‘BELIEVE’ – Zaid Hamid with PKKH

February 24, 2009

pakistanfZaid Hamid’s message to Pakistanis all over the world on the occasion of Pakistan Day, March 23rd 2009.



Pakistanis all over the world celebrate the 23rd of March, every year, with great zeal and enthusiasm, to commemorate the most outstanding achievement of the Muslims of South Asia who passed the historic Pakistan Resolution on this day at Lahore in 1940.

Do not be dissappointed with what you see today. Things may look tough now but remember its always the darkest before dawn. Spread this message of hope among your family and friends. We need to be strong, we need to unite, and above all, we need to BELIEVE!! Our destiny is in our own hands.

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Please spread this message FAR AND WIDE among Pakistanis all over the world.

Pakistan Zindabad.

PKKH | Media

PKKH’s Pakistan Day Message

We congratulate you, the descendents of those heroes who fought so hard and sacrificed so much to give us this wonderful gift – a free land to call it our home. The passing of Lahore Resolution, commonly known as Pakistan Resolution on this day in 1940 was a monumental achievement for the Muslims of South Asia. It was a day when belief rose from the ashes of uncertainty. It was a day when the first brick in the foundation of the future leader of the Muslim Ummah was laid. It was a day when, after the demise of the Mughal era, the first blow to the Hindutva ideology was struck.

Pakistan is an Ishq, a Junoon. We’ve fought many battles since that historic day in 1940 and while we’ve lost some, we have also won many – from the creation of Pakistan to ensuring its survival in the face of constant and deadly threats for decades. Whats important is to continue to believe that we will overcome the current problems just like we’ve overcome countless (and at times even more threatening) problems before. Pakistan is here to stay and InshaAllah we will one day overcome our enemies who wish the destruction of this Pak sarzameen.

Lets take a moment to recognize the sacrifices of those brave heroes who sacrificed everything to create and then defend this beautiful nation and its people.

From the martyrs at Badr 1400 years ago, the martyrs of South Asia in 1947, 1965, 1971, 1993, 1999, 2002, and the martyrs of Kashmir, Falasteen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, and anywhere else in between – We will not forget. We will not fail you. We will not give up.

To our sisters who have suffered the brutality of these barbaric animals whether in Kashmir, Iraq, Chechnya, or elsewhere, We – your brothers will defend your honour. We will not let you down.

Pakistan is where our roots are, and InshaAllah we will rise and we will carry the flag of Islam for our future generations to live in peace and prosperity.

Aap Sab Ko Pakistan Mubarak Ho.

Team | PKKH




  1. Salaam

    We are obedient of Allah, our way describe by Hazrat Muahmmad Mustafa (S.A.W). Pakistan is our life and our moto to sublimation of Pak to make greater Islamic State in world and We believe on words that saying by ZZ.



  3. Lubbaika

  4. Thanks Hamid for motivating me and waking me up. I have gone through many of your articals and posts fee that I am now loaded with a interface to see things locally in Pakistan and externally from Pakistan’s perspective.

  5. Yes I BELEIVE and will BELEIVE till my last breath …..


  6. Islam Is Our Idealogy And Pakistan Is Our Identity!!!

    After So Much Dark Of Night There Is Alwayz A Sunchine!!!

    Yehi Pehchaan Thie Meri Is Pehchaan Se Pehlay Bhi
    Pakistan Ka Shehri Tha Main, Pakistan Se Pehlay Bhi.

    The Hope And Unity With Utmost Faith On Power Of Allah Is, Was n Will Be Key Of Our Sucess Forever!!

    Pakistan Zindabad…

  7. We are ONE. We shall remain ONE no matter how much we differ in our thoughts and acts. Being a Muslim and a Pakistani is the need of the time. We are Muslims in our faith and submission to the will of ALLAH and Pakistani for our attachment to the land and our secondary identity.
    May ALLAH bless you and your team for the wonderful work very well done. AMEEN.

