertainment there. But Indians tend to discuss garbage politics and just elaborate on a fictitious wana be world and grossly ignore their weaknesses and point fingers to a country that’s not even half the size for their failures. This forum is now giving a chance for Pakistanis to really know their neighbors, Friends & foes.

      What does the Intelligentsia in India think about Pakistan. It’s nothing but blaming which is not new to us. Just see how many friendly questions were forwarded to Musharaf on his visit their. Peace initiative to the gutter. The very election campaigns are always heavily banked over Pakistan. Which demonstrates the political obsession and reflects in their vote banks.

      The scary part is that Now the US have also joined the same pattern. History has taught us of a Back stabbing Ally and a sneaky deceptive low life neighbor and still we talk about Peace.

      Alhamdolillah Pakistan is not a weak country,
      Pakistan is paying the price of being part of global politics, good friends & current events. Peace in South Asia and India are two different things. India is not at Peace with other neighbors as well. SO forget it!

      Enough being said just see if you can get a friendly response here. PKKH is doing hell of a job by being vocal. This is a new beginning, We have seen their politics, we have seen their films, media, we even have many Indian friends that we know personally. Let us see how many friendly Indians will come try to talk Peace!

      Good LUCK !!

  22. Faisal saheb

    Thanks for trying to bring some sanity to this blog. However, I am not sure if people will listen to you here. They are busy having wet-dreams about Dajjal, Gazwa-e-Hind, and what not?

    Arrey yahan log Panipat ki ladai or Lal Quila par jhanda lehraaney ki soch rahey hain aur aap aman ki baat kar rahey hain…

    • Thanks Indian for proving my point right again.. 😉

      • Ermmm.. I was only commending Faisal Saheb on his initiative. How does it your point right again, which I assume was that no Indian will come on this blog to talk about peace…

        By the way, as per your theory, with all the grossly biased hate-filled garbage that you have on this website, it should have been flooded by Indian posters by now… But it isn’t… And the few Indian posters on this website are only trying to correct your perceptions which seem to be fairly outdated and rooted in age-old animosity…

        I guess you will claim that I have again proved your point right, but maybe you would like to elaborate exactly “How” this time…

  23. you wanna look at the Muslims then look at Iran . Thats what you Call a muslim country , Pakistani politicians are puppets to the americans but that doent mean that we are down . We ruled the subcontinent for a thousand years and tought you hindus how to wipe your noses. When the muslims where rulers nobody knew farsi better than the hindus and today you see the case with english coz you people have always been slaves trying to prove your existense trying to be like your rulers . Get a life Cheapsters. U are the same cocksuckers of the american dicks as the pakistani govt are and you both are gonna be fucked by pakistani people
    Pakistan Zindabad

  24. OH MAN, Oh guys ,can’t you (who can’t reject the evil) see the reality infront of you, END TIME IS APPROACHING OMG!. yeah
    These lies about supposed muslims doing these things, like killing oh god oh no. A muslim is a person who follows the true teachings of quraan, accepts that even lashing (even though the recent incident was a supposed blasphemy against islam)
    Lashing is infact a part of Islam. I feel so ashamed of Pakistanis claiming to be muslims when they deny such things. “Oh its too harsh, come on don’t be so FUNDAMENTAL and HARSH”.

    Just a word to those pakistanis and muslims who love wordly things over Islam and its teachings: Don’t think that you have knowledge of islam when you don’t. being fundamental is good thing, but harsh not.

    • Well said…

  25. Moaists in India killed yet another 16 Indian “geedar” police officers in a clash: BBC MAY 21, 09

    Atleast Pakistani army is fighting the Taliban BUT coward indian army and indian police keeps waiting for another ambush by ULFA, Tigers, Nexalites and Maoists

    India has 20 home grown insurgencies who go on killing rampages. There security is lapsing.

    Moaists hijacked a train of 800 ppl for hours and then vanished without any face off with indian police. LOL

    According to ManMohan Jingh, Nexalites are India’s biggest threat.. ummm so why are they still obsessed with Pakistan.. Like India is supporting TTP what would happen if Pakistan starts supporting not only MAOISTS but also ULFA, TRIPURA TIGERS, TAMIL NADU ACTIVISTS, DALITS AND KHALISTANIS…..

    Then they can really blame Pakistan instead of FAKE Malegaon Blasts, Samjhota and Ghodra Train Bombings and Parliament Attack Elegations

  26. […] […]

  27. Cheema paaji

    Yeh to saari duniya nu maalum hai, jo tussi iththe likh rahe ho… Koi hore navi taazi news nahin mili tuwannoo… like Lahore bomb-blast ke pichche RAW ka haath etc.

