An Open Letter To Gen. Kayani (From India)

April 17, 2009

And a patriotic Pakistani’s response.

Col Harish Puri’s sarcastic letter – full of factual inaccuracies and gloating – has been ripped to shreds by one of our readers.

Here we share with you the response of our reader to Col. Harish Puri’s letter (published in The News), very recently:

Dear Mr. Puri,

Sir, let me begin by reminding you of the quip that made rounds all over Asia, right after the 1965 Indo-Pak war: To guarantee defeat, an army should ideally have Indian Generals, Indian Officers, Indian Soldiers, Israeli Equipment and Pakistani enemies.

An Indian Air Marshal that I personally met, told me that in the 1965 war, one Pakistani pilot, brought down 6 Indian AirForce Jets, in less than 60 seconds. Israeli Air Force pilots under Indian command, he said, would be the most hilarious combination possible. Indian Officers he argued, were more into Bollywood Actresses, Killing innocent people in Kashmir and getting their asses kicked in Mumbai by a bunch of amateurs.

As I look at the moments of numerous defeats that Indian Forces face every day in Kashmir, against a bunch of Mujahideen, with an ultra-equipped army of 700,000 troops, I can’t resist recalling his words. The second is the moment when the world witnessed in the war of 1965, the graveyard of 100, 200 no 600 Indian tanks not far from your border.

The surrender of any army is no doubt a sad and humiliating event. And to think of the signing of the Tashkent (ceasefire) agreement to end the 1965 war, after which your Prime Minister Shastri died of heart attack, entertains me with rolls of laughter. The fact that India was once again planning to attack Pakistan in 1986 (during the reign of Gen Zia-ul-Haq) under the wise leadership of Rajiv Gandhi; Rajiv Gandhi, the then PM of India, during his conference with the Indian Generals and top brass of India (to finalise the details of the attack) receives a call from Gen. Zia ul Haq where he reminds Rajiv Gandhi that he also has the copy of the file of plans lying on his (Rajiv Gandhi’s) table for discussion, and then Gen Zia flies all the way to Jaipur (and meets the Indian PM during a cricket match) to return that copy, as a courtesy to the Indian PM to remind him that we might’ve been sleeping, but we’re NOT Dead! – sometimes makes a cunning smile cross my face. That some wars are lost even before they’ve started, is not only shamefully mortifying, but a serious blow to the entire establishment; and is simply a lesson that is taught only once.

I always thought that the Indian Army was far superior to the Pakistan Army, in terms of their Artillery, Infantry, Fighter Fleet and weaponry systems (being provided to them exclusively by Israel), however, President Jiang Zheming reminded us recently in 2002, when India was once again planning to attack Pakistan – that he had never known soldiers more pusillanimous (meaning cowardly) than those that represented the Indian Army. He was of course referring to the fleeing incident of the 1962 Indo-China conflict, where Indian soldiers fled the battleground, and in their haste to “run away”, forgot their weapons, which China later returned to India (it is also said that Chinese army cleaned, polished and removed the rust of the arms being used by Indian Army before returning them). Such total surrender, disgrace, and fleeing the battleground, by men who call themselves “soldiers”, is astonishingly humiliating yet funny.

I have been an analyst, and it beats me how my counterparts in India have been unable to understand the Asamese Freedom fighters, the Kashmir Freedom Fighters, The Naxalites etc. etc. (the list may fill up a page), in over 60 years, and keep on blaming Pakistan for all their woes. Moreover, how the Hindu Extremist parties like the RSS have opened up training camps in densely populated urban areas, training Hindu extremists to burn people alive, and to bring down landmarks as significant as the Babri Masjid, without raising any eyebrows in the Government. Is there more than meets the eye?

We are told that it is tough for your army to counter “your own people”, like the extremists of Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Pareshad and RSS. Whether it be burning of thousands of Muslims alive in Gujrat, or be it the genocide of Christian minorities in Orissa, your security forces simply stand and watch the mass murder of innocent unarmed people.

Mr. Puri, it is imperative that without any further delay, we recognize our enemy. I use the word “our” advisedly because the threat of BJP (which is fully backed by the types of Narindra Modi and parties like RSS, VP and BD) coming into power in the upcoming elections – and putting our borders under serious jeopardy, is quite imminent. Additionally, your army consists of several serving officers like Col. Purohit, who exhibit hostility and hatred towards Pakistanis by bombing innocent civilians in trains (Samjhauta Express). What is more, the BJP did not mind mass murdering people in Mumbai during November last year, simply to prove its point that the Congress Govt. was a major failure, and during the upcoming elections, BJP must win. And framing the “Pakistani terrorists” was the easiest part, because a similar hostile viewpoint is maintained by a vast majority of Hindu population in India.

You remind me of one Pakistani journalist being killed by the so called Taliban Pakistan? Well, ever heard of the Journalists who were “MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD” by Israelis, not by shooting them down with bullets, but by running tanks over them. God knows how many such journalists have been run-over, murdered by Indian Extremist parties in the name of nationalistic planned killings. But believe me, there still are some sane voices in India like Arundhati Roy and Amresh Misra, and it is about time you started thinking rationally and instead of suppressing their voices, gave them some room to express their thoughts, so that BJP does not hi-jack India once again.

Ok, anecdotes aside, on a serious note:

What would you say if we asked you what took the “Indian Commandos”, the Indian NSG and the Israeli Commandos, 60 long hours to control only 10 terrorists who had hijacked Mumbai in less than 60 minutes? You were trying to save as many hostages you say eh? To avoid casualties to the max, isn’t it? Why didn’t the Indian Govt. simply drop bombs over the Taj & Oberoi hotels, (and let’s not forget the Nariman house, where your Israeli friends were busy cooking broth for Pakistan). And you shamelessly suggest we wipe off a complete region just because its got a few black sheep? Ok, it seems to us, Mr. Puri, that either you are not and have never been a part of the Indian Army, or they retired you early due to your childish, infact amusing approach towards solving problems. As to why we decided to stop the operation against these Terrorists of Swat is something beyond your comprehension, and it would be highly recommended for you to stop giving advise to people with more than twice as much experience as you might have. Haven’t you heard the phrase “it is better to remain quiet and let people think you’re a fool instead of speaking up and confirming it”.

As far as the flogging of the girl in Swat is concerned, to which you have attributed your whole letter to our General (COAS), its a fake story. Even if it were true, it is mere punishment. What do you call the burning alive of human beings? This is a far worse threat and insult to humanity than any one could imagine in the 21st century!

Not only the NYT, but the Pentagon, Tel Aviv and Delhi have also expressed their opinion of Pakistan’s collapse in next six months. It doesn’t worry us much, because the sooner we learn about our enemies, the better. Nonetheless, it also clearly tells us about the forces at work in Pakistan trying to tear it apart. But we assure you, that even if we DO break (GOD Forbid), we’ll only break into 4. Think of what will happen if BJP takes over India and starts openly suppressing all the minorities in your population of over 1 billion people. India will break into countless pieces, just like the USSR.

A nice stunt you’ve pulled there, and I completely appreciate it. I hope that you shall equally enjoy our response to your “well-versed” letter. Keep the comedy coming, this is good for the future of both Pakistan and Bharat friendship.


Chokore Paratha



  1. An open letter to Gen Kayani By Col (r) Harish Puri is all right. But this response letter is filled with inaccuracies and pure nonsense.

    1. The world acknowledges India to have won the 65 war. (ask me 4 sources or search yourself)

    2. Some were won and others lost, Indian AF attained some amount of parity during 65 air wars against their qualitatively superior paki counterparts. Now, PAF is no match for IAF.

    3. Although Indian army soldiers did a lot of cr*p, it is currently not “forcefully” occupying kashmir. I have documentaries about that. I also talked to Kashmiri people myself.

    4. Say what u want but the fact is that india never STARTED a conflict with pak. The fact is that Pakistan attacked India whenever it percieved that she was weak. (but got their arses kicked)

    5.An Indian PM dying of heart-attack proves pakistani superiority? What logic is that?

    6.Indian soldiers never fleed during chinese cross border firing. It was in fact the other way round!
    Check any sources about 62 sino-indian war.

    7.U are an “analyst” when everything u wrote is false? Must be zaid hamid type.

    8.Hindu-extreemists who intruded politics are a bunch of evil rowdies and goondas. But they dont have training camps to “burn people” and are nowhere as deadly, sophesticated and organized as Islamic fundamentalists, mainly because they lack public support in india.

    9.a hostile viewpoint is maintained by a vast majority of Hindu population in India.? nonsense again.

    10. Mr. Puri never intended a “stunt”. obviously, the author of this article is extremely biased against indians

  2. Sorry Nikhil but whatever you don’t agree with is false, what a good basis to debate over something, in short what Mr. Puri wrote was a stunt and those who massacred Muslims in Gujrat and Christians in Orissa are a few handful evil Hindus and Kashmir is with India by will… great — I don’t be writing to counter your comments, as you may believe anything as it is your personal matter but I would like you to see:


    🙂 This video should show you how Indian army has occupied Kashmir, I am sure you will also deny this eye of camera and perhaps you may also call it ISI stunt.

    Secondly, I know the four sources you have which say that 65 war was a victory of India, here is the list:

    1. Zee news,
    2. Star news,
    3. Door Darshan (DD), and
    4. India TV

    Honestly, if 1965 was a victory for you, 😀 then what is the defeat?? 🙂

    Bottoms up on 1965!

  3. Let’s just keep it subtle bro, there’s no point in defending Indian forces in Kashmir 😛


    P.s.: anyone seen the documentary?

  4. @ For Nikhil

    @ AAKhan

    I cant believe u guys wud fall for this doctored video! Police beat up protesters whenever it gets out of hand. In fact it happens in every state in india. It happens everywhere in the world. Does that mean they are being held against their will?
    And yes it may also be an ISI stunt.