  8. Allah Zaid Sahib ko taufeeq day islam aur Pakistan ki khidmat ki.

  9. MayAllah gives life and health to brother Zaid Hamid. We strongly believe that “Allah has his own ways of doing things” and here what we see and feel that 80% percent of the people who have listened to Zaid Hamid’ s explanation of the big global picture as to what is actually happening behind the scenes, want him to be the president of Pakistan not for the authority and power but because we need someone whodosent get sold and has the ppower and faith to take decisions FOR US—Spreading his word is for the timebeing the biggest Jihad for the timebeing in whatever way we can—Allah ho Akbar

  10. main thing is this that some one said ‘in 1947 nation needed a country now country needs a nation’. people say that our enemy trica is very strong but i say INSHALLAH pakistan will be the tough for them

  11. “You r a Muslim 1st and a Pakistani Later..”

    No matter where we live..there we are bonded by a common factor..I.S.L.A.M

    All of a sudden ..I feel dignified…


    • w are pakistanis later and muslims first
      but if there is no pakistan where wud u lead a life like a muslim …….. india,afganistan???? they are already planning to eat u up …… islam comes first but pakistan is imp for that cause

  12. How do women who have no men to care for them survive in a non Muslim society? The answer is very well?
    Pakistani women are achieving great success and are able to feed, clothes and pay them-selves. where as in Pakistan women who are without men to support them are utterly impoverished, abused, hungry and oppressed. But Pakistani women are doing meaningful work which surpasses Pakistani men’s contribution to their religious and cultural advancement.

  13. Thank you sir for making us realize that v have fogotten about Pakistan and just look to Western Artificial glamour .

  14. As salaamalaikum,
    Duniyan main koe bhi hamara kuch bhi nahi bighaad sakta.kyon key hum us ALLAH SWT KI EBADATH KARTEY HAI AUR USSI SE MADAD MANGTEY HAI.lakh duniyan waley planning karley kya hooney wala hai.SABSE BADA ‘MUDABBIR’PLANNER TOU ALLAH SWT HI HAI.uskey hukum ke bagair tou ek patta bhi nahi hil sakta.phir aap sab kyon pareeshan ho rahey hai.
    ALLAH SWT Zaid Hamid sahaab kou seyhat key saath salaamat rakhey aur hum sab kou bhi un jaisa har muslim ki madad karney ki taufeeq aata karey AMEEN..
    Pakistan Zindabaad…..Zaid Hamid Zidabaad…..

  15. we believe.and will continue to. inshaAllah

  16. Islam Is Our Ideology And Pakistan Is Our Identity

    my home, my pride, my Pakistan, i am thousands of miles away, my love and prayer are all for you
    lots of love.

    keep up the fantastic work you are doing ZH

    Pakistan Zindabad…

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  18. well zaid bhai it a great honour tht people like you are there aswell u truley had open the eyes of all people ur programs ur speeches and ur spirit toooo high keep it tht way people will b united InshAllah by the grace Of Allah InshAllah

    Pakistan Zindabaad

  19. I do feel dignified. This country is there to stay and to prosper till the end of times. ISlam is my ideology and Pakistan is my identity. May Allah guide us to glory and success under the leadership of SIR Zaid Hamid. Amin

  20. Dear Br. Zaid Hamid

    You are a great, brave and courageous person rather Pakistani, above and all a true Muslim and a symbol of Allama Iqbal’s Shaheen. I am a true fan of you.

    While sending out the message on Pakistan day I hope and believe that, you are addressing “Pakistan” in a true and correct meaning of a “Watan” not in the sense of a political Watan that Allama Iqbal very clearly defined as:

    “In taaza Khudoun main bada subsey watan hay
    jo paerhan iss ka hay wou mazhab ka kafan hay”

    While celebrating the upcoming “Pakistan Day” we need to identify and know the difference between a true Islamic state and a secular or western democratic so called “Muslim Watan”; under the influence of nationalism that is injected by the west in the Muslim Umma. May Allah bless Pakistan and you. Keep on calling the ‘Azaan”.

    Chicago USA

  21. Assalam o Alaikum wa Rehmatulllah wa barakatuh, Zaid bhai thank you so much for enlightening the youth, for it is time that we get back to our basics..in this time where our ummah is being supressed every where..and we are drawn out of our lands. The only thing that can save us is our unity and imaan, That only by following the path of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)can we achieve the glory.Pakistan is our identity Islam is our ideology,”None but Allah (S.W.T) is worthy of worship. Muhammad (S.A.W)is His Messenger”

  22. Salam, to all fellow muslims, we r facing difficulties nowadays but I know we have a fascinating destiny in upcoming future, Insha-Allah by the Grace of Almighty Allah.

