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Zaid Hamid on Swat Deal, Fall of the Punjab Government, Lawyer’s Movement

February 28, 2009


Is this the beginning of the end of Asif Zardari? What impact will the fall of Punjab’s Government have? What is General Asfhaq Pervez Kiyani’s visit to the US all about and what can we expect in the coming days?

Zaid Hamid speaks in detail on various issues facing the nation today. The topics covered are:

1) What will we get out of Swat deal: A blessing or an evil?
2) Letter of Mullah Umar to Pakistani Talibans: A friend or a foe?
3) The fall of Punjab Government! What lies Ahead?
4) Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kyani in America: Why the Honor?
5) The Lawyers Movement: Does Zaid Hamid supports the restoration of Justice Iftikhar Muahmmad Chaudhry?
6) What about the Missing People: Who sold them to America or did they vanish on there own? and much more…

Listen to Zaid Hamid on these issues and more

Zaid Hamid Special Message to Pakistanis Worldwide PLUS Other Zaid Hamid videos and articles


Indian Authorities Embarassed Yet Again

February 28, 2009

MUMBAI: Indian Mujahideen’s (IM) top operative Sadiq Sheikh’s confession on his alleged role in the July 11, 2006 serial Mumbai train blasts has come as a huge embarrassment to the Maharashtra anti-terrorism squad. Two years ago, the ATS had chargesheeted 13 people but Sadiq and other members of IM module were not named as conspirators.

The Indian authorities had then said that Sadiq’s claims were part of an al-Qaida ploy to mislead investigators. They had then claimed that the blasts were carried out by Simi activists and Pakistanis. [Link]

This comes after the massively embarassing ‘Noida Encounter’ episode which made them a laughing stock within their own media.

On January 25th, Indian and International Newspapers ran the headline ‘Pakistan Terrorists Shot Dead in Delhi’.

Police in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, just ten miles outside the capital, claimed to have intercepted the two suspects in a car following a tip off. A spokesman said the suspects refused to stop and opened fire, leading to the gun fight in which the two suspected militants were shot dead. They apparently ‘confessed’ to being Pakistani in their dying moments, and were also carrying their Pakistani passports, we were told.

Here’s a report in Times of India questioning the loopholes in the official story.

Meanwhile also have a look at a list of some notable fake encounters carried out by Indian security forces in recent times, courtesy of Google.


We Will Never Forget

February 28, 2009

Humanity trapped & choked to death under the Rain of fire and blood. Gaza, Muslims will never forget!!!

Gaza serves as an Israeli open air prison for over one and a half million Palestinians which are every now and then butchered shamelessly under the label of War against Terror. These people can’t eat, move or live according to their free will as told by Yonoton Shapira, Former captain Israeli air force. He himself admits that the treatment with this Muslim population is worse than animals. Israeli Monsters made Innocent Muslims move to city centre for safety and then later bombed them with shells. They did not even spare 5 months old baby girl, crushed under Israeli tank and later eaten by Dogs. What terror did she impose to them? What terror did any of the innocent unarmed Muslim children impose to Israel, children whose parents were sliced open in front of their eyes?

Israelis are not just war criminals – they are murderous monsters, and we Muslims will never forget Gaza and its sacrifices. We will make the Israelis pay for ever single drop of blood spilled of our Muslim brothers, sisters and children InshAllah, Ameen.



Afghan Quagmire: An Honorable Way Out

February 28, 2009


Since the new US administration is in the process of reviewing the US policy on the so-called war of terrorism, it may be a good time to put forward a few points as a fuel for new thoughts aimed at having a constructive discussion and analyzing the tough situation starkly facing the world community. The proposed changes in our policy will hopefully not only help securing the US interests but also promote global stability in general and that of South and Central Asia in particular. Since America has been acting, and quite deservingly so, as a leader of the free and civilized world, American policies must reflect the values of civilized human life and truly respect the globally recognized human rights. Obama administration must shun the disgraced and disastrous policies of neocons that were aimed at enslaving other nations economically, occupying others lands, and grabbing others natural resources – all in the name of US national interest and security. That change ought to be a corner stone of the US foreign policy and its goals.

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Hindus offered rewards for marrying Muslim girls

February 28, 2009


Rajesh Bidkar, a member of an Indore radical group (Indore is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh state in central India) on Tuesday issued a SMS ‘farmaan’ (edict) with a reward of Rs 5,000 ($120) for any Hindu boy who married a Muslim girl.

“He also and offered protection to Hindus who married Muslim girls.”

In the message, Bidkar said he had no objection to Hindu girls marrying Muslims, provided they are not cheated in the name of a religion “which permits to keep more than one wife”.

Urging people to forward the SMS to at least 10 others “in the interest of Hindutva”, Bidkar said: “We are not against love,
but against innocent girls being exploited in name of religion”.


How Much Sovereignty Has Pakistan Conceded?

February 28, 2009

Forget about Shamsi airbase in Balochistan. The Americans are using that one for Iran. There is an altogether different base for the drones in Balochistan. It’s a Pakistani piece of land that no Pakistani knows what’s inside. In fact, Pakistani air defense personnel are stationed inside the U.S. Embassy compound in Islamabad, where they ensure that CIA drones fly safely to kill Pakistanis and return to the base unharmed.

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Another devious plan to disable Pakistan

February 28, 2009

Occupation of Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11 provided a godsend opportunity to India and Israel to give practical shape to its nefarious plan of disarming Pakistan. From 2002 onwards RAW, Mossad with the active collaboration of CIA and FBI have been undertaking subversive activities inside Pakistan from Kabul to weaken all the protective bunds around nuclear assets and hijack it at an opportune time without having to wage a war. The godfather USA helped its chief operators by winning over Gen Musharraf and opening up western border for undertaking clandestine operations in the selected regions. The trio then set about weakening Pakistan’s state institutions through a wilful and well orchestrated propaganda campaign.

India has always used propaganda warfare as an instrument to achieve its ends. The vilification campaign was intensified from 2005 onwards and it gained momentum in 2008 onwards. The targets chosen were the army and the ISI since the plotters knew that without sufficiently enfeebling these two institutions it would not be possible for them to achieve their objectives.

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