The Sights & Sounds of Pakistan

March 23, 2009

Photo Gallery: Celebrating Pakistan | Glimpses into the daily lives of Pakistanis.

Pakistani Music Videos



  1. “disputed region of jamu and kashmir” ???? sounds like no mans land… it should be stated as “indian occupied pakistani area”

  2. Good point imran. The descriptions are done by the photographers who took the photos – We’ll have them fixed.

  3. very great stuff here
    nice gallery

  4. there are no descriptions with the photos,but great work

    • Khurram – Yeah, we removed them since some of them were a bit controversial.

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  6. U guys have roads and cars?

    keep building!

  7. @ nikhil

    Dude if you’re trying to be funny, it’s not working!

    Great pictures PKKH team!

  8. hey, nikhil, you camel head, remember your deserts and the free meat distributed by Pakistani hajis was the only meat you ever saw in your life. never be ungrateful to your godfather.

  9. MASHALLAH beautiful pictures.

    (awesome replies to nikhil by IM and Patriot)

  10. Beautiful pictures. Especially fun when I can say “I’ve been there, and there, and there” 🙂

    @ nikhil paraphrasing Mark Twain, “better to stay silent and let others think you’re a fool, then open your mouth (or write a response) and remove all doubt.”

  11. This is fantastic collection, thanks for sharing!

  12. Beautiful photos, Love them

  13. Happy Pakistan Resolution day!

    i love my country *salutes the flag*

  14. AosUme!MinDblowIng!Out stanDing!
    iiiiiiiii PAkIstaN ZinDabad !!!!!!!!

  15. I love my beautiful country and i am proud to be pakistani.

  16. http://www.scribd.com/doc/5994068/Pakistan-in-1948

  17. Pakistan Zindabad

    The most beautiful nation and most beautiful country in the globe we have everything here just have to find out with the true heart.

    Allah Bless Pakistan

  18. khuda kare meri arze pak pe utre
    wo fasle gul jise andeshae zawal na ho
    great collection
    long live pakistan, inshaAllah

  19. deatr brothers and sisters:- please love this country like we love our mothers and see how its rivers, deserts, snow covered mountains, its sea,its forests, its wind, green fields and rain responds to you. its infact a gift from the God and we must keep this gift close to our hearts ever and ever.let us all make a pledge today that we would inshaAllah sacrifice and do everything to keep our beloved and great green flag flying high. InshaAllah.
    Long Live Pakistan, inshaallah.
    Pakistan Zinda Baad

  20. Love the pictures!

  21. lolz cmon have sum humour

    @ Pa[k]triot
    “remember your deserts and the free meat distributed by Pakistani hajis was the only meat you ever saw in your life. never be ungrateful to your godfather.”

    plz make some sense in what u write.

  22. Fantastic……

  23. i love my country and really proud to be pakistani

  24. greaaaat pics..

  25. Such beauty! MY people!

    ^ this took my heart away! 😀

    lovely collection there, PKKH! i love all of em especially the one with Wagah border wale Chacha jee =D=D


    Pakistan PayendaBaad! Pakistan Zindabaad.

  27. The photos are really good, but we need details, you guys are capable of stealing and calming that they belong to you…. plz dont ask for examples, as there are many .

    • Neil – Let me know which photos you have problems with and I’ll let you know where they are from, the time, and the photographer.

      Talking of stealing – a bit rich coming from an Indian. When was the last time your flagship film industry produced an original movie?!

      Every single photograph up there is real even if it hurts our Indian friends 😉

      All irrelevant comments have been removed and we would prefer if this thread is kept exclusively for comments regarding the photos above or Pakistan only.

      There are tonnes of other Pakistan-India related threads that you can argue on. this isn’t one of them.

  28. Being Pakistani I proud to belong to a soil where great poets, writers, scientists , sufi and the most importanat hard working people live.

  29. Pakistan is indeed the best.




    • dear it z a war , a psychological war.

  31. The comments started off so well, then along came a touble making Indian (surprise, surprise) to ruin it all…why do such Indians love bad mouthing Pakistan? I’m proud to say that Hindus in Pakistan protested against India. Pity Indians can’t be like Arundhati Roy, who finally admitted that India occupies Kashmir.

    Tsk, tsk, you may get off maligning Pakistan, but that just shows how full of hate you Indians really are. How sad. Please don’t bother posting on our msg boards..but then again, keep posting hate filled comments against Pakistan, at least the world will get to see the real India this way.

  32. To answer the racist Indian full of hate for Pakistan.. Osama is hiding in a place provided by India, some so called religious schools are preaching extremism much to INdia’s delight, the suicide bombers are getting lessons to kill innocent Pakistanis in a school financed by the Indian RAW agency, and the cricket terrorists hired by RAW are now back in India after failing miserably in their mission.
    Oh, and God already blesses Pakistan, but thanks for the concern.
    So Mr Indian, how many more Musims has Modi ordered killed today? Oh, and burnt any more churches recently? With neighbours such as these…..
    Sri Lanka’s response should make every Indian bow their head with shame. The Sri Lankan media blasted India for trying to take advantage of this attack and didn’t use this attack to their advantage, unlike India who can’t wait to have a another attack so they can blame it on Pakistan…oh, so the “terrorists” left behind shaving cream did they? how careless! and how convenient for India… how many Indians were foolish enough to believe this bull?