  23. Dear Br. Zaid Hamid

    Your personality is Bold, Brave, Dynamic. This is need to all Pakistanis required.
    May Allah Blessing You and all Pakistanis .

  24. Assalam-o-Alikum,
    We R proud to be Muslims & Pakistani, We can do wonder, if have a +ve guidance like Zaid Sahab, although we R in very bad situation but I know we will have a fascinating destiny in upcoming future Insha-Allah by the grace of Allah.
    Pakistan Zindabab…!!!
    Allah is our Protector…!!!

  25. Zaid Hamid for PRESIDENT..!!

  26. We r with u Sir Zaid Hamid. we all want to see Pakistan Flourishing and As our Great Quaid Said that. It is here to STAY!! Our Martyrs laid their lives for it. our people gave sacrifices for it. we all will protect it ALLAH willing. We all are one!!! we are same.
    no castes no religion can differentiate us……. May ALALH be with our Pakistan

  27. Assalam u Alaikum..
    Sir INSHA ALLAH we will make a Peace Walk on 23rd March for our Pakistan..
    May God Help you in your Good Deeds…

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  30. May Allah give our hero (zaid) more and more strength……..He is a Mehmood Ghaznavi (BUTSHIKEN) of this age.
    May Allah bless Pakistan few more zaid hamid 😉

  31. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar…
    We stand united with our brothers who are true defenders of Pakistan…

    Long live Pakistan, Long live Armed Forces of Pakistan…

  32. Dear Zaid Bhai!



  33. Inshallah!

  34. A.A.
    This is a real message which we need in dark black night when every where we see hopless around, but this a light of bright future which is away but how much no one know.it true there is difficulty before every success.Dreams become true only if we belive in success and go to do every possible effort for it. No doubt we will overcome all these problems one day WITH BLESSING OF GOD.

  35. we stand united and by the grace of god we will stand united nobody cant disintegrate us e r with u Sir Zaid Hamid. we all want to see Pakistan Flourishing and As our Great Quaid Said that. It is here to STAY!! Our Martyrs laid their lives for it. our people gave sacrifices for it. we all will protect it ALLAH willing. We all are one!!! we are same.
    no castes no religion can differentiate us……. May ALALH be with our Pakista

  36. Great Message.
    I would like to suggest something and this is what i believe.

    1- Pakistan First, We are Pakistanis First and then Muslim or whatever religion we belong to. No one from richest Muslim countries care about us , so its better we should stick our identity to Pakistani only.

    2- War Planes, Tanks and Soldiers are not our assets as depicted in National Anthem Video. Our Assets are children, Youth, Scientists and Professionals. The video should have those also.


  37. Assalam o Alikum….
    Great msg by Mr.Zaid Hamid.He is the true hero of this era.may ALLAH give him more strength to encourge more and more people to work for ISLAM and PAKISTAN.
    one thing i would like to share with Mr.Sajjad Memon.
    my respected fellow we gain Pakistan on the name of ISLAM.we want to brought the ISLAMIC rules in this country and present this as”ISLAMIC welfare country”in the world.so it means if we were not Muslms then we don’t need seperate country.by that we should b the Muslim first.

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  40. Hello,

    All pakistanis love pakistan without any doubt. But as long as concern of this guy name Zaid Hamid, he is famous for his extreme views for non muslims world and here he is specially addresing the muslims those live in foreign countries (Non muslims countries). God save us this kind of evil people.


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    Moin Ansari

    PS: We do not allow comments with “Paki” in their content. This is a term like nigger

  43. Hello

    Sorry for to use word paki. I didn’t know about it. We are all Pakistani

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  45. The word ‘Paki’ has been used in the UK as a racist slur – we try and ensure we delete / edit any offensive words posted in the comments – must’ve slipped our attention this time. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.



    Dear Zaid i am ready to fight with our enemies in every feild of life.