    Here is kasmiris talking about indian occupation. Please watch:

    My 65 war sources are international websites such as




    and US congress report.

  5. Mr Nikhil, with all due respect ive answered all ur questions:

    1. The world acknowledges India to have won the 65 war. (ask me 4 sources or search yourself)


    2. Some were won and others lost, Indian AF attained some amount of parity during 65 air wars against their qualitatively superior paki counterparts. Now, PAF is no match for IAF.



    3. Although Indian army soldiers did a lot of cr*p, it is currently not “forcefully” occupying kashmir. I have documentaries about that. I also talked to Kashmiri people myself.


    4. Say what u want but the fact is that india never STARTED a conflict with pak. The fact is that Pakistan attacked India whenever it percieved that she was weak. (but got their arses kicked)


    5.An Indian PM dying of heart-attack proves pakistani superiority? What logic is that?


    6.Indian soldiers never fleed during chinese cross border firing. It was in fact the other way round!
    Check any sources about 62 sino-indian war.


    7.U are an “analyst” when everything u wrote is false? Must be zaid hamid type.


    8.Hindu-extreemists who intruded politics are a bunch of evil rowdies and goondas. But they dont have training camps to “burn people” and are nowhere as deadly, sophesticated and organized as Islamic fundamentalists, mainly because they lack public support in india.


    9.a hostile viewpoint is maintained by a vast majority of Hindu population in India.? nonsense again.


    10. Mr. Puri never intended a “stunt”. obviously, the author of this article is extremely biased against indians


    • mr ali ur answers make a lot of sense

    • in aqal kay andhon(brahmin hindus)ko ulta nazar ata hai
      ranjha nazar ati hai ,, heer nazar ata hai

  6. @ Ali Amjad

    U have big words like zaid hamid. But unlike me, u both have no sources or evidence to back u up.

    1. Sorry pal, but There is no question of india winning 1965 war





    2. FACT: PAF is no match for IAF.(I know this will be a bitter pill for u to swollow, so again, sorry)





    We came rolling in, like, ‘Beep-beep, superpower coming through,'” Colonel Fornof told me. “And we had our eyes opened. We learned a lot. By the third week, we were facing a threat that we weren’t prepared to face, because we had underestimated them. They had figured out how to take Russian-built equipment and improve upon it.”
    Black Hawk Down author Mark Bowden

    Indian planners combined the use of top-line fighters like this Su-30 with older types and impressive, innovative tactics.

    “When we saw that they were a more professional air force, we realized that within the constraints of the exercise we were going to have a very difficult time,” Snowden (A USAF senior pilot at cope india)says. “In general, it looked like they ran a broad spectrum of tactics and they were adaptive. They would analyze what we were doing and then try something else. They weren’t afraid to bring the strikers in high or low. They would move them around so that we could never anticipate from day to day what we were going to see.”

    want more?

    3. Bcos pakistan calls it disputed territory. U can call what u want, but u wont get it.

    4. There was no war in 73(what a retard!)

    5. If ISI Killed him, further proof that it must be banned.

    6. My dear retard, do u know the difference between cross border firing and war? I suggest u do a deep study of sino-indian war before posting retard comments.

    7. Again all my sources are international while yours is pakistani.

    8.HAS BJP made any extreemist remark? They distanced themselves from Varun Gandhi so fast…

    9. We dont “love” u but we respect u enough to save ur lives:

    we demand that u treat us likewise.

    Oh yeah . look what muslim rule did to india:
    good job! shows ur true nature.

    10. A person who is not retarded like you can figure out that Puri’s letter never insults pakistan. In fact quite the opposite.

  7. I’m not going to get into this discussion any further 😛 It ain’t fair to have more people arguing against one person.

    P.s.: anyone can smack around links to prove their point and so can I. I conclude by saying i’m not convinced with regards to Kashmirs occupation.

  8. Gentle Beings,

    I am a patriotic Pakistani and I hope that the BJP is successful in the current Indian elections. No other Indian political party has been a better ally for Pakistan.

    After all lets all face the facts, before May/June of 1998 Pakistan’s army, air force and navy were out numbered and under equipped as compared to the Indian forces (take a look at Jane’s Defense). I admit that in fact an uncle of mine a retired Pakistani general, also agrees with this (I just got off the phone with him).

    It was only BJP’s nuclear test (Operation Shakti) on 28 May 1998 that brought Pakistan to an equal level making the size and ability of conventional forces irrelevant. But also brought out the fact that Pakistan was able to respond in a much faster time frame than was expected by the world and the Indians.

    So I love the BJP 😉

    And I hope that they continue to do the great work for Pakistan that they have been doing… After all the hatred that they are spreading amongst the Hindus and the minorities is doing more to undermine India than anything that Pakistan could ever do.

  9. Is this response by a Pakistani published in the newspaper too? Could you please give the link?

  10. pakistan zinda bad poor hindus

    • greater pakistan zinda bad
      u r absolutely right in ur slogan
      bt it z specifically for brahmins

  11. pakistan zinda bad. poor hindus haha

  12. thoroughly enjoyed the response to the Indian col by our brave patriotic Pakistani’s response Chopore Paratha

    I stopped replying to the Indians some times back as i too found them immature devoid of reality, they just like correcting everyone’s English grammar and through deep plots at the world. You just have to look at the ‘Hindu Eyes’ and you know what is happening there.

    I feel sorry for them as they have nothing accept someone Else’s culture language to master and prove their nuisance value by migrating with it to distance shores. Where they will become holier than the pope in order to fit in. I’ll end by leaving the following as a thought.

    Genocide of Muslims taking place as we write…

    afghanistan 1980-1989………………….2 million civilians
    Iraq 1990- 1991……………………….200 thousand civilians
    Bosnia 1992-95………………………..200 thousand civilians
    Kosovo1996-1999……………………….50 thousand+ civilians
    India 2001-02…………………………5 thousand+ civilians
    Iraq 2003 – present……………………1 million+ civilians

    there is not a single year gap in this

  13. @nikhil

    4. sir i meant 1971, nt 1973.

  14. @nikhil

    ur giving resources?!!
    we all know that wikipedia is written by common people and not professionals. even you can make changes in them.

    and u mentiond
    which is again an indian site.

    further u said
    if u notice, dat article is written by Jilka, whois again an indian

    then u said
    if u read the third paragraph under the heading “Perceived Threat & Global Challenge” u will notice dat in the end the writer said. “…of course ‘Blue’ forces (PAF) will have the quality and training edge over the ‘Fox’ forces(IAF), plus the vision and the planning capacities of the PAF leadership will serve as a booster…”. let me remind u dat u might be better in technology, bt we are FAR ahead in training and experiance. u will remember dat in our encounter against israel airforce, we were no match for their technology bt still they cudnt even touch us. we have Allah on our side.

    after that
    i dnt see any evidence dat 1965 war was won by india. its just an article abt a book called “myth of 1965 victory”. nothing about it.

    is again an indian site. (are u nuts or wat!!!)

    very interestingly this source, given by you
    says, on second paragraph, first line “…since the defeat of India by China in 1962…”. but u said you won the war against china. yet here ur sources say dat china won! thanx for the source. since now ur gonna say dat this souce is not authentic then wat follows is also not authentic! thanx alot! (NUTS!)

    then again
    is an american site. which is as biased as an indian site.

    is a broken link. u better check ur “sources” b4 giving such strong evidence. (NUTS!)

    i guess dats enough. ur so called sources have been exposed as nothing bt shiny blue links. sir u better wake up n realise dat muslims made this country on the name of ISLAM n Allah is with the muslims. Holy Quran says that we muslims are the best of nations evolved from mankind.

  15. Nikhil is a scumbag don’t waste you time on him!


  17. @ all Hindu extremist Indians like Nikhil:

    RSS Hindu terrorists beating up Christians in Orissa

    RSS Hindu Terrorists attacking a Christian

    The Killers of 4000 Muslims in Gujrat (hidden camera recording)

    need more evidence? there’s plenty.

  18. Me a Hindu extremist? wow! talk about pakistani viewpoint. First of all i am not hindu but christian. my name is nikhil mathew.
    second, u call me extremist because I have evidence for my statements. ?

    No wonder u guys think that india is filled with extremists. U dont know he meaning of that word

  19. I am proud to say that we Indians have proved ourselves to be more rational, polite and ethical compared to pakistanis. Just compare the letter of Mr. Puri and this above letter and judge for youself.

  20. Dear Sir, The photographs of Indian troops at the outskirts of Lahore at one the police stations – is a proof that 65 was atleast a draw – if not an outright indian victory. What could be said of the Indian army is same as that which was said of the British army during WWI – namely lions led by donkeys.

  21. Dear Sir,
    List of genocide statistics committed by Islamic rulers.
    India 1000 to 1820 AD- 100 million + Hindus killed.
    Spain -800 to 1300 AD- 10+ million christians.
    Arabia – 700 – 800 AD: 1 million+ Jews, Christians and other religions.
    Africa – 700 to 1200 AD 10 million+
    Armenia: 2 million
    Bosnia: 100000 serbs killed by Muslim SS divisions.
    Non-muslims – please be aware of the threat which radical Islam can bring. If you are under Islamic law – you are proclaimed to be a Dhimmi – you are disarmed, publically forbidden to make any display of your relgious beliefs and slaughtered at will.

  22. Why is it that Indians and Pakistanis seem to act like best friends in real life outside the sub-continent, but on anonymous blogs like these they call each other worst possible names and denounce each others’ religions etc…

    For god’s sake, it’s been more than 60 years since you guys became independent. When will you stop your obsession with each other and start focussing on improving the state of education, healthcare, sanitation and basic amenities in your own countries?

