Zaid Hamid Latest: Lecture in Jeddah

April 6, 2009

Venue: Pakistan Embassy International School, Aziziyah, Jeddah

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

UPDATE: Watch Video Of This Event



  1. I just watched all ten episodes on YouTube.
    I cannot express in words how I am feeling. All I can say is that I Love Pak Sarzameen. Pakistan Eik Ish, Eik Junoon. Pakistan Zindabad!! May God always protect Zaid Hamid.

  2. i am a big fan of Mr. Zaid Hamid … and i want to believe very much when he says k waqt qareeb hai jab hum bhi ik acha pakistan dekhain ge …. but i do not c any movement jo is baat ki taraf ishara hi kere k logo main kuch shaoor bedar ho raha hai … lawyers campaign was a big hoax …. a band wagon for political point scoring by nawaz …. kis ko ya kia dekh ker Zaid sahab ye andaza lagatay hain k wo waqt qareeb hai … and i am not being sarcastic or any thing .. i genuinely want to know … to keep my hopes up … to keep my faith … i know i am ready to follow a leader who is willing to lead us through this turmoil to a better end …. but i dont see any such leader … and as much as i wish i could be that leader … i am not … =(

  3. vIz, I get what ur concerned about but thats exactly what Zaid Hamid is saying; that in the current political system nothing is going to change. That’s why he is speaking directly to the young people of Pakistan because he ‘knows’ and it’s not just intellectual knowledge, I believe that he has spiritual knowledge of what will happen in Pakistan in the near future. He knows that it’s going to be someone from the young generation of Pakistanis who is going to become the catalyst for change. The question is, we are all ready to follow but who is ready to lead? There will rise someone from OUR midst who will lead, not these corrupt politicians but Iqbal ka Shaheen. We just need to believe and prepare ourselves as leaders, not followers because who knows, it could be me or you!!! 🙂

  4. Sumayya, lets not fall into personality worship and choose our words carefully (I’m talking about Spirituality and stuff).

    Zaid sahib is a very needed voice amongst us. He’s become the voice that Pakistan is lacking. Carry on Zaid Sahib!

  5. I may be wrong,but I thing Mr. Hamid though is a true patriotic, but too emotional and less intellectual. To propose, based on Allma Iqbal’s theory that the leadership of the Muslims is going to be passed on to the Muslims of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, does not seem to hold any water. There are no signs of it (Please listen to his Iqbal pur-israr series of lectures). Pakistan has extreme ethnic divisions, so does Afghanistan. Iran is Shia; So for all these countries to unite together(with their sectarian, ethnic and language divisions) as future leaders of the Muslims, does not seems to be a possibility. Once the leadership was with the Arabs (one language) and then to the Turks (one language). However to expect the same from Iranians, Pakistanis and Afgans???

    Another point with people like Mr. Hamid is that “IT IS NEVER OUR FAULT” syndrome. Every thing bad that happens to us is blamed on others!! Nice try but does not fly all the time!!

    Just an opinion so please have patience. Thanks.

  6. @ Mubashir
    Firstly why are you talking about Iqbal series here?

    Secondly I heard in one of Zaid Hamid’s interview on ‘Pakistan First’ he mentioned that people get the leaders which they deserve and said Pakistanis should change themselves, so stop saying he has “IT IS NEVER OUR FAULT” syndrome.

  7. @IM nine out of ten times Ziad Hamid & Co blames India/Israel/US for what ever bad happens to Pakistan. This is like being in denial. Becuase of this someone proposed that we print “In Denial” on our currency and right on our national Flag!! It is like the farmer who went to a fair (mela) and ended up losing his shawl. When he came back his friends asked him how the mela was. He replied “What mela, it was a conspiracy to steal my shawl!”.

    If Mr. Zaid thinks we get the rulers we deserve, then let him make the same concludion for the terrorism and sectarian violence we have. Don’t blame it all on others as if we are sitting on top of gold, oil or diamond reserves and the world is out to get us.

  8. Taimoor I didn’t really understand your point about personality worship regarding ‘spirituality and stuff’- this is not about Zaid Hamid the person, but this is about the duty that he is doing and it is as much spiritual as it is intellectual. He DOES NOT want to be worshiped but he does want to be heard by people in order for them to bring about a spiritual aka ‘soft’ revolution. If we cannot benefit from that as a nation…it would be a very sad thing.

  9. @Mubashir

    Firstly I don’t even think you are a Pakistani.

    Secondly Ignorance is surely a bliss for you. These countries are able to do propaganda against us because our leaders who are hungry for power and money obey them. So Pakistani politicians as well as US/Israel and India are messing in Pakistan

    Thirdly regarding people getting the leaders they deserve is a hadith which he mentioned….OH wait, I’m sorry you don’t believe in hearsay!

    P.S: We have oil and gas fields in Balochistan, Pakistan has emerged as one of the leading country – seventh in the list of top 20 countries of the world after the discovery of huge lignite coal resources in Sindh, world’s fifth largest gold and copper reserve in Pakistan. We have marble, steel, leather,textile and sport equipment industry. We even have four seasons which is a blessing for our agriculture sector.

  10. i am so suprised we all are pakistani and we have no idea about IQBAL


    the list can go on

    do some research before commenting on this board

  11. Salam to All.Dear all please try to underestand every thing building around Pakistan.If things today are exactly same which were visualised by Zaid sahib about a year back,than we need to think.