  47. Dear Zaid
    Asslam o Alykoom
    Zaid toomhay hamari zindagee lagay
    Zaid toomharay sath dowa hay Rasool key,
    Zaid qadam barhaoow yah hay shan nay momanaan
    Zaid toomharay hath may han hathy dostaan,
    Zaid toomhay Khudah nay deyaa hay woh walwala,
    Zaid tayra andaz khytabat hay buss juda,
    Zaid toomharay sath rahangay Khuda qasam
    Zaid toomharay sath rahangay janam janam
    syed masiha ahmed

  48. Aoa wa rehma wa bar!
    Brother Dr Zaid! Eversince i started listening to you a year ago the true jingoism has evolved in me. I admire and salute your noble cause of waking up the youth and the dwellers of this Great Nation Pakistan. Verily, the world will see us rising One Day and restoring the true dignity and esteem of the whole muslim Ummah. Ameen

    Walaikum Assalaam wa rehma wa bar

  49. It is great. Love it

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  51. HE said of pakistan as a rising nation?

    what r the chances?

    can anyone give me proof?

    • nikhil i m glad u had guts to come and give ur comments
      the problems with u indians or indianised pakistanis are that u just saw indian flicks with som indian kala hero wearing uniform and playing james bond …… truth isnt that pleasent my friend ….. u havent seeen indian army soldiers with their tails in their behinds running for cover in kargil where i was present ….
      u have usa as ur defecto father to rescue you when ever u have shits in ur pants …. agar kuch karna hai to apne paoon pe aao aur israel and us ke shadow se nikal aao u will the actual light jo ke ap ne aj tak nahi dekhe….
      u can stop ur independance movements only for some more time but not for long ….
      i hope for the best
      and PAKISTAN is here to stay … read my lips

  52. Pakistan will Insha’Allah remain till the end of the World!!!
    All nationalists zindabad! Pakistan zindabad paiendabad!!!

  53. Pakistan Arise and warn each other, for the time of change has come, beleive in yourselves and beleive that there is no God But Allah, ask Him to guide you and help you and ensure that the younger generation of Pakistan will rise against the tryants and despots who have an evil opinion about our great nation, for it is they who must be overturned, and it is they who must be dealt with in a most severe manner, Rise and protect your nation, for this is our only nation protect it with your blood and know that it is us who have faith will be victorious against our enemeies.

  54. allah allah allah allah allah….

    just concentrating on allah is not going to get u anywhere i promise

  55. Dear Pakistani Friends,

    I saw the video and liked it. I was apprehensive to start with but its a nice way to encourage patriotism.
    More than the video i agree with the comments of Mr Sajjad. I feel for the two countries, India and Pakistan…. we need to wake up to truth and reality.
    Since 2000 BC till the 13/14 century we were the most advanced in the world, then came the time for Europeans and now the Americans. Yes we need to agree that today America rules.
    Today we need to understand, that to become the best again we need to work and progress together. I have seen many countries in the world, including Pakistan. I am sorry to say that, we lag behind by miles…. it will take us at least 50 years more to reach the standards of safety that they have now. and if we keep fighting… we will never reach there. I hope i am making sense.
    On the 23 Mar.. nothing special is going to happen… Sun is going to rise from East… it will be a 24 hr day, many people will get killed in India and Pakistan by idiots who seek virgins after death, or by stupid people who are willing to kill fot political gains, sons will die, but on the other hand, we will have many people in other parts of the world, who will get new houses, better education for their children, more happiness with family, etc.
    Its for us to choose…. be it 23 or 24 March… do we want to be idiots and listen to people with no education and who want to wage wars on fake commands of Lord. I ask them… when did Ram or Allah come to them and asked to kill fellow human?
    Who are they to decide what Allah or Ram wants?
    SO guys… i feel – lets get together… and wage a war on war.. lets have fun instead!!!

    • dear frind from india
      good to see ur mail
      what ever u say first u need to understand that pakistan and india are to separate contries …..ur leaders and media and even bollywood gives u the thinking that pakistan is a dead wood and it better b part of india .. accept it … we need to first respect the freedom and independance of neighbours.. which india does not …accept it ….. india has never been fair in the affairs with pakistan right from the outset …. take the example of kashmir … wen ever u become friends with some one u need to see the track record of that person or country ….. if india wants pakistan to stand side by side and fight terrorism then y israel and israelisn war planes are on ur air basis ???? any good reason . first come out of this trigger happiness then we can sit and talk and move on …. bagal main churri m unh main ram ram
      ur national anthem vande matarm ,ever read the history of this …. the crux is that muslims are invaders and they must b throewn out on indian subcontinent with the help of english ppl …. bravo friend from india … socho yar kia chahte ho aap phr dosti ke bateen ker lena