  34. I find this thread nice, funny and interesting. Nice because its good photography, funny because of the comments and interesting as by this thread alone anyone can see how well the western world has divided the two countries…. 60 years on and can fight on any matter…. religion, cricket, race, terrorism… name any. I am sure we can fight over being friends too. I can bet my life… we can fight between ourselves in being nice to the western world??? any takers for my bet.
    Only if anyone here can understand the World Politics… but … then we have to fight first… because gore ne bola tha na….

  35. AweSome..! These Are The True Color’s Of Pakistan Long Live Pakistan…

  36. Dan,

    you have proved to be a coward, and unreliable lik you country men, as you have pulled of all the facts, hidden all the truth, You cannot support your argument, therefore removed it. Be a Man……

    MOD EDIT: Read my comments again. I’d rather not have this particular post polluted by mindless arguments – there are other threads for that – feel free to post your lies on those 😉


    I really pitty on you, dont know where and in which part of the world you live in . If you have no idea abt the reality, its better you dont write and prove your self to be stupid.I can assure you in the hearts and minds of ppl reading your comment will agree with me, but as you are their fellow country men, they shall disagree.

    You talking about Modi, watch out if he becomes the next PM, you wouldnt know where to run……

  37. Hi Neil,

    Its funny we meet here… I like your way of expression. I guess you r young at heart and probably age too…
    No use abusing pakistan or pakistanis… they are as such in a deplorable state. Save your energy… watch a movie instead…. lol
    inko dushmani ki nahin…abhi dua ki zaroorat hai…
    Jai Hind

  38. NEIL

    hey neil c**t, you hindutva terrorist, we don’t need to even touch you for you will burn in your own fire of jealousy, hatred, bigotry, racism, caste, grinding poverty and sickness that are the hallmarks of despicable india. your “friend” too will be wondering what happened to his/her a**. india’s biggest achievement is state-sponsored terrorism within the separatist-poked body of bharat and outside. kashmir, aasam, khalistan, and a host of other movements will soon change your map, which, to begin with, has never been yours. PAKISTAN ZINDABAAD.

  39. Dear Paktriot,

    No offense meant pal…Just wait for your ass to be kicked by your own grown terrorist!!! Hail Pakistan… I love your country… best at kicking own balls.
    See, I have a guy (you) abusing me and I don’t even have to do anything… his own country man will kill him in some gun battle…. Inshah Allah!!


  40. Dear Paktriot,

    what A Friend from India said is absolutely correct, we hope and pray what he said still continues, your ppl and your friends, who are PAK like you shall kill you and burn you.. you guys dont need any friends as you have your friends as ur best enemy. Like the yesterdays news, “”Pakistani Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud has claimed that his group had carried out an attack on the Manawan police academy near Lahore on Monday””

    You are talking about poverty,, i regret to point out few facts of life, Am not sure about your education, as it seems that you havent studied more then Primary School,but with the boom in india , and 4 Indian’s are in top 10 rich in the world… We do not go to the US begging for money, and then US putting conditions on PAK. ah hahaha ah hahah..

    but i hope you all can live long….. as it seems a bit difficult…… hope you guys do not get visas for any country…. and get more and more commanders like Baitullah Mehsud ,…… Inshah Allah!!

  41. This is a very funny site… i enjoy my morning jokes.. here. Thanks Neil.

    By the way… has anyone blown himself yet in Pakistan????? I love this country

  42. Seems like there is no one left to reply……. Long live Baitullah Mehsud ……..

  43. haha…If Talibans God forbid take over Pakistan you Indians think you’ll sign a peace deal with them??

    You’ll be the next one to go down…More kasab’s will be coming over to India…I think some more have even started coming saw a video on your news channel they were saying they are coming for the elections!! Good Luck!

    • chaa gia yar
      u really roxx!!!!!!!!!
      u raised a very gud logic
      hats off fo u
      carry on dear

  44. @ IM


    India will be very unsafe if taliban takes over pak

  45. spread ZAID HAMID through inetrnet


  47. IM you are absolutely correct,we shall surely get some trouble due to elections, how come you guys have elected Zardari??? wouldnt it be better to have Musharaf??? he could control the Talibans and less bombing used to happen in your country…. Can you guys not get a younger PM?? or a Well educated one, that can take care of its ppl???

    I doubt Kassab was a Taliban!!

  48. Itne baray jeevan sagar mein tu ne PAkISTAN diya

  49. @ neil

    Less than 40% of the people went for voting, fearing there might be an attack. If you haven’t seen the video there was rigging going on but our pathetic media never gave much publicity to it. Majority of people know the Zardari government was bought into power by the US. As PPP is only interested in money and power, makes the job easy for the US.