    “khirad ke pass khabar ke sawa kuchh aur Nahin hay,
    tera ilaj Nazar ke sawa kuchh aur Nahin hay”

    Please wake up Pakistan,Spread hope and not disappointment,get united and not separated, Its Allah’s will and wish,its creation was a miracle,its nuclear status is a miracle,its missiles are a miracle,and above all its people by grace of Allah are a Miracle.Stay united and hopeful,time is going to change very soon,for a certain betterment.InshaAllah.Pakistan Zinda bad

  12. @ Mubhashir seems to be the same guy who trashes Pakistan on Ahmed Quarishi’s website. There seems to be a network of Indians who have infiltrated our websites with fake names. Don’t listen to people like these. Zaid sahab is a national hero. And yes Mubashir if Indians, Americans and Israelis are never wrong, we aren’t either. May Allah guide you brother…

  13. Dear all Salam.
    Let’s all unite on Allah, His Prophet(S.A.W)and Pakistan being IZN of Allah.all lovers of pakistan dedicate your efforts for oneness.Services for Pakistan will only be taken from blessed people.Mind you,a person with better character,Jazba,and Iman will get better chance of serving Pkistan in a better way.jo jitna achha,uss ki khidmat itni hi achhi.May Allah protect our Pakistan.Ameen,Sum AAmeen.

  14. hi to every one i just want to say that no matter how authentic Mr zaid hamid is but only thing i can say is that he makes me more patriotic every time i listen and make me proud of being Pakistani not like other who made and still making us ashamed so if i can believe that dollar is currency which is the biggest lie of the universe and it is not zaid hamid who says its American like aaron russel (activist),ron paul(congress man) and many more then i should not have any problem to believe him and anyway our people pay attention to prove that pakistan is a rubbish state and claim on the other hand that they support truth basically they are hypocrate.

  15. ہوئی جس کی خودی پہلے نمودار
    وہی مہدی ، وہی آخر زمانی

  16. Pakistan mein sucied hamlay ho rahein hein, Taliban ab bhout a gay a gaein hein, app sab yeh kun nahi yaad kartey kay jab yeh hi taliban Afgahnistan mein fight kar rahey t eh tu pakistan kay hero teh ajj yeh Pakistanio sey Jihad kar rahein hein tu fasadi ho gay, mucahy appnay paki bahio pay roona ata hay,
    Yeh haqeeqat hay kay hum nay kabhi appnay mazi sey kuch hasil hi nahi keya , yeh Taliban aik laanat teh os waqat bih jab yeh Pakistan sey bahar laar rahey teh aur ajj bih yeh aik laanat hein,

    Allah Pakistan ki Hifazat farmaye


  18. @Hina. Thanks for shooting the messenger just because he has news you don’t agree with. Long live healthy discussion and frank exchange of ideas for a healthy debate (but, wait…with people like you, it is your way or the highway!!). I have differed with Ahmed Qureshi and also agreed with him and supported him on many occasions. People have their own minds, remember.Check his website.

    This syndrome of feeding off and living on conspiracy theories are too much to swallow and frankly after a while, people come to see through them and lose interest. Besides, only kids and those in denial hang on to such crutches. Living nations don’t.

    Have a great day!!

    On another note: We all need to look at the kind of Islam that is being fed to us as a cure for our sickness. It is not working. The patient needs to sit up and ask questions as the medicine is not curing him at all!!

    It is about time we discard the truth from hearsay material. Keep what matches with the Qur’an, does not insult intelligence, does not insult The Blessed Messenger, his companions and his wives, is not against reason and science, and chuck the rest.

  19. just keep up the good work. may Allah help u in ur ambitions.

  20. @ Mubashir

    Please give me the links of articles where you have taken AQ’s side. I might be wrong but I have checked several of the articles but failed to find any article with your post taking AQ’s side!

  21. InshaAllah Zaid hamid ka khawab bhi poora hoga jaisay Alama Iqbal ka khawab poora hua Allah is Mard-e-Mujahid ko itna hosla aur itni taqat dey kay yeh poori qaum ko seedhi rah per chala sakay Amen

  22. […] Kalam-e-Iqbal Aur Takmeel-e-Pakistan April 19, 2009 You must’ve heard the full recorded audio of Zaid Hamid’s lecture at Pakistan Embassy School, Jeddah on April 2nd. We now have a […]

  23. Pakistan is our beloved country and we will do everything to protect it.May ALLAH Bless Pakistan and Pakistani Forever. Click the link below for more information.

  24. i’ve seen few comments here, and most of them are saying that they are all willing to follow a good leader but where is that good leader, no one knows.

    and there was some one saying that they cant see anything that may bring change to what is going on now. well i guess the change is actually happening now. we can all see zardari going down soon. so if zardari is going down then who do u think is going to lead us? that is when there’s a possibility of some one new to take place.
    from one of Naimatullah Shah’s predictions, he said a time will come when there will be an empty seat for a leader to take and at that time will come a guy with green eyes and a beard who will make good but strict decisions that would lead to a war situation, but eventually it will be all good for pakistan and its people. pakistan will even take over some of india, i thnk uptil dehli (these are not the exact words, but thats what he meant)
    if u guys dont know about Naimatullah shah, then do some research on this guy and his predictions..he did his prediction when there was even no talk about pakistan. even way before World wars when he predicted about WW 1 and 2, and then he predicted about Pakistan and what ever he said then has exactly happened until now and still happening.so i hope it goes as that guy mentioned. bcoz according to him there is a bright future of pakistan. oh and this guy was more spiritual than a predictor.

    and some one was dis-arguing that why is zaid hamid saying that prob is within ourselves …guys dont u think this is right? we are more following west then our own culture.
    there was a great saying by newly muslim revert(american guy), he said WHAT WE THROW IN THE GUTTER, TODAY’S MUSLIM PICKS THAT UP. how true is that? 100%
    but how many of us are thinking about this? 0%

    anyways guys, ive done too much talk, dont know even if someone is going to read all this..
    just stay with Islam, stay with Pakistan. do whatever it takes to save them 2.
    May Allah bless u all..amen

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