    • dear frind from india greetings
      good to see ur mail
      what ever u say first u need to understand that pakistan and india are to separate contries …..ur leaders and media and even bollywood gives u the thinking that pakistan is a dead wood and it better b part of india again… we need to first respect the freedom and independance of our neighbours.. which india does not ….. india has never been fair in the affairs with pakistan right from the outset …. take the example of kashmir it was supposed to b given to pakistan along with a lot of other area but ur indian leaders played dirty part and took these area away … wen ever u become friends with some one u need to see the track record of that person or country ….. if india wants pakistan to stand side by side and fight terrorism then y israel and israelisn war planes are on ur air basis ???? any good reason . first come out of this trigger happiness then we can sit and talk and move on …. bagal main churri munh main ram ram
      ur national anthem vande matarm ,ever read the history of this …. the crux is that muslims are invaders and they must b thrown out of indian subcontinent with the help of english ppl …. bravo friend from india … socho yar kia chahte ho aap phr dosti ke bateen ker lena

  56. Can anybody tell me how is Zaid surviving in Pakistan. He is openly critical of the present leaders and their rules. How is he not pulled down by a suicide attacker

  57. Salaam Zaid Hamid

    Pakistan Ziandabad,Paindabad

  58. If Zaid saab becomes president,

    1. He will try to capture Delhi on his first day
    2. Resort to nuclear strikes on India
    3. India will respond accordingly and turn pakistan into a wasteland

  59. @Nikhil

    If you haven’t seen Zaid Hamid’s earlier programs he said if India wants to live peacefully with Pakistan let them live don’t do anything against them.

    Personally I like and have a lot of respect for Zaid Hamid. May Allah (swt) bless him.

  60. @ IM


    luk at any of his video, he keeps talking abt capturing delhi and radio pakistan from delhi.
    DUMB WARMONGER. May Allah (swt) kill him.

  61. I’ve seen it myself! And I’ll post the link later.

    ‘Kill him’ – Naozubillah (God Forbid)

  62. Zaid Hamid we are proud on you. you are doing a great job and you are the best pakistani i have seen in my all life may allah bless you and give you more respect . inshallah

  63. nice

  64. Pakistan …. main iss k baray main kia keh sakta hn … madinay key basti hai yeh… iss k shuhda badar k shuhda… iss key bunyaad khilafat… or is kekmeel khilafat-e-rashida… main iss sarzameen k baray main kia kahun??? iss ka mustaqbil roshan … or nigah oonchi … kabhi nahen bhool sakta main is key bunyadon main dafan 47 k shaheed or nah bhoolnay deta hn … aye dushmanan-e-watan yeh baat yad rakho nah bhoolay hain or nah bhoolain gay or hum aain gay aik din tera wujood khak main milanay .. teray buton ko torhnay .. k haq aa gaya or batil mit gaya or batil tu mitnay he k liay hai … inshallah

  65. to my friend from India … thanks for liking the video.. secondly there are certain things you mentioned about the history and civilization , that i am not totally agree with but that’s another topic the reason why i am replying you is to make it clear to all of our friends who does not know about the importance of 23 march .. well in a nut shell its the matter of life and death for the Pakistanis and the Pakistani federation itself.. the day reminds us of the resolution of “TWO NATION THEORY” which is the heart, soul and base for Pakistan .. without it we are nothing.. now about the life .. yes we live only for once and yes we want prosperity also.. who doesn’t want a happy family, house, job, kids ?? but its nothing without freedom and dignity .. and now when we are all surrounded by your government and all those international powers we will have to fight . and like Mr.Zaid Hamid said “to construct the new building one has to demolish the old building .. this is the old building the resent economic, political and sovereignty system.. we need to demolish and construct new one .. which will bring stability in the region .. inshallah

  66. To bring peace and stability to Pakistan, death sentence must be made mandatory for corrupt politicians and public figures. Take the example of China and Singapore

  67. To bring peace stability and prosperity to Pakistan, death sentence must be made mandatory for corrupt politicians, government officials and public figures.China and Singapore are zero tolerant towards corruption and bribes and thats their open secret to success

  68. we need to join hands and spread this movement with a clear motive of taking the power away from traitors and handing it over to people who deserve to rule and who run away from that responsibility.