    Anyone care to respond?

  23. I am an Indian and a Hindu too. I don’t care for what anyone across the borders thinks of Hindus in India, but as a participating Hindu citizen of India, I know for a fact that a vast majority of the people in India (including all religions – Hindus, Muslims, Christians et al) do not care for what religion the other is following and are least troubled by the fact that the person sitting opposite him in a cafe is follower of another faith. The total issue of communal violence in incidences like Gujrat is an aberration in Indian politics and is disowned by all rightful thinking people here. Therefore to ascribe this or any such incidence to people generally in India is utter non-sense. Such incidences have happened in all the nations at different points of time – while that does not justify what happened in Gujrat, at the same time it does not make the majority of Indian population convicts.

    We in India believe that all the wars with Pak were initiated by Pak, just as majority of Pakistanis believe otherwise. Reading a few websites and a few books cannot change the facts – I do not know what was the fact. But I do know what is happening in present. The events happening in Pakistan presently is cause of worry for all over the world including, I believe for majority of people within Pakistan. Col. Puri might have used an example that has been said to be false, but what he wanted to essentially convey is the increase in the powers of Taliban within Pakistan with the approval of Pak establishment is a matter for very serious concern for everybody. It is not a question of Hindu or Muslim ideology – it is the way people are treated in Taliban’s scheme of things. We have already seen what happened in Afganistan – there was no liberty to people in general and females in particular. Banning girls from attending schools – who can justify that in this time ? The total thought process is so primitive that it scares the world, and not only Hindus in India.

    Please do not miss the point that Col. Puri wanted to raise by pulling in issues like 1962 and 1965 wars. That was more than 40 yrs ago, a part of history now. After that, much has happened in the world and in this region, and modern geo-political reality is that both India and Pak have to co-exist. Whether we do it in peace or in conflict is upto us. As an ordinary citizen of India, I know for a fact that we do want peace, not because we are weak or afraid, but because we think war (as the foregoing verbal war) is no permanent solution to any issue.

  24. Sirs,
    Having traveled extensively in India and Pakistan and seeing the issues facing common people here, I am increasingly convinced that the rhetoric of war and hatred between the countries is a product of the same military industrial thought process that fuels conflict everywhere in the world for the profit of a few.
    The macho posturing and the tendency to squabble over history simply does not cross the voter’s mind in either country. In fact, if the common man on the street in either nation were to actually understand and have a say in the zillions spent on maintaining this charade in the name of defence, he/she would try very hard indeed to vote those governments out. I mean, here are millions of exceedingly poor, illiterate people whose governments cant spend on feeding them or educating them to give them a shot at a decent life. Instead, they go about with fancy shopping bags for nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers that make their puppeteers in the developed world even fatter; at their expense.
    I may be seeing this from a simple prism, but I dont think its simplistic. Who gives a damn if a silly glacier in the middle of nowhere is with India or Pakistan? Does a few kms of barren land matter to anyone except strategic planners whose jobs depend on these kind of imagined threats?
    The above exhange is tragically amusing for the bellicose, tit-for-tat aggression — if you didn’t know better, it seems like a script for a stand-up comics act, instead of a mature educated debate.

  25. Dear Friends
    The article by Col.Puri was well written with vey polite & courtseous language showing the superior mentality of Indians.
    The responses are in poor taste & crude ,showing the kind of barbarian mentality being followed in “THAT PURE LAND”.
    In the end the progress & advances made by followers of a particular mentality proves their worth.
    See the results of the corruption & lies being said in Nazi Germany,in Communist USSR, & in USA funded banana republics.
    But in the end the rhetoric of war between countries all over the worldis a result of the US/Europe/Chinese military industrial business process that makes conflict everywhere in the world for their own profit.

    • Dear Parthasarthy:

      I am afraid you are making discourteous generalization about Pakistanis. The moderate Pakistanis are as good as any in India and we should encourage them and show them respect. About a few bad ones, which country does not have their own share? I believe we should respect Pakistani sensibilities, assure them of our good intentions and sincerely strive to work towards a good and secure future for both countries.

      Increasing Pakistani insecurity through deliberate disrespect to core ideas of nationhood, as they have defined it or are trying to refine it, will only drive even the moderates, who I know from my friends in Pakistan are many, into the fold of the fundamentalist.


  26. Isreal is counted as India’s ally when we have consistantly supported the palestine cause for donkey’s years! Its a pity that sharia which is a branch of jurisprudence is being intrepreted verbatim by a bunch of fanatics posing as saviours of islam.

    and yes muslims are being massacred by the thousands every day. That’s why there are more muslims in India then in Pakistan !! why are Indian muslims poor? because the middle and upper class fled to Pakistan depriving them of the social network. Why didnt your grand father’s generation leave behind so many poor muslims if you guys care for them so much?

    Have you guys in pakistan heard about land reforms? We have a Mayawati who is aspiring to be the PM unlike the london educated fuedal politicians of Pakistan.

    Come out of your denial mode and “we are victims syndrome”

  27. Dear All,
    I’m an Indian, a woman and not a Hindu. I stay in Mumbai and would like to put forward a few points.

    1. India’s richest man is a Muslim. There are hundreds of thousands of Muslim millionnires (in Rupee terms)in India. Who forces Mulsims to poverty in India? It is Mulsim politicians from all parties! Just imagine, how many Muslim politicuans even BJP has! How many Muslims universities! How many Muslim medical colleges! How many Muslim academicians, judges, ministers! You from Pakistan get only a distorted view, which is filtered, packaged and supplied to you.
    2. I read the newspaper Dawn regularly. Would like to commend on what really ails the India – Pakistan relationship.
    a. Even though Muslim is one of the religeons with great depth and compassion, a group of cowards mis-interpret it and lost its pluralism. From one of the best religeons, it is becoming the “only religeon”. Someone interpreted that “anybody killing non-Muslims will go to heaven and live with virgins”. Even the Kasab throught it in that way till he saw his colleges dead bodies.
    b. Pakistan’s existence will be in doubt if it makes friendship with India. Becase there is no other focus.
    c. In a contry with full freedom of speech and parliamentory syytem, why not express your opinion through electorate?
    2. Hinduism is not a religion. There is no founder, there is no head. It is only a way of living.
    2. Historically Hindus are extremely soft people. Even the Gujarat, the riot happened after a group of Muslims burned 32 passengers from Sabarmati Express.

    Pakistan is fighting with wrong enemy. India is nothing for Paksitan, still 98% of Pakistanis see India as enemy.

    Taliban soldiers rape, they cultivate opiom and sell, In 1989 they abducted Dr. Rubina Sayyed ( a lady). Are these meeting the so called Muslim standards?

  28. There is little achieved in exchanging hate mail between Indians and our friends across the border.
    The point being missed here entirely and which is the essence of Col. Puri’s letter to Pakistani Army Chief, is that the Taliban is a threat to both India and Pakistan. Taliban dominance in Pakistan will lead to the Country’s doom, and is the biggest threat to the security of both Nations. Instead of fighting each other, India and Pakistan should pool in resources of all kinds to fight this common enemy.

  29. from all the pakistani replies i cud only understand one thing ——
    1. pakistan is suddenly a super power (at least a regional power)
    2. its power has threatened the interests of US in this region, so US is hell bent on destroying pak by donating billions of dollars to it .
    3. india is so poor that it cudnt feed itself and that pakistan has been helping india all these years after independence ( to survive the pests, hunger etc etc).
    4. hindus (according to pakistani frens) are the worst kinda ppl in the world becoz they dont follow or allow sharia law in their country n blah blah blah……
    5. in all the wars fought between pakistan and india, india it seems have been thoroughly humiliated by pakistan (thanx to their FAAARRRRR superior PAF) if not annihilated.
    6. all minorities(read muslims) in india are so angry and frustrated by indiaz inability to provide them a good life that they left india and are happily settled in pakistan .
    7. a retd col from india can help cook up a storm in pakistan , i mean how can the indians be so ungrateful after all those good work by pakistan.

  30. @ Bhaskar

    thats true….. many of the pakis I talk to are convinced that they won 65 war. Some think pakistan won all wars!

    • its not their fault actually ……. if u go thru wikipedia pages then u will see that paki govt had started their propaganda to keep the pakistani public in control…..and as a third world country we tend to believe in wat the govt says…n that exactly happened wid these morons ( i mean their fathers….no disrespect to their fathers though becoz they didnt have internet or oder sources back then but the present generation do).as long as their mind r as rigid as their bones nobody can make them understand…..

  31. It’s so funny that Pakistanis start defending the undefensible that stares in their eyes. It’s living in negation. Wake up and make your country secular, probably that’s the only hope of preventing your future generations from being bulldozed into stone age practices by Taliban barbarians. India too has its share of regressive forces in the form of Hindu lumpens who are a disgrace. But thank God that we are secular and see to it that they never cloud our vision with pseudo religious dictats that the Pakistani army and politicians are so prone to grovelling under in their country. Inshallah we’d blast the Hindu lumpens with as much force as we’d do to any Taliban that crosses our borders.

  32. Dear Bhaskar, Nikhil and Arun

    I appreciate your nationalistic feelings and pride in Indian culture and achievements. I also understand your anger and frustration against some postings by Pakistanis that use abusive language against Indians in general or Hindus in particular.