  28. abe babar…& cheema…kon mar raha hai…woh sabko pata hai

  29. Dear bros,,the whole malakand region is in great disturbance,,,and this is due to Pak’s govt,,,pak army is fighting the America’s war,,,america wants to stabilize itself in Afghanistan,so it wants taliban to be engeged in Pakistan,,and the people giving back to afghan taliban should fight with pak army,,hence taleban in afghanistan will lose back and power,and their concentration will be divided,,so the resistance of taleban to america will be raduced,resulting in the stability of America in afghanistan…. as america is losing its economy as well as its military power…….so we must stop this OPERATION…its the operation for the stability of america….so stive hard to stop it….

  30. i think i shud be lol-ing on the Indian perspective in Pak mindset. is India only consisting of hindus?? well wot abt us muslim minorities?? em vedy happy to be living here…gud my parents din wish to be muhajirs! Even after all these yrs of partitions, the ppl who migrated there are called that…ehh…not integrated into Pak yet huhn??
    and isnt there something like religious tolerance?? wot is the issue with wot hindus worship to…does it affect anyone in any way?!!
    The article waz abt security issues n stuff n ppl had to take it on the religion path..wow..talk abt focus.
    n Pak is the last thing we fink abt. taa!

    • @ Saby

      Pakistanis have no problem with people who migrated from India. Nobody even knew the word Mohajir, the ones who migrated started all this. There was no such thing as muhajir until the 90’s everything was going fine until an a$$ hole showed up with the name of Altaf hussain (MQM Leader) and started this mohajir crap. If you remember in the 90’s a lot of bomb blasts started taking place, there were firing, people couldn’t get out in Karachi, people were burnt alive and a military operation was conducted against him and he ran off to London. He cannot return as he has criminal cases against him. Now the people who’s loved ones have died are against HIM and not everyone who has migrated from India during partition, he has control over karachi and made sindhi’s a minority. How can you call a person loyal when he says the biggest mistake was the partition of India. You cannot expect Pakistanis to love such a person.

      It’s a very minute number of people who call them ‘Mohajir’. Like in India at times Indian muslims are called ‘Pakistanis’. Even I can say after all these years Indian Muslims are not integrated into India yet.

      Probably Pak is the last thing you think about but thats not the case with the Indian media. Probably you should give them your view and tell them to focus less on Pakistan as it’s the last thing Indians think about according to you.

      • thanks IM for ur reply. i think this be the sanest that i read 🙂

        about MQM n its issues…they are lyk the Shiv Sena we have in Mumbai. they tried all their divide n rule thingy…but this election they lost bad. woot!

        @being called a Pakistani, i have been called one. but again its only a few who do that lyk wot u say abt a few ppl calling others mohajirs. i believe we are much integrated into the Indian society. Or maybe it could be coz i live in mumbai, em educated, working woman n wont take piss from anyone.

        dont u think both the Indian and Pakistani media is obsessed abt each other? I have made many good Pakistani friends thru social n/wing sites n i do find some ppl obsessed abt India, Indian connections in various blasts n all. You ask a regular Indian chances are they dunno abt our own politicians and issues.

        I think its all political drama coz if they dun keep ppl involved in mindless conspiracies or else we will start asking abt the real issues we face. Poverty, unemployment, etc. Let the ppl think the neighbor is the culprit we fill our coffers! innit!

        ❤ Peace ❤

  31. yar Emperor Babur y r u after the ass of dat poor sh*t scared indian.its not their nature to talk wid eye ball to eye ball.yai mardon walay kaam yai baniay nai kar saktay.they cant dare doing dat n u r making him confess again n again dat indians r involved in swat.these ppl only kno to multiply coins n sell their pride may it b muslims or any other since ages.so i request u lets not involve these khawja sara,s n habitanat,s of bazar-i-hussan to the manly games.

  32. @saby
    There are obsessed people on both sides. Like people taking out rally in India against ISI when the melagaon blast took place, and they blamed ISI and said they wanted to turn Hindus and Muslims against each other. Later on it turned out to be Gen. Purohit.

    I went to Rediff news and saw A LOT of degrading comments made against Pakistan and Islam when a blast took place in a mosque in Pakistan in which around 70 people lost there lives. I was more shocked because these comments were not even deleted by the moderator.

    I hope both countries can tackle real issues facing both the countries security,poverty, electricity etc like you said.

    God bless us all.

    • Gen Purohit n all the sadhvi case woke ppl up against the hindu “taliban”.
      its common on both the sides to do that..blame blame blame ^.^
      after the mumbai attacks it all began in full earnest again…Pakistanis blaming Indian govt. did that itself. Indian govt. blaming ISI. ehh…we both need to get our acts right there.