  69. Dear Mohammad Omer Siddiqui,

    I respect the respect and believe you have on 23 Mar 09. I have nothing against it. I have my own special date… the date I my daughter was born!
    All I wanted to say is – we need peace and friendship. We need to be intelligent in choosing our leaders and making sure our children live happily.
    Yaar… dunia mein hum dono desh is bare chutiye koi nahin hain… ek doosre ki waat lagane ne saara potential waste karne mein ustaad. We have a better future… but when will that come is up to us to deicide. If we keep thinking of listening to Pakistan radio fron Delhi…. i am sorry we will just keeping killing each other.

    Jai Hind

  70. Pakistan was made to be the Castle of the Muslim world and it still is. I believe we should all start working for the establishment of Khilafat. There’s a very strong chance to do this here. If we succeed, which we will inshaAllah, then Pakistan can truly be the starting point of joining the Muslim world again and thus becomming a Super Power.

    Remember, even you people thinking in this direction would be a good contribution because all good acts start after good thoughts. So start the thought process and change will come very soon inshaAllah

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  73. ASA,

    I appreciate the efforts of Br. Zaid Hamid, but there are unanswered questions in hundreds minds…. you suggest solutions for most of the issues currently Pakistan is facing… but how would these solutions be implemented effectively?

    Do you think these politicians would listen to you and act accordingly?

    What do you suggest how we gonna get the most out of these solutions? I believe reader here would love to see practical implications of prospect solutions you have been suggesting for Pakistani politics.

    I would appreciate if you kindly put your comments on this.


    This message brought tears to my eyes, there are such great feelings for Pakistan that words can’t express ! May ALLAH bless Pakistan and give “Hidayat” to all the Pakistani people and also to all the Muslims around the world, and unite us all. AMEEN.
    Sir Zaid Hamid you are doing a wonderful job, may ALLAH have blessings on you. Take good care of your self from all the negitivity and opposition forces and our “SPIRITS ARE DEFINATLY HIGH” ALHAMDULILLAH.

  75. pakistaaaaaaaaaaaan zindabaaaaad
    zaid hamid zindabaaaaaaaaaaab
    hamari zindagi moot k baad shuru hoti hai hum se panga mat lena sun lo ae israel,american,aur indians hindu extremist.

  76. assalam o alikum warahmatulla!may Allah give u reward on wat u r donig to wake up a sleeping nation.aameen

  77. Assalam o waleikum,
    Janab Zaid Hamid Bhai Mein Aap Ka Bohat Bara Fan Hon Ke Aap Pakistan Ke Barey Mein Itney Fikar Mand Rehtey Hein.( MULLK SE MOHABAT EMMAN KA EK HISSA HEY )Yaqeen Kijiyeh Ke 15 Saal Bahar Guzarney Ke Bawajud Duniya Mein Sub Se Achee jaga Pakistan Hi Hey Aap Jo Awarness Hum Pakistani Ko Dey Rahey Hein Yeh Insha ALLAH Mustaqbil Mein Bohat Kaam Dey Gi .ALLAH PAKISTAN KA HAMI O NASIR HO “Aameen”
    P A K I S T A N Z I N D A B A D

  78. salam zaid bhi,,i read/watch mostly all of ur articals and tv shows,,i 99% wht u said and whats ur work,,speacily abbut ur point of view on Great IQbal,
    i have question i thing that u are with ISI,and ISI is world most great egensy ,who work for islamic state ..and we wil success ,,becasue some time u get very strong infroamition ,these infroamtion only on in the hands of ISI,,,
    but we dont have any leader who leads us ,,but u are one we have many hopes with u ,,i alwys stand with u ,,belive me,,i m from pindi me and my frind join ur organization,,what can i do for our country ,,
    i not a hoples person ,,what is happening in pakistan ,,its normal for me ,,becaus its start now , History always repeat itselfs..
    we dont need hopeless people in pakistan ,,

  79. Pls zahid bahi join to PTI (IMRAN KHAN) bcs he is tru pakistani and muslim just like you

  80. nigah buland..sukhan dilnawaz..jaannpursooz ……..yahee hei rakht-e-safer mer-e-karwann k liee

  81. well..meray khail main sir ALLAMA gave the message before very clearly…so aal the need is just to follow over it like zahid sahab.