    However, I am not sure if tit-for-tat is the right way to respond to them. If you talk their language then how are you different from them? Please do try to understand that it does not matter who won all the wars…

    What really matters is the reasons for those wars and are we doing something to eliminate those reasons… unfortunately I see those same hateful misguided feelings in many responses from both sides on this and so many other blog, which caused all the wars and riots in the past…

    Please also understand that despite what hawks like Bharat Verma say, an unstable Pakistan is NOT in India’s interest… Just imagine having the Taliban at India’s Western border… In my humble opinion, peaceful engagement and dialogue is the only solution for both countries while working on improving our economic and social condition…

    • @peace lover…..
      well i cant deny the legitimacy of ur request but my hands are tied due to the fact that i cant be a mahatma in the middle of all those morons who think (well i m sorry they actually dont have the capacity to think) that we indians n hinduz in particular are to be blamed for everything….it really sux u know……but anyway i will try restraint

  33. U r right, peace lover. Nobody ever wins a war……it is only that some lose less than the other……ask the forgotten widows and orphaned children on either side.

    Let us not be war mongering.

  34. wat will happen with india in next decade. believe me it z going to happen

    We Muslims are not going to go to Pakistan as the Brahmins command. Instead we will break India once more and re-unite with our brethren in Pakistan and Bangladesh to form the greatest nation of the world – Mughalstan, “The Land of Mughal-Muslims”. Mughalstan is “Greater Pakistan”, or “Pakistan No. 2”. In other words, Mughalstan is “India’s Bosnia” – a nation within a nation. Mughalstan will Inshallah consist of the following coterminous territories:
    1.PAKISTAN comprising Punjab, Afghanistan,balochistan,NWFP, Kashmir and Sindh.
    2.BANGISTAN or Greater Bangladesh, comprising modern Bangladesh, southern Assam and the surrounding Muslim-dominated regions.
    3. KHALISTAN, the Sikh Nation of Sufi Muslims. The Sikhs or Nanakshahis are followers of the Muslim Sufi saint Nanak Shah; hence Khalistan is a natural part of Mughalstan.
    4. ROHILSTAN, northern Uttar Pradesh or `Rohilkhand’, with a 60 % Muslim population.
    5. MALWASTAN or Malwa in Madhya Pradesh.
    6. BIHARISTAN comprising the Muslim-dominated regions formerly known as `Magadha’ in southern Bihar, and of course.
    7. KASHMIR, the Crown of Mughalstan

    • uh oh…
      retard alert!

  35. wat will happen with india in next decade. believe me it z going to happen

    We Muslims are not going to go to Pakistan as the Brahmins command. Instead we will break India once more and re-unite with our brethren in Pakistan and Bangladesh to form the greatest nation of the world – Mughalstan, “The Land of Mughal-Muslims”. Mughalstan is “Greater Pakistan”, or “Pakistan No. 2”. In other words, Mughalstan is “India’s Bosnia” – a nation within a nation. Mughalstan will Inshallah consist of the following coterminous territories:
    1.PAKISTAN comprising Punjab, Afghanistan,balochistan,NWFP, Kashmir and Sindh.
    2.BANGISTAN or Greater Bangladesh, comprising modern Bangladesh, southern Assam and the surrounding Muslim-dominated regions.
    3. KHALISTAN, the Sikh Nation of Sufi Muslims. The Sikhs or Nanakshahis are followers of the Muslim Sufi saint Nanak Shah; hence Khalistan is a natural part of Mughalstan.
    4. ROHILSTAN, northern Uttar Pradesh or `Rohilkhand’, with a 60 % Muslim population.
    5. MALWASTAN or Malwa in Madhya Pradesh.
    6. BIHARISTAN comprising the Muslim-dominated regions formerly known as `Magadha’ in southern Bihar, and of course.
    7. KASHMIR, the Crown of Mughalstan……

  36. @ devlish

    Great ideas and good luck to you… Just a few questions? Any thoughts on the number of lives lost in creating your new nation of “Mughalstan”? Do you think the Indians and the rest of the world would simply let you do all this? How about the Taleban; what role do you foresee for them in the new nation? Where would be the capital of this new nation?

    How will you manage the new nation with roughly 50:50 Hindu-Muslim population? I thought Qaid-e-Azam and Muslim league broke away from India because they wanted to avoid exactly this situation?

    • point#1:hindus will be treated as minority,and islam z da only religion who gives da rights approx. epual to majority to minority.
      point#2:0.4 billion non-brahmins are facing da brutal attitude of brahmins,they are searching for a “masiha”.and definitely islam z a sol. of their problems and it will give their rights to them.
      point#3:currently more than 40 independence movements are active very strongly in india and most of them want collision with current pakistan.
      point#4:dont worry about taliban.media hav just create the hype of taliban inspite of ground realities.in a “greater pakistan” they’ll be under full control of govt.
      point#4:dont worry that how we’ll manage 50:50 hindu muslim population.we had ruled in sub-continent for more than 800 years.we still hav an ability even to lead da whole world.

  37. @devilish…..
    god knows that the “devil” shall be mighty pissed wid u for using his name for writing some BULLSHIT…..

  38. @ devlish

    Very interesting responses… You are clearly putting a lot of thought into all this… So let me just clarify a few more points, if you kindly permit me…

    Are you suggesting that Mughalistan will be ruled the way it was for 800 years, and all the problems of poverty, illiteracy and all the insurgencies will disappear overnight?

    I am not so sure because you again seem to suggest making states based on regional aspiration e.g., Khalistan, Biharistan etc. What if these states want to break away from Mughalistan in future?

    More importantly, what role do you see Mughalistan playing in world politics and economics? I assume you will want a permanent seat in the UN security council… How do you think the US and China will react to the great might of Mughalistan…

    Please do not get me wrong… I would be very happy to be a citizen of Mughalistan if it means all our problems will go away… It’s just that I don’t think it’s as simple as that…

  39. we’ve a macro planing.
    geographically the greater pakistan will look like as i mentioned above.
    the management will act upon the golden principles of islam,in which khalif z a real servant of the nation,
    govt. gives equal rights to every citizen,where justice z availabe free of cost and quickly etc. etc.
    all the states will be based upon regional aspiration,it z a ground reality .but in greater pakistan all the citizen will be treated as muslims and non-muslims.muslims will be in majority and non-muslims in minority.we all know da philosphy of islam”all the human beings are son of adam (as)and adam (as)was created from clay.no one z superior to other on the basis of cast ,colour and regional aspiration”and we also know that islam z only religion who give rights to minority approx. equal to majority. inshallah there will be peace every where ultimately.
    my dear as we know that un has failed to implement peace in the world instead they are promoting wars.the greater pakistan will make a body like “UIN (united islamic nation)” which will fight against brutality and illetracy in its real sense.
    to be a good citizen of the peaceful state greater pakistan just cnvey dz msg. and pray to ALLAH.
    inshallah it will happen soon.

    • @ devlish

      i think there is a better chance for ‘greater india’ with pakistan as its state. Indian military is just too powerful to be defeated easily.

      I bet u $ 1000Trillion that there will be no mughalistan(which has indian territory)

      • dear nikhil u seems to be a patriotic indian(india:which z going to demolished from world map in near future).i raelly appreciate ur spirit toward ur nation.
        but my dear dont be illogical,just do th analysis of ur surroundig and accept da ground realities.
        and inshallah th greater pakistan will come into being without any proper war.
        and if u talk about indian army, it z so funny to call them brave.nd belive even not a single indian soldier will stand against the army of greater pakistan.

        as i said earlier we’ve a macro plan.no one can even imagine it.

      • @ devlish

        Can u show me the international sources which say that India will break? because I can show u ones that says pakistan will.

        Did u know about the record breaking surrender of 1 lakh pak army soldiers in 1971? Thats brave!

  40. we dont care wat international media and other sources say about pakistan.no one can even imagine to break pakistan till the great ISI and PAK ARMY z here.

    1971 z a dark day of our history bt it z a different debate.
    wat i want to tell u z dat we’ve learned 4m our history,nd we still remind those dark days,dat z why we r going for a mega event which will happen soon,the event when greater pakistan will come into being.

    and my dear fellow u can’t find this plan from any other source bcoz it z exclusively our plan.we cam implement it and we will inshallah.

    our almighty creator ALLAH z with us.
    more than 40 active independence movement in india are calling us to move ahead.
    greater pakistan z a call of kashmir.
    millions of muslims in sub continent desprately want greater pakistan.
    millions of non-brahmin hindus pray for a state like greater pakistan.
    greater pakistan z a voice of billions of muslims all over the world.

  41. @ devlish

    so … u dont have any proof and u expect me to believe u? I dont see that happening bcos China and India is getting stronger by the day while pakistan is breaking down steadily.

    1971 is no great deal. it just shows the difference between india and pak.

    These are the lies in ur statement:

    40 active independence movement in india are calling us to move ahead.
    greater pakistan z a call of kashmir.
    millions of muslims in sub continent desprately want greater pakistan.
    millions of non-brahmin hindus pray for a state like greater pakistan.

    can u show me sources for this? or dont u have any proof for this as well?

    However u have a gud imagination. I suggest u start writing stories. Start with thrillers. Good luck

    • itz up to u either u believe it or not.
      i dont hav any objection if u believe dat it z a fiction nd it also dosen’t effect us.nd we also want from every anti greater pakistan lobby to hav dz sort of approach.

      you r absolutely right dat dz z a story which z going to be a reality.i m nt forcing u to believe.

      u know wat z da real problem wth brahmin hindus,u ppl actually live in da land of fantasies.

      here z just a little reality of current india(suggestion:come out of fantasies)
      -there are approx. 10000 prostitutes only in the most advanced city of india i-e delhi spreading AIDS.they are compell to sell their bodies just bcoz of poverty.(still believe u r economic power)

      i can give thousands of such examples,but the problem z dz that u ppl dont accept realities bcoz u live in fantasies.

  42. @ devlish
    AH yes. so now you dont have proof for anything u said earlier so u r changing the topic by attacking the poverty problem in india? ok then. no problem.

