Zardari’s Kindness

May 10, 2009

India Should Ask Him To Hand Over Kashmir, Hunza & Gilgit Too

Just as the tide was turning against the so-called Pakistani Taliban because of loss of public support, comes the news that Asif Zardari has signed a transit trade agreement that gives India the right to overland trade with Afghanistan and beyond – something that even Bangladesh has refused to give to India in the case of trade with Burma. That is the extent to which Zardari’s ‘My Democracy’ can go to accommodate the enemy.

As I predicted in my article “ The Future of Pakistan” only two days ago, it is America’s plan to induct Indian troops into Afghanistan and have a shorter supply line from India to Afghanistan via Lahore and Peshawar. Clearly that would be resisted and not just by the Afghan Taliban. This transit agreement is the red rag to the bull that would expand the scope of the Civil War in Pakistan and create ‘opportunities’ for the USA. If the Pakistani political parties do not unite to oppose this agreement, the people will. That is a prospect that should be avoided. Would the armed forces rise to the occasion and save Pakistan from Asif Zardari?

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  1. Why are we blaming poor Zardari … he just said what his Master(read US) told him to say.

    At last some paki prez said the truth and going in right direction since 1947 🙂

    Good going Zardari…

  2. GAWD… when the hell will we get rid of the freaking Zardari!

  3. @IM

    For the first time a pak leader is telling the truth and you want to get rid of him???

    • Why don’t u MYOB!

  4. […] NO To ‘Transit To India’ | Ahmed Quraishi Zardari’s Kindness – India Should Ask Him To Hand Over Kashmir, Hunza & Gilgit Too | Sajid M […]

  5. dont know who u ppl are but if u are pakistani we should work togather against the odds its the plan of the zionest ppl to make us fight our own government. If we fight our own Govt we are working for zionest interest. So Be united and be positive, no one is perfect.

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