    “nigah buland..sukhan dilnawaz..jaannpursooz ……..yahee hei rakht-e-safer mer-e-karwann k liee”.

    another one is

    aien-e-noo say derna terz-e-kohan pay urrna…manzil kathin yahee hei..qoumoun ke zindagy main.

    ALLAH aap mke umr darz karay zahid sahab.

  82. Is daur mein may aur hai, jaam aur hay jum aur
    Saaqi nay bina ki rawish-e-lutf-o-sitam aur

    Muslim ne bhi ta’abeer kiya apna haram aur
    tehzeeb kay aazar ne tarashwaye sanam aur

    In taza khudaaon mein barha sub say [b]watan [/b]hai
    Jo pairhan is ka hai, woh mazhab ka kafan hai

    Ye but keh tarasheeda-e-tehzeeb-e-nawi hai
    gharat gar-e-kashaana-e- Deen-e-Nabawi hai

    bazu tera tauheed ki quwwat se qawwi hai
    Islam tera des hai, tu Mustafawi hai

    Nazzara-e-deereena zamanay ko dikha de
    Ay Mustafawi khaak mein is but(idol) ko mila de

    Ho qaid-e-maqaami tu nateeja hai tabahi
    reh bahar mein aazaad-e-watan surat-e-mahi

    Hai tark-e-watan Sunnat-e-Mehboob-e-Ilahi
    De tu bhi nabuwwat ki sadaqat pay gawahi

    Guftaar-e-siyasat mein watan aur hi kuch hai
    Irshad-e-nabuwwat mein watan aur hi kuch hai

    Aqwaam-e-jahan mein hai raqabat tu isi say
    Taskheer hai maqsood-e-tijarat tu isi say

    Khali hai sadaqat se siyasat tu isi say
    Kamzor ka ghar hota hai ghaarat tu isi say

    Aqwam mein makhlooq-e-Khuda bat-ti hai isi say
    Qaumiyyat-e-Islam ki jurh Cut-ti hai isi say

    -Allama Muhammad Iqbal

  83. asalam-alyqum.
    dear zaid hamid, we are proud our pakistan.and proud the son of pakistan name zaid hamid.your views like common pakistani but your analiyst we like very much.our moural is so high no indian and israel defeat our army or pakistan nation.we are divide by our enmey but insha-allah we are come back soon. we all bless and pray for pakistan.pakistan zindabad ,pakistan paindabad .

  84. Salam
    Zaid bhai y dont u join to Imran khan party (P T I)
    becuse Imran khan is also a graet man he is true pakistani so if you will join him then P T I will be go to good progress becuse you are very intelligen person. And it is our duty that we should strong to these person who are honest to our all country. This is also a way for stable and happy country.

  85. Pakistan is our beloved country and we will do everything to protect it.May Allah Bless Pakistan and Pakistani Forever. Click the link below for more information.

  86. What a message

  87. Hi Zaid,
    I hope you are doing well.

    With respect to your efforts above, and the fact that you have struck recogition with the internet masses of Pakistan, We would be pleased to offer you a forum, blog on our website, where you can voice your opinions.

    We are a young (4 months old) content based entertainment shopping portal of Pakistan.We plan to provide the right kind of exposure to issues in Pakistan, the Pakistani Products, Pakistani tourism sites, Pakistan as a career destination.

    To date , we have included content that is widely being circulated in Pakistan in form of Junk Mails and forwarded mails, but in future, we aim to provide space for blogging on hot issues.

    If you are interested, please get back to us through email.

    • Hi,

      BrassTacks has its own website where all the content is available – you’re more than welcome to post the content (videos, articles) on your website as long as its not edited/changed.


  88. ma Pakistan se dur hon.. Pakistan meri jaan mera dil hy. sir Zaid hamid or pkkh ma aap k saat gazwa e hind ma shamil hon with internet also or bolanay per sab kuch choor ker ajaoga… Umair from Turkey
    Assalam o Alaikum to all..