    Did u know that according to a UN report pak’s poverty is increasing while that of india is decrasing drastically? (I can show it to you if u want) Thats why india is called a potential superpower and thats why i m not worried.

    • nikhil,we believe dat UN z a bias body and acting on zionist agenda.i said earlier dat we also have a plan of such a body like UIN united islamic world(a solution for humanity).

      let me show you show u something.it z again not compulsory again to believe.bt remember these things bcoz u have to remind these when u will be a citizen of greater pakistan.
      dz will give u a little picture dat what will happen “mahan” india.

      1. National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB)
      2. United People’s Democratic Solidarity (UPDS)
      3. Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO)
      4. Bodo Liberation Tiger Force (BLTF)
      5. Dima Halim Daogah (DHD)
      6. Karbi National Volunteers (KNV)
      7. Rabha National Security Force (RNSF)
      8. Koch-Rajbongshi Liberation Organisation (KRLO)
      9. Hmar People’s Convention- Democracy (HPC-D)
      10. Karbi People’s Front (KPF)
      11. Tiwa National Revolutionary Force (TNRF)
      12. Bircha Commando Force (BCF)
      13. Bengali Tiger Force (BTF)
      14. Adivasi Security Force (ASF)
      15. All Assam Adivasi Suraksha Samiti (AAASS)
      16. Gorkha Tiger Force (GTF)
      17. Barak Valley Youth Liberation Front (BVYLF)
      18. United Liberation Front of Barak Valley
      19. United National Liberation Front (UNLF)
      20. People’s Liberation Army (PLA)
      21. people’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK)
      22. Te above mentioned three groups now operate from a unified platform,
      23. the Manipur People’s Liberation Front (MPLF)
      24. Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP)
      25. Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL)
      26. Manipur Liberation Tiger Army (MLTA)
      27. Iripak Kanba Lup (IKL)
      28. People’s Republican Army (PRA)
      29. Kangleipak Kanba Kanglup (KKK)
      30. Kangleipak Liberation Organisation (KLO)
      31. Revolutionary Joint Committee (RJC)
      32. Naional Socialist Council of Nagaland — Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM)
      33. People’s United Liberation Front (PULF)
      34. Kuki National Army (KNA)
      35. Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA)
      36. Kuki National Organisation (KNO)
      37. Kuki Independent Army (KIA)
      38. Kuki Defence Force (KDF)
      39. Kuki International Force (KIF)
      40. Kuki National Volunteers (KNV)
      41. Kuki Liberation Front (KLF)
      42. Kuki Security Force (KSF)
      43. Kuki Liberation Army (KLA)
      44. Kuki Revolutionary Front (KRF)
      45. United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF)
      46. Hmar People’s Convention (HPC)
      47. Hmar People’s Convention- Democracy (HPC-D)
      48. Hmar Revolutionary Front (HRF)
      49. Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA)
      50. Zomi Revolutionary Volunteers (ZRV)
      51. Indigenous People’s Revolutionary Alliance(IRPA)
      52. Kom Rem People’s Convention (KRPC)
      53. Chin Kuki Revolutionary Front (CKRF)
      54. Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC)
      55. Achik National Volunteer Council (ANVC)
      56. People’s Liberation Front of Meghalaya (PLF-M)
      57. Hajong United Liberation Army (HULA)
      58. Natonal Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak-Muivah) – NSCN(IM)
      59. National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Khaplang) – NSCN (K)
      60. Naga National Council (Adino) – NNC (Adino)
      61. Babbar Khalsa International (BKI)
      62. Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF)
      63. International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF)
      64. Khalistan Commando Force (KCF)
      65. All-India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF)
      66. Bhindrawala Tigers Force of Khalistan (BTFK)
      67. Khalistan Liberation Army (KLA)
      68. Khalistan Liberation Front (KLF)
      69. Khalistan Armed Force (KAF)
      70. Dashmesh Regiment
      71. Khalistan Liberation Organisation (KLO)
      72. Khalistan National Army (KNA)
      73. National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT)
      74. All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF)
      75. Tripura Liberation Organisation Front (TLOF)
      76. United Bengali Liberation Front (UBLF)
      77. Tripura Tribal Volunteer Force (TTVF)
      78. Tripura Armed Tribal Commando Force (TATCF)
      79. Tripura Tribal Democratic Force (TTDF)
      80. Tripura Tribal Youth Force (TTYF)
      81. Tripura Liberation Force (TLF)
      82. Tripura Defence Force (TDF)
      83. All Tripura Volunteer Force (ATVF)
      84. Tribal Commando Force (TCF)
      85. Tripura Tribal Youth Force (TTYF)
      86. All Tripura Bharat Suraksha Force (ATBSF)
      87. Tripra Tribal Action Committee Force (TTACF) Socialist Democratic
      88. Front of Tripura (SDFT)
      89. All Tripura National Force (ATNF)
      90. Tripura Tribal Sengkrak Force (TTSF)
      91. Tiger Commando Force (TCF)
      92. Tripura Mukti Police (TMP)
      93. Tripura Rajya Raksha Bahini (TRRB)
      94. Tripura State Volunteers (TSV)
      95. Tripua National Democratic Tribal Force (TNDTF)
      96. National Militia of Tripura (NMT)
      97. All Tripura Bengali Regiment (ATBR)
      98. Bangla Mukti Sena (BMS)
      99. All Tripura Liberation Organisation (ATLO)
      100. Tripura National Army (TNA)
      101. Tripura State Volunteers (TSV)
      102. Borok National Council of Tripura (BNCT)
      103. Mizoram
      104. Bru National Liberation Front
      105. Hmar People’s Convention- Democracy (HPC-D)
      106. Arunachal Pradesh
      107. Arunachal Dragon Force (ADF)
      108. Left-wing Extremist groups
      109. People’s Guerrilla Army
      110. People’s War Group
      111. Maoist Communist Centre
      112. Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist)
      113. Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) Janashakti
      114. Tamil National Retrieval Troops (TNRT)

      further details can be prvided.
      (dont worry it z also a fiction.just carry on thinking like dz)dz z wat we want.



      • @ devlish

        UN is zionist? WOW . U come up with better stories everyday.

        me a citizen of pakistan? did u know that calling someone a paki is an insult? so dont call me too.

        U muslims want to rule the world? wow! just like evil villains. Thank god there are superheros like india to stop the plan.

        There are a lot of seperatist activities in india that is true. But that does not matter. do u know why? bcos although there are many groups, they comprise less than 5% of indian population. The rest 95%are happy to be indian. Indian army has supressed them well in the past and will continue to do so.

        Just think. how can there be a greater pakistan if the pak army cannot match the indian army in any way? Also Indian army has had a sucessful record against pakistan so far.

  43. mr. nikhil indo-pak history z nt 60 yrs old bt it z far beyond it.
    ur mental approach z just limited to indo-pak army,whereas we do a comparison of muslim army with hind brahmins army now called as indian army.

    now i tell u the history.
    *mohammad bin qasim came from arab gave a defeat to hindu brahmin leader raja dahir and laid a foundation of islam in sub-continent.
    *remind dat era when mahmood ghaznavi defeted hidu brahmins and destroyed mandar of somnat.
    *remind when shahab ud din ghauri gave wrecked defeat to raja prithvi.(the name of pakistans’s missile program z ghauri and dat of urs z prithvi,inshallah history will rewind itself)
    *we muslims ruled sub-continent for more than 800 yrs.
    *u called hindu brahmins a super hero hahahah.do u forget haider ali and tipu sultan.in real muslims are hero of sub-continent.
    *our history z full of success.
    *ok i dont go very beyond,go to ur army soldiers who fought kargil and ask who was col.sher khan.

    dz z wat i show u above z just a trailer.i can give uncountable such examples.
    man belive me u brahmins hav enjoyed enough in 60 yrs .now very soon we muslims are again coming to give a relief to every minority in india from the brutality of brahmins.

    remember we muslims are one who divided the russian super power into thousands of pieces.
    now we are on a mission to destroy america.nd we’ll get a success very soon inshallah.

    for more information carry on replying..

    • AH so ur future statement is based on the past.
      Did u know the british ruled over us for 1000years. based on that i can say that UK will invade india and pakistan.?

      U assosiate india with brahmins? let me tell u . relegion is not important here. what matters is ur country first. Did u know that some Muslims also played a vital role in the wars against pakistan? Did u know that Sikhs comprise a large portion of the inan armed forces? did u know that Christians also show interest in indian armed forces? Did u know my father is a chritian and in the navy? did u know that he is still not retiring after 50?

      INDIA-BRAHMIN is a pakistani propoganda remember that.

      Before muslims invaded us, we were peaceful and disunited. Now we are a very powerful country.

      • mr. i think ur history z very weak.british ruled in sub-continent only 100yrs. not 1000yrs.
        now every non-brahmin in india z compell to obey brahmins for their survival otherwise everyone knows brahmins are champion in genocide.
        u talk abt sikh regiment. do u forget khalistan movement.
        ha christian.the whole world knows wat brahmins are doing with christians in india.e-g their churches are being burnt.
        i still remember the incident of babry masjid.
        do u forget wat happened with the muslims of gujrat.
        i can give u thousands of such examples.

        my dear dont be exagrated.just accept the realities.and be a part of a movement of greater pakistan.

      • mr. i think ur history z very weak.british ruled in sub-continent only 100yrs. not 1000yrs.
        now every non-brahmin in india z compell to obey brahmins for their survival otherwise everyone knows brahmins are champion in genocide.
        u talk abt sikh regiment. do u forget khalistan movement.
        ha christian.the whole world knows wat brahmins are doing with christians in india.e-g their churches are being burnt.
        i still remember the incident of babry masjid.
        do u forget wat happened with the muslims of gujrat.
        i can give u thousands of such examples.

        my dear dont be exagrated.just accept the realities.and be a part of a movement of greater pakistan..