      I have read Rediff news comments myself n they are pretty shitty. i think only dumb asses go there to make their racist comment :-/

      Inshallah ppl will start using the brain that Allah has given us n we fink of the betterment of the human race rather than kill. 🙂

      • This is a bold example of Indian’s intrusion. This is a Pakistani blog and ……. after few more comments they will declare it an “Indian site occupied by ISI/Taliban/Pakistanis”. If they can not demolish it … then they will try to get help from Israel and America….

        Doods, pay attention to your local problems and don’t worry about Pakistan. Your people need food, clotehs, roof, phone, electricity, gas, roads, and life.

        Stop making trouble in Pakistan, Bengladesh, SriLanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and China.

        To Peace in South Asia.

  33. jo nations apnay asal dushman ko dushman nahi manti hain un kay sath phir aysa he hota hai is liya sub pakistnies say request hai k wo india say nafrat karain or india walay sun lain k humare pakistan ko inshallah kuch nahi hoga lakin india nahi bachay ga inshallah

    • Inshallah jo sahi hai wahi hoga. and i tot Islam tot us to love ur neighbours. i see a lot of it here. India is going on a right path and it will alwaz do so. Thanks for remembering us day in and day out. you guys really care so much.

  34. The pakistani government should rais issue of picture proof at international and counsil level in the world and show the indians black face in the world.and 2nd issue of american weapan whichis useing in sawat and coming in afghanistan by the help of karzai which is american dog.

    • n when Indian govt shows proofs of Pakistan’s hands in terror attacks here….u guys say its all false. lo and behold. first try to get things right at your end and sure show the true picture of India all over the world. thanks.

      • they still not show the perfact 1 proof about bombay attack they still in progress to discussion with pak govnverment. but my dear the indians our real enemy and dont forgot that what they do with muslims check the history dear if u dont know about any history of india then contact with me i will tell u about all proofs

  35. […] minds. It is time that we support our troops unconditionally who are infact fighting against foreign sponsored terrorism, help our displaced brothers and sisters and stand united against enemies of Pakistan and Islam […]

  36. […] pictures of some terrorists killed by Pakistan Army in Swat prove that they were non-Muslim terrorists hired by the US, Britain and India to distablize and eventually break-up Pakistan – the only […]

  37. The U.S is not and has no intention of “occupying “Pakistan or Afghanistan ,the U.S. has to end threats to their borders that unfortunetly hide out or are based in these and many other countries .While they search out these threats ANY so called allies who twist or abandons freedom and democracy for some pre-existing retribution/revenge , or some hidden agenda , has only themselves to blame for the bloodshed of the innocent .NO ONE holds the strings of India /Pakistan / Afghanistan / or the United States but the people who live there …If the people of all nations would look at each others families , workplaces and friends..put aside rumers , GOV.power struggles and plain LIES ..FROM ALL SIDES and VIEWS ,we might just decide we are all as one .. with different beliefs granted (still a common foundation of goodness in each ) but still the freedom to have and speak of these differences with out fear , instead a respect of all beliefs .. Is that really to good to be true ?? Are we really that far gone ?? Are we destined to destroy ourselves ? The human race is really great at killing each other .. since day one .. WILL WE EVER LEARN ?? just waiting for the flash…P.M>

  38. Like little kids

  39. Lot of heat here- And still do not know what positive comes out of such verbal outrage. Accusations, holier than thou and never accepting the faults.

    I will stick to the topic
    @@ Zaid Hamid And Ahmed Quraishi

    I think this is old but succesful funda of making something sensational and get popularity. Why I am saying so – had this been true, then once again you are accepting that Pak army is either sold out or fevirsh with fear.

    India may be involved in Blauchistan or sposoring in proxy war [ Same way Pakistan is and had been in Kashmir and Punjab ] but how can a sane armt Gen. will tollerate Indians fighting in SWAT ???

  40. now this is the time to appose the americans and indians agents from pakistan. the fact is that they will never except us means of muslims and i will request the our CNC

  41. now this is the time to appose the americans and indians agents from pakistan. the fact is that they will never except us means of muslims and i will request the our CNC that i m with pak army and i wish that i do some thing for ma country i m very happy that the our cnc general ishfaq qeyani who will deny the carry logger bill i salute him and hope that he use his resourses to ignore all like these aggreements which hurts our country thanx again general qeyani sab

  42. I always have this view that what Pakistan army is doing ?

    Ok- this is accepted that politicians are corrupt and have no potency because they are living a posh life and gathering money in swiss banks for their coming generations. This is fine but if Indians are fighting in SWAT valley- what army is doing so far ?


    This is all a spicy propaganda for TRP’s, readerships and fullfilling vested interests. I would like to see some input from someone who is from SWAT.

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