  89. respected zaid hamid sahb
    asslam o alikum
    our hearts r filled wid luv of islam n pakistan n v hvnt forgottn da brutalties of indians n israelis.v assure our falstine brthrs n sistrs v r cmng.. ALLAH aap ko seht aur taqt de AMEEN.
    ISLAM zindabad PAKISTAN zindabad

  90. I recently was introduced to Mr. Zaid Hamid, by a friend who showed me some videos on the greater picture of what’s happening in the world.
    I have lived outside of Pakistan for about 25 years now, but I would like to say that we Pakistanis when living abroad are more conscious of our identity, as we are referred to as Pakistanis every day. What we see on the mainstream media is not a very pretty picture. Its not a very easy task to answer a lot of questions about Pakistan, yet, we always try to find the true cause of what’s happening around us. I would like to thank you very much for the very informative lectures that have really opened the eyes of many Pakistanis.

  91. I have no doubt about the ideology Mr. Zaid Hamid is showing us but I am still bit concern with the information about his association with a murtid. I am not sure what to do.. If Mr Hamid has nothing to do with that Mashaalah we are with him to serve Islam and Pakistan.
    As much as I want to believe him. I am very confuse.

  92. zaid hamid is great pakistan remain for ever
    no caste only be pakistani god bless pakistan salam to all other viewrs

  93. bismillah.PaKISTAN was obtained in the name of ISLAM and i m sure ALLAH will protect PAKISTAN INSHALAH.ALLAHO AKBAR

  94. Allah send QAID to create PAKISTAN and INSHALAH ALLAH will CREATE someone to fight for PAKISTAN.ALLAH_O_AKBAR

  95. Please identify the platform from where we all struggle for Pakistan..Invite Imran Khan with Zaid Hamid and lead the country..Please suggest me where can put my energy that will give me a chance to show my love to Pakistan and Ummah and Prophet and Allah

  96. It is just like a “lori” or “lolipop” for a generation who are as confused as it can get. We have addiction of listening and appreciating “pet” talk and live in lalaland. There is not a single vice that is not present in our society. Ethically, morally, spiritually, and socially we are getting bank corrupt but “professional” motivational speaker and speeches are like pastime lori. Wakeup, get out from the philosophical topics of Islam, Democracy, ideology…. and face the ugly reality. Do Jihad against injustice, poverty,illiteracy, corruption, exploitation and so on. You have already lost the train, now a “tanga” is the only available mode,,, better use it before you lose it too.

  97. اسلام علیکم!
    Zaid Bhai..!
    One fear, what i have somewhere deep in my heart. This nation is very much frustrated. Youth of this country is ready to be used in the hands of any person, who states himself patriot.
    I have been listening you since last year. You looks very much careful for our country, nation and especially for our dear Religion Islam. If you are that much true and not only (گفتار کا غازی) Ghuftaar k Gazi as Iqbal Rehmat-ulla Allayh said, then Please take care of youth and give them the path, be a leader and find leaders from us to lead the way for this nation. Sorry for me about being suspicious, as it has been injected by circumstances of political and Islamic issues of my dear country. I hope you know what i mean to say. 😀
    I hope Zaid will access my message..!
    Allah Hafiz…!

  98. جسے اللہ رکھے اسے کون چکھے

  99. Pakistan aik ishq aik janoon,and we have to fight for our religion and for our land for the rule of islam in the world and sir zaid hammid you are like a light of hope in this darkness,may Allah bless u with respect in both worlds,and may Allah give us opertunity to fight against the ememies of islam and pakistan in the leadership of sir zaid hammid,”THE MARD-E-MUJAHID”(AMEEN)

  100. plz plz meri help karo 23 march ke mission ko main apne college main shuru karna chati hon main inter ki student hon or aesa koi kaam pehli martaba kar rahi hon plz meri help karo or batao student ko kese conveince karon ke woh hamara sath dein plz plz help me.PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.


  102. So you do play with our emotions. Guys and Gals this man Zaid Zaman Hamid is play his part to lead you to a point and then suddenly leave on an occasion, where get disheart at maximum. Our enemies see that there is a new current in our nation as late as they react, our nation can become more active. So he is sent on that particular mission to lead to a point where we become disheart at maximum. Thanks to God who helped us the most and disclosed this fake leader, liar, CIA worker, follower of a false prophet Yousaf kazab and pro Pervez Musharraf man.
    Our nation need a real leader, man of characters and words not a fake leader like zaid zaman.

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