    • uh oh… someone is delirious

  46. listen the voice of hope of new dawn
    be a part of revolution
    to be a citizen of GREATER PAKISTAN

  47. @devilish……
    man u r the best ….. just no doubt abt it….
    1. the way u meticulously searched for indian militant organisations’ names (existent as well as non existent)
    2. y da hell do u think hinduism will perish????during 800 yrs of muslim rule of defenseless hindus managed to live,, n now when we have the power to defend, how can ur insignificant brain muster this audacious thot that we shall giftwrap our country to u guys…??????????
    3. the degree of naivity in u is appalling…..every rational things seem bullshit to u and vice versa…..
    4. perhaps ur ideas can save pakistan from the current mess it is in….
    5. n lastly i really do like the pakistani girls….they r really good lookin n courageous (they stood upto u talibans )….so plz dont torture them in the name of ur corrupted religious ideals…..

    • Thats true. This develish guy is nuts. Pak will break any time now and India is going to be a superpower in 25 years.

      Did u know a dying man says delirious things ? I think that explains develish’s behaviour bcos pakistan is dying

      • my dear 25 yrs are too much.inshallah there will be no india in next decade.nd dz z nt a fictious statement ,it really based on reality.
        here are some points.
        no.1#hindu brahmins dont have an ability of leadership.it z impossible for india to be a superpower till the reign of hindu brahmin.yes ofcourse ur wish to be a super power can be done but you have to wait till the foundation of greater pakistan.
        no.2#u know how many intelligence agencies are working in pakistan and against pakistan for the last 9 yrs after 9/11.
        cia-american intelligence agency
        khad-afghan intelligence agency
        mi6-british intelligence agency
        raw-indian intelligence agency
        mosad-israel intelligence agency
        russian intelligence agencies are also working here.

        and OUR GREAT ISI z still fighting successfully against these all.
        they all are working together to demolish isi bt all in vain,bcoz isi z a bombastic one.

        isi z not only fighting the war of survival of pakistan bt also working on the plan of GREATER PAKISTAN very successfully.

        i know u dont believe me.
        ok go for international facts and figures.

        americans are unable to occupy the single city of afghanistan except kabul.
        man just imagine the power of our isi.we are beating the super power for last 9 yrs.
        we have alredy destroyed one super power i-e ussr
        u ppl are not any way near to these powers.

        and my dear dying of pakistan means the end of world. i can give logical argument @ my dz statement if u wish.

      • @ devlish

        u dont have proof for pakistan existing more than ten years.

        I have proof which says that india will be the greatest superpower in 30 years.

        greater pakistan is the dream of a dying and delirious man.

  48. congratulations to all pakistanis.\
    congratulations to all who want greater pakistan.\


    “today paki territory has expanded 50,000 sq.km.”


  49. DEAR NIKHIL i think dat above new post z enough evidence for ur satisfaction.

    man believe me one decade z enough for us for the foundation of greater pakistan.


  50. congratulations ‘;1!@#,.>??

    no one can stop us now

    uh hhoohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    we are ambitious…….we are desprate …… to achieve our destiny

    & u all knows our goal “the greater pakistan”
    uh hoohhhhhhhhhhhh

    history z an open witness,.,.,
    when we decide to get
    we dont sit
    untill we get
    our destiny

    uh hoohhhhhhhhhhh
    so congs. to u allllllllllll

    ooooooooooo brahmins
    wait 4 us
    we are coming
    to give u defeat again

    *** **** ** *********
    **** ********* ****
    ******** *********************

    oooooooo brahmins
    u know who we are!!!!!!!
    do u forget us…
    i think
    nooooooo not at all
    bcoz u can’t

    uh hoohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



  51. wow….

    the moderator of this site is sooooo biased.

    he wont let me paste valid sources which say that india will be the greatest superpower by 2050

    • NOT….. just kidding 😉

      • man remember ,america z nt figting with u .
        they bloody americans are fighting against us,
        bcoz they hav a fear dat we can not only overtake india bt the whole world.
        why americans are not ur enemy if u ppl are their competitors????

        oh my dear to become a super power one has to struggle himself.it dosen’t matter wat other says.
        wat does matter z the ambitiousness,sincerety toward da achievement of ur goal.

        u really tried well to give me a so called evidence .
        and i m very much glad to know dat u ppl hav such a strong believe in americans(again dz approach z really helpful for us)

        do u dont hav believe in ur abilities.??
        listen we’ve in our.dat z y we are so much confident to be a super power.

        yes we are biased towards our country bcoz we are on a mission to make our country greater.
        i’ll suggest that u should also be bias for da survival of ur country.

        and dear who says u to get worry abt ur country!!!
        man u should be happy bcoz we muslims are coming to give u a relief from brahmins.
        u should be happy u r going to be a citizen of greater pakistan.

        i think, to u the evidence z known as a statement from any zionist lobby.am i right?

        my dear u r here, we are also here.
        time will tell u who z going to be a super power
        and it also compell u to be a citizen of greater pakistan

      • @ devlish

        the evidence for india’s future is there on top. 3 comments above. I posted it. What do u have to say about that?

  52. @ Devlish

    Good luck my friend… Seems you need a lot of it… By the way, you may like to cut down the theatrics, if you want others to take you seriously… Cheers…

    • dear , i can tell u the story inside ,bt first u hav to clear me dat u r paki.

    • I think he is aware of the reality.

      He is just trying to pull our leg by posting nonsense.

      • dear we’ll nt only pull ur leg.
        we are on a mission to pull(conquer) whole india.

      • @ devlish


        have u had ur medecine?

  53. With other anti Indian strategy for new partition of India and Bengal too, the Director General of Forces Intelligence, DGFI, the secret agency of Bangladesh Government and Inter Services Intelligence, ISI, the secret agency of Pakistan Government have planned jointly to change the demography of West Bengal on priority basis. As the non patriotic Govt. in West Bengal run by the Left (Communist) Front & the Central counterpart thereto run by an irrational, opportunists and sinking United Progressive Alliance, UPA paid no attention for the threat of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in West Bengal, the Bangladeshi Muslims have captured land, money and unequalled power of voting throughout the border districts in Bengal in many places.

    From a report of Central Home Secretariate, Govt. of India, endorsed by the State Govt. of West Bengal, now it is evident that such Bangladeshi Muslims highly cause influence upon the 53 (fifty three) Assembly Segments out of total 294 Assembly seats of Bengal Assembly, popularly known as Paschim Banga Bidhan Sabha. As such the Bangladeshi Muslims can control the Bidhan Sabha, and dictate the Govt. of Bengal in all respect. The picture of plight of majority hindu electorates worsened in the State, as muslim electorates have a clear majority in three districts viz. Malda, Murshidabad & Uttar Dinajpur and 63 (sixty three) blocks in West Bengal. Again, an analysis upon projection into the 2001 Census hints abnormal muslim growth everywhere in West Bengal.

    With the passive support of both the Central and the State Govt. and with the active support of all the political Parties in W.B.(except BJP) obviously for the grid of muslim block votes, the DGFI & ISI actively rooted down in the soil of Bengal for their purposes. Not only they are successful for the demographic change of Bengal by means of mobilizing the election machinery of Bengal, they have also opened their fronts every where in smuggling, trafficking, drug peddling, illegal cow trading/export, trans border dacoity (gang-robbery) and terrorism with HUJI-B, JEM & other Talibani Groups.

    The report hints that the districts of Cooh-Behar,Malda, Murshidabad, Nadia & North 24 Parganas in West Bengal are mostly maneuvered by the DGFI & ISI net-work and these 53 Assembly seats are mostly dominated by the Bangladeshi muslim infiltrators here. The source report from Task Force of Border Management headed by Mr. S.K. Sinha, Ex. Governor of Assam exclusively says that such muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh also dominate the electorate roll of Assam by 40 seats there. And there are 8 million muslim infiltrators in West Bengal, 5.5 million in Assam, 1 million (appx.) in Bihar and Jharkhand (in Katihar,Kishengaj & Sahebganj ), as the report says. In such a way, there are 15 million Bangladeshi muslims now staying in India in its various states. But the situation in Bengal and Assam is over burdened and traumatic. The report also says that most of these muslim infiltrators come from Dinajpur, Sayedpur, Rangpur, Rajsahi, Kusthia, Bagerhat, Satkhira of Bangladesh. And they have almost captured Dhubri , Goalpara, Karimganj and Hailakandi of Assam, Kailasahar, Sabrum, agartala, Udaypur and Belonia of Tripura in North East region of India.

    In its most advantageous position, DGFI & ISI joint collaboration is now promoting activities of Mughalistan in Kolkata, Howrah & other districts. The Dacca based Mughalistan Research Institute of Bangladesh, MRIB now spoted various areas marked as Mini Pakistan in Bengal & Eastern India. This Mughalistan comprises the entity of larger Pakistan, right from Afganistan to Mayanmer including Bangladesh, whole of Bengal , Assam & many other portions of India. This Pan Islamic movement gets petro-dollars from Arab World and fake Indian Currency from Pakistan and Bangladesh for the maximum materialization of their plan. The muslim infiltration from Bangladesh gives oxygen to Pan Islamic movement in India. Now they have right access into the West Bengal State Assembly and into the Ministry of Bengal within Writers Building, Kolkata. But the Bengal Politics undermine the situation to set a peril for Bengali Hindus.