    Sadly the Politics of Pakistan is controlled by a few powerful families who wouldn’t let anyone come into power. Many people cry about Democracy but the truth is Pakistan has always progressed during the army rule.

    @Friend of India
    When you talk about kicking your own balls, please don’t make me remind you about Dawood Ibrahim, 2006 Train blasts, melagaon blasts(In which your ‘state actor’ Gen Purohit was involved), gujarat riots, assam riots and yesterday the assam blast. When you say our Pakistani brothers will kill us eventually, than even we don’t have to worry about you, your fellow citizens will kill you as well!

    P.S: Though there is no real chance of taliban taking over Pakistan when they talk about tribal areas I agree with what Musharraf said that represents less than 1% of Pakistan’s total population.

    God bless both the countries!

  50. Great Pictures!!
    Keep it up

  51. All the pictures are very awesome but the size is too small to be displayed as wallpaper. Please consider adding larger pictures and photographs

  52. MASHALLAH Pakistan is toooooo beautiful and the people of Pakistan are tooooo much sweet.
    love Pakistan

  53. great!

  54. Absolutely beautiful puctures, SubhanAllah!! we are truely blessed.

  55. I love Pakistan from the bottom of my heart and I also love and sulute all the individuals who are serving this country. Pakistan Painda Bad

  56. I love my Great Pakistan and Pakistani People God Bless our sweet and great country and nice images collection 🙂

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  59. wow!! the pics are great. I would love to visit pakistan.

  60. Simply awesome!!!

  61. Never knew we live in such a vibrant country. Am truly inspired. Pakistan Paindabad.

  62. No offense to indians but i think Pakistan is a thousand times beautiful than India! and so are Pakistani women!

  63. God has blessed us with the most beautiful nation in the world. It is impossible to describe in words the love I have for my country, which is everything to me. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD…

  64. its mind blowing!! 🙂
    thnx sooooooooooooo much
    keep uploading such pics
    its necessary to make Pakistan’s image better in the world 🙂


  66. in one pic, a girl have paki flag on one cheek and indian on another.
    do u mean paki indian friendship by that pic??

    thousands of sisters in the time of partition
    and thousands of sisters in kashmir.
    and thousands of sisters in riots in india.
    no way. kam say kam this abdul khan dont wanna be a friend of them.

    • No Abdul, we definitely don’t mean that by this pic 🙂

      • bus phir tu i never mind.

        waisay bhi i will be keeping their flags too inshallah. but only in history books

  67. Beautiful yar. this is where we belong and we are proud if it 🙂

  68. Don’t reply to Indian comments. Even the ones who claim themselves to be “friends” have a bitter undertone in their comments. Just love Pakistan, because it is undoubtedly unique! Allah bless and protect Pakistan and make it into a true Islamic Republic!
    🙂 Excellent job PKKH, as usual.

  69. Looking at these beautiful pictures from Pakistan, I almost cried with longing and happiness.
    Living far away from the land of one’s forefathers, one realises, what a great country, we have.
    Please do not bother to react if some ignorant people can not tolerate a prospering Pakistan. It just shows their pettiness.
    God bless our land and protect it for ever.

    Bashy Quraishy
    Chief EditorMediaWatch
    Nyelandsvej 53
    2000 Copenhagen- Denmark
    0045-40 15 47 71

  70. even if the poverty and unemployment and lack of infrastructure is compared ot these 2 countries. pakistan and ind.

    india knows where he stands.
    nowhere. near ur.

    they make their first atomic explosion out of stolen uranium.
    we did it with out own.
    they have such parliament who r murderers rapists and thugs. we just have thieves in there.
    if not tightly gripped. they have more liberation movements running inside them. compared to us.

    “Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.”
    george bernard shaw says that

    and it looks likes it suits on indians and isrealis the most.

  71. hey

    people dont worry we ruled india n hindus for centuries. it is a great shame for hindus

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  74. Iam so proud of my country pakistan eventhough for the last thirty years I live in canada.We patrotic pakistanis must move in to mainstreet Media so that maximum pakitanis can benefit from Truth.I think ZH is doing a great Job may Allah bless him and his team.

  75. beautiful Picturessssssssssssssss

  76. great work em proud of being Pakistani great work pkkh team u potrayed the true picture of Pakistan


  78. Pakistan’s biggest export to the world:

  79. love pakistan mind blowing pics

  80. No words to describe the beauty and grandeur which ALLAH has blessed us with.



  82. pakistan zindabad
    pakistan hamari jan
    sa se pehlaa pakistan
    dill se mera chaha pakistan

  83. hamri jan pakistan

  84. my sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt


  85. pakistan zindabad
    sirf pakistan
    only pakistan
    just pakistan
    love pakistan
    sweet pakistan
    so sweet pakistan
    payara pakistan
    so love pakistan
    sab ka pakistan
    pakistan army zindabad
    wonderfull pakistan
    pak is best
    pakistan paindabad
    pakistan zindabad
    so sweet pakistan
    so love pakistan
    meri jan pakistan
    sab se pehlaa pakistan
    proud to be a pakistani


  86. I always Proud to belng this motherland that made by my BABA Jan.

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