  54. @ devlish

    I guess you must feel very proud… Infiltrators, illegal immigrants, fake currency, the works… Thanks for admitting ISI involvement in all this as well…

  55. a real picture of “shinning india”
    *indian society z a group having most worse social conflicts.
    *india has maximum poor population all over the world.
    *more than 260 million people are living below the poverty line in india.
    *in india everyday more than 300 farmers do a suicide.
    *according to the report of times of india 122637 farmers did suicide in 2007.
    *another most saddest view of india z buying and selling business of innocent girls.
    *india today claims food deficit problems causing death of hundred of children in uttar pardesh.
    *according to unicef uttar pardesh z a most dangerous state for children to live,remember all the population of uttar pardesh consist of non-brahmins or low cast hindus.
    *according to facts and figure every 2nd child of india z facing food deficit.and every 6th child facing food deficit z belong to uttar pardesh.
    *every 42nd woman of uttar pardesh z died during pregnancy while in the rest of india dz proportion z 500:1.
    *remember population of uttar pardesh z 19 crore.
    *according to the report of institute of conflict management mao nawaz baghi expand their activities upto 180 districts. no. of their active members are 30000.
    *every 7th person z a patient of AIDS in india,according to uno.

    now it z a funniest joke of the century from hindu brahmins that india will be a super power.

  56. listen the voice of hope of new dawn
    for ur better future
    be a part of revolution
    to be a citizen of GREATER PAKISTAN

  57. So much crap by one person ! How far can the imaginations stretch ? A greater Pakistan ? Pak expanding by 50000 sq. kms in a day ? Did you by land on moon ?

    All that Col. Puri had stated that Pak should stop the nonsense of Taliban and similar forces. if that was an Indian creation, why the hell will Col. Puri want it to be stopped ? And why the hell we Indians should be worried about it ? I know “devlish” will not have any answer to it except coming up with some totally unsupported bullshit.

    It is a fact that today the Pak army is bombarding its own territory and its own citizens. That is what is happening in Sri Lanka too. It has happened in India also. As an Indian, such things happening within our country are a cause of concern and distress to each and every citizen here. That should be so in Pak too. But instead of being concerned when pointed out the fact, you are trying to side track the issue and talk utter nonsense.

    Please understand that the military of any nation is meant to defends its borders and not to kill its own people. If some other country causes it, well probably it can’t be helped and has to be done as a surgery. That is what has happened in India and Sri Lanka. But that is not what is happening in Pak. it has been caused by your own internal politics of confrontation.

    I only hope that what has been written in the postings of “devlish” is just a one man upship kind of thing, and not what he or anyone else in Pak actually believes. If that is not so, only Allah can help you. So removed from the real world, living in a make believe world – how long can that go on ?

  58. mr. we dont expand at moon or land bt we get a 50000sq.km. in arabian sea in last week or so.
    actually pakistan win its case in un,it z a result of that.

    lets come to the ground realities.
    1.taliban are nt against pakistan ,even they forsee pakistan as super power.
    2.pak army z nt fighting against itz own citizen bt the agents of raw ,mossad and cia in our northern areas.
    3.col. puri z worried not from fake taliban bt from actual taliban bcoz he very well know wat sort of power they hav.
    4.these are fake taliban (supported by india ,america,israel) who are fighting against pak army.
    and pak army aill give them defeat very quickly inshallah.
    5.taliban chief mula umar has already announced that anyone who attacks pakistan z nt a taliban nor a muslim.
    6.other two taliban leaders are
    -jalal ud din haqani
    -gulbadin hiqmatyar
    they never fight against pak army.
    i think i’ve clear enough.

    and i think i’ve cleared ur other point in my above posts

    • HEY SUCKER !!!!!!!!!!
      stop ur nonsense……my brain is unable to comply wid loads of bullshit

  59. Another good one.

    You get an area in ocean uncontested and make it sound like a victory. Anyway, that is not the issue.

    About Taliban, none of the Pak political leaders say that it is a creation of RAW or Mossad. Pak president, Mr. Zardari is on record accepting that it is a creation of ISI that acted in concert with CIA to dislodge Russians from Afganistan, and it is this Taliban, that has been described by him as “the biggest enemy of Pakistan, bigger than India”. Now if you say something different, well you and your kind are entitled to your beliefs and fancyful thinking.

    The Taliban that is engaged in war against Pakistan at this moment consists not of any Hindu Brahmins, as you are apt to call, but of Muslims only, a religion that you want to protray as the all dominant. Then why Muslims are killings Muslims themselves ? Many of the Taliban fighters are Pak nationals, and Pak army is killing them – today Pak Home Minister is on record saying that the army has slain 700 of them. Was none of these 700 a Pak national ? Is no innocent killed in these bombardments in SWAT and Buner ? How am I wrong when I say that the Pak army is killing its own citizens ?

    The basic issue is why was all this allowed to happen. US has always tried to meddle in the affairs of others, and unlike India, Pak has been a willing ally. It has allowed its soil and citizens to be exploited by US in return for some short term goals, without appreciating the larger picture. The Pak political leaders have been so short sighted that they never could see beyond their nose. This short sightedness is causing all the problems now.

    Another interesting fact. For once, the president of US is son of a Muslim, and for the first time ever, US is trying to be sensible, instead of usual snobish presidents that it has been having so far. I do not know if it is because his father was a Muslim. But if Pak accepts the policies dictated by the current administration of US, (which it apparently is doing, as accepted by Pak President), it will have to end the strife with India. If that happens, how will the breed like you survive ?

  60. mr i’ve never said dat taliban z a creation of raw or mossad.obviously it z a creation of isi.
    bt those who are fighting in swat are nt taliban,they are fake.ok i admit many of those fake taliban in swat are local persons,bt they are superbly used by raw and mossad.
    it z actually a fight between secret agencies and isi z defeatig them all very successfully.

    i think my last post z very clear dat wat sort f concept of taliban hav abt pakistan.they forsee pakistan as super power”greater pakistan”

    remember the fake taliban has no links wiyh islam,even they are working on the agenda of anti-islam lobby.
    bt isi z here to defend islam and pakistan.

    i admit dat civilians are also affected by dz operation bt we are blessed with the spirit of sacrifice.

    remember another thing US z nt over friend datz y they desprately wants from over puppet leadership to demolish isi.bt u know isi and pak army z best.

    talking abt asif ali zardari, he z just a puppet.
    dz a just a great game between isi and rest of secret agencies.
    and isi roxxxxxxxxxx.

    my dear accept the reality we are going to be a greater pakistan in next decade.
    nd also congratulations to u dat u are also going to be the citizen of greater pakistan.
    bt alas! where does brahmins will go?

    listen the voice of hope of new dawn
    for ur better future
    be a part of revolution
    to be a citizen of GREATER PAKISTAN

  61. Dear pakistani fellows,
    Please name the 10 industries of pakistan, please look at the total assests of karachi stock exechange, how many compnaies are listed on that, how many MNCs are there in pakistan? How many 5 star hotels are there in Pakistan.

    how many colleges you have in pakistan, aprt from madrsas.

    Why are AK47s and other weapons are sold like candies in pakistan?

    In my openion, pakistan is the toy of USA. The entire generations of pakistan are being spoiled by USA with supplies of weapons and all that money that pours from USA on the name of aid and yes offcourse by the mullas and moulvies.
    Why you always need a aid, because most part of the aid goes into the hands of corrupt officials\ politicians.
    Why dont you test for the better yeilding crops for cereals other then poppy or other drugs ?
    India and pakistan are very much similer in the meaning of corruption, weak politicians and the fire of terrorism, that both are feeling. and these are our main problems

    Now its time to concentrate on economic growth for both the coutries otherwise life of layman will become hell.
    there are lots of things i want to say but lacking in words.

    Think more on my feelings then my words. 🙂

  62. mr. rajneesh i can understan ur feelings,u really hav a concerned abt our all future.

    bt my dear it z better to concentrate on solution rather than concentrating just on problems.

    and dear solution z just “greater pakistan”(a geniune pure islamic state)

    -a state where every one will get one’s right
    -a state who love his citizen
    -a most peaceful state of era
    -and ofcourse a super power
    -a stste where justice z quick and free
    -a state where no one will face food deficit
    -a poverty free state
    -a state with a 100% literacy rate
    and so on…………inshallah

    so dear let us struggle for greater pakistan for a better future of our all.

    • hey
      u 4got to take ur medicine bcos
      u r talking nonsense again

      • nikhil it will probably not make any sese for u because one requireda brain to understand anything unusual.

        so dont worry about me
        and one more thing convey da msg of muslims to hindu brahmins that we are coming again to conquer you.

    • @ devilish

      plz comment here after u have taken ur medicines.

      thank u

      • haa so u dont hav any more words to argue with me nd now want to divert the topic.

        man it z obvious and a reality
        that a mega event of greater pakistan z going to happen very soon inshallah
        u cant deny it even if u can
        the facts nd figures prove dz

  63. @ Devlish

    Get well soon, my son 🙂

  64. @ devlish

    hahahhahaha. OMG

    ok. lets see the “facts and figures”

  65. As they say, ignorance is bliss – half knowledge is disastrous. You have picked up bits and pieces of some random stories and framed up some really humorous nonsense. In fact, I laughed my ass off when I read the phrase “on a more serious note” somewhere in the blog.
    ‘On a more serious note’, maybe it is true that we, as in we Indians, have been forming prejudiced opinions on Pakistan, opinions shaping out of media reports, Political comments and what not. But I would like to ask the blogger one question. Does he really deny any major instability in the SWAT valley, the crux of Col. Puri’s letter, which largely threatens the whole nation of Pakistan, as well as India as a neighbor? Does he really believe that a bunch of 12 terrorists shooting at unarmed civilians on the road is not an attack on a nation. Oh what the hell! what you take away from the whole incident the “slow” response of our commandos.
    I mean no offense. But then again, you make a mockery out of the letter, which I believe was written with the best of the intentions, and turn it into a huge ego clash. For god’s sakes, who cares if some Pakistani pilot bought down Indian fighters 50 years ago! Live in the present. Accept the challenges you are facing today in the first place to be able to solve those in the second! I do not wish a reply.

  66. I have always believed that my generation will step up and solve the problems facing the Indian subcontinent. But surfing through blogs such as these, I am loosing hope by the day. If anything, collaborate and form a cross-national group to discuss and clear your views on the other nation. Work progressively for a better tomorrow. But Nothing. Absolutely nothing. What we keep doing – and always have kept doing – form prejudices, engage in huge ego clashes whatnot! Mature!

  67. raghav u really look commited to the people of sub-continent
    bt plz try to understand that no one can solve any problem by just concentratin on problem
    one have to concentrate on solution in accordance to solve the problem.
    and of course the solution z greater pakistan.

    Hindustan belongs to me and Pakistan belongs to me
    Both of these, however, are under American hegemony

    American aid gave us wheat, as also their deceit
    Do not ask me how long we’ve suffered their conceit

    And yet the bayonets are all around this flowering valley
    Hindustan belongs to me and Pakistan belongs to me

    o the people, do not follow the English, from them better keep away
    Once again they are holding you by the collar, you are still their prey

    george bush was never thine,obama can never be
    Hindustan belongs to me and Pakistan belongs to me

    This land in fact, my dear, belongs to peasants and workers
    Here will not run the writ of a few clannish marauders and hindu brahmins

    The dawn of freedom is heralding the end of tyranny
    Hindustan belongs to me and Pakistan belongs to me.

    an advice to all\
    listen the voice of hope of new dawn
    for ur better future
    be a part of revolution
    to be a citizen of GREATER PAKISTAN

    • Nice lines. But my appreciation ends at just that. If Pakistan does not need American aid, no one is forcing it to take it. If India gets wheat from US, we export Rice to the US. The rest of the world calls this International Trading. This is crucial for any economy to survive. No country, no matter how great, can boast of having all the resources needed to survive in abundance.
      Accepted that Pakistan is relatively a much newer country. She needed an economic boost in its initial years of creation, so that she could drive firm on the path to economic prosperity. But I ask – is 60 years not a long enough time?
      India and Pakistan are both developing nations and they need their share of peace to develop steadily, for a better tomorrow. Of what help will ego be here. Its like the classic example – 2 donkeys combined do not make a horse.
      I am not pro-US. But I still respect the nation for what it has achieved. They have their own culture and their own belief system, just like you and me. What we should learn is to be tolerant and respect the other person.
      One frank question devilish – how many Americans have you really gotten to know, before making an opinion about USA? How many Indians have you got to know in person before making an opinion about my nation?
      What I am trying to say is .. work for the development of your own country – contribute in whatever little way you can .. imbibe this in your culture. And eventually one day, you will come out of the situation in which you receive aid and enter the league of nations which provide aid. Be tolerant and respectful. I know a few lines I write down here is not going to change much – if anything – but anyways.
      And I no where have intended to say that we are not riddled with problems. Every country – no matter how developed, has its own internal conflicts – its a law of nature – nothing can be perfect. Change is the only thing that is constant.
      I am deeply sorry if I in any manner acted disrespectfully towards Pakistan.

  68. mr. raghav, no one in da whole world z evil bt it z da acts which make a person evil or angel.
    i never said that i m against anyone
    bt definitely i m all those anti-humans who are killing innocent people in kashmir,palestine,afghanistan,iraq etc
    and the trica involved in all dz brutal action z of america -israel-hindu brahmin.

    i never post anything harsh about any indian except hindu brahmins.bcoz i know all dz distabilization in sub-continet occur in da reign of hindu brahmin.
    hindu brahmins have a contribution in destroying dz area.

    in a muslim reign of more than 800 yrs. there was nt even a single fight fought b/w hindu and muslims.
    bt it z a hindu brahmin reign, in which we’ve already fought 4 wars.
    dz a long debate bt again a same suggestion ,concentrate on solution rather than problem
    and solution z greater pakistan(a muslim state)

  69. I am a Hindu Brahman and very frankly, I have never come across a culture as docile as their’s. Tell me, which part of the world is not plagued with people dis-satisfied by the treatment meted out to them by a government and resorted to killing. Sri Lanka (LTTE), Russia (Chechnya rebels), USA (Racial discrimination against the African Americans), Kashmir, Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan, Eastern Indian States. All these issues lie at the heart of their upbringing – the blame is not one group of people.
    What I am saying is if everyone worked progressively for their own betterment and indulged less in all the blame throwing and hatred, The world would be a much happier and a prosperous place, full of love amongst humankind.
    And for your kind information, the divide between Hindus and Muslims occurred with the Divide and Rule policy of the Britishers. Its paradoxical how it even affects us till date even with all the anti West feeling very obvious in you.
    The Indian Government has worked progressively for the betterment of its fellow Muslim brothers with a lot of laws and schemes, which both protect their cherished heritage as well as bring them up to the par with the economical advances. Weird as it may sound, a lot of these policies were introduced by the BJP and the Congress during their rules.

    BTW, you did not answer my question – how many Americans or Indians have you known personally? Now I pose one more question – how many Kashmiris have you known personally? Have you ever been to Kashmir? I have been there. Accepted they lag back with respect to economic development but there is only this much that can be done in the extreme conditions of Kashmir.
    Looking forward to a healthy discussion with you 🙂

  70. ok dear ur words seems to be very fantasy in reading.
    bt plz also accept the ground realities
    -do u know wat happen with the muslims of gujrat?
    -do u know how the brahmans extremist destroy babry masjid?
    -wat z happening with the churches in india?
    -how the poor non-brahmans are living their life in india??
    -sikh are also unhappy with wat brahmans hav done with them/
    -non-brahmins like dalits are even not consider as human being in india
    and dear these are international facts

    as far as ur question z concern(how many americans, indians etc. i know)
    i have already express our ideology that no one in da whole world z evil bt it z da acts which make a person evil or angel.

    and dz z ground reality that american forces has killed millions of innocent people in afghanistan and iraq without any reason
    we all know the brutal acts of zionist forces against innocent palestines
    and if talking abt brahmans there z also a long list.
    and we are just against these anti humans bcoz of their these acts.i think dat dz approach dosen’t require any interaction with the people of these countries.*

    and if talking abt pakistan u’ll be surprised to know that majority z facing a lot of problems bt u cannot find even a single person from minority who claim any sort of complaint against majority.

    ultimately, my dear the solution of our all problems z just a great islamic state “a greater pakistan”

    and i also hav two suggestion 4 u
    1-if u hav any doubt about islamic system first of all u should approach to a great scholar from india”dr. zakir naik”.i can also help uu
    2-any question abt our plan of greater pakistan,plz carry on dz discussion.

    **i m desprately eager to visit indian occupied kashmir bt i m compell to wait till the foundation of greater pakistan.

    • ok .. I certainly know more about what happened in Gujrat than your imagination could ever muster up .. I have been staying in Ahmadabad for 19 years now. It was a communal clash in which both Hindus and Muslims were killed. It so happens that a dear friend of mine, for 16 years now, lost both his parents in the episode. I would absolutely not like another reference.
      What I am telling you, and once again for the last time brother, is that what happened in Babri Masjid was sad and was a loss of momentary conscience. It had its reasons, which India has been dealing with for 18 years now. You have no reason to speak up against our nation, for the rights of Indian Citizens which clearly you have absolutely no idea about. Just mind your own Pakistan’s prosperity and let us mind ours. Why poke your nose into our issues?
      What if I tell you about the ill treatment with which your women are treated and that I think its insane and people involving in such rash behavior, which would mostly make up all the lower society men of Pakistan, should be killed -rather prosecuted publicly?
      What if I tell you that the Pakistani “government” is loosing it by the day to its military and the day is not projected far when you nation would collapse under your own army’s dictatorship, if it continued on the same path.
      But I will not, because I know these your own internal problems and I do not belong to a Human Rights Organization. Either ways, my religion teaches me that taking another man’s life, no matter what, is the greatest sin a man can commit – there is no greater pit for him to fall into.
      Its fine – I see not much hope talking to you. You are a waste.
      And as far as the Greater Pakistan is concerned, how dare you insult my country’s sovereignty and freedom alike? India is a nation proud of its heritage and culture and governance. Learn to be a responsible neighbor and a self standing Nation which does not need American aid to fight weed growing on its own land before you think of a Greater Pakistan. I am pretty sure that before my time is over and if your nation’s soft stand towards terrorist organizations breeding on your soil does not change – these groups will cause the disaster of Pakistan failing miserable as a state.

  71. jeet hamara mustakbil(future) hai
    jeet hamara mustakbil hai

    dekho dekho woh manzil hai
    zalim dar kar bhag raha hai
    brahmin dar kar bhag raha hai

    jeet hamara mustakbil(future) hai

    jao jao sab sey keh do qadam hamaray ruk nahi saktay
    jeet hamara mustakbil hai

    bharat kay eevanoun(parliament) mein sun lo
    muslim hakim(rulers)phir aain gay
    sab mehkumon(citizens)ko un ka haq(right)phir woh dilvain gay

    jao jao sab sey keh do kadam hamaray ruk nahi saktay
    jeet hamara mustakbil hai
    jeet hamara mustakbi9l hai

  72. inshallah that time z nt very far when we when we start a transmission 4m radio pakistan, delhi.
    inshallah that time will come very soon when there’ll be a pakistan’s flag on laal kila.
    inshallh greater pakistan will come into being inshallah.

  73. By keeping discussion in mind I will like to share a website http://zakirnaikblog.blogspot.com which is a website about great islamic scholar Zakir Naik who made a lot oif non muslims to accept islam by his speeches.

    • Better you oil your own machine and stop worring about the internal matters of india.

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