Indian Soliders Killing Themselves

January 25, 2009


A member of an elite Indian army unit has shot dead six other soldiers in a shooting incident in the north-eastern state of Manipur, the army says.

The soldier from the Assam Rifles elite paramilitary force shot a comrade dead after an argument, a spokesman said.
He said the killer then shot dead five other soldiers who tried to disarm him, before fleeing the scene.

It seems more Indian Army soldiers commit suicide (or kill each other) than die in battle.

Since 2004: 392 Indian soldiers have been killed in militant attacks.
Since 2004: 652 Indian Army Soldiers have either committed suicide or have been killed by their colleagues.
Out of these 652, 521 committed suicide.

These numbers have gone up from around 40 a year in the late 90s and early 00s to nearly 150 in recent years.

DWF15-414956Psychology lessons as well as Music therapy has apparently failed to stop Indian Soldiers killing themselves and their colleauges. To be honest we can’t really blame them if it is Himesh Reshamiyya being blared on massive speakers – used as therapy.

Some analysts say the incidents reflect battle fatigue amongst the soldiers fighting Kashmiri Mujahideen as they continue to face humiliating losses on a daily basis.

There is also concern over what is seen as indiscipline and alcohol abuse among members of the security agencies which have been given extraordinary powers to tackle militancy.

India’s defence ministry ordered an inquiry into such incidents years ago but its findings have not been made public.

Meanwhile a quick search on google came up with the following news reports:

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Falling Esprit de Corps: Fragging and Suicides in Indian Army
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Kashmir soldier kills colleagues
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Indian soldier ‘kills comrades’

The Sorry State of the Indian Army



  1. i dont think this blog is made to show a good image of pakistaan. its made to defame india. and i think its immoral. it’ll be much better if the admin take care of these articles which are just to defame india because some of the articles look so fake that no one will ever believe it. and shuold be our duty to bring out the facts without any prejudices.
    i hope my pakistani friends understand these pointless efforts started from a politically influenced mind.
    Take good care
    khuda hafiz.

  2. and atleast they are so diciplined that they dont blow themselves inside a mosque or in a hospital.
    so look at this from a moral and sympathetic perspective rather than looking at this issue as a matter of fun.
    even you guys in pakistan have an army and people are fighting for their nation so try to see a soldier as a soldier not a political representative.

  3. mr. moderator its my request to you that please dont try to defame a country by illogical publication of the facts. your whole blog seems to be politically infuluenced and it seems you donn care what the facts are. you dont care about what people are thinking about such a great religion because of a few miscreants who are totally against the basic teachings of islaam.
    i will tell you the facts.
    the people you are addressing as mujahidin here in your blogs are killing children,women,men in the vally just the way talibaan has been doin in your country.
    people who want to earn something or want to live in peace are forced to live in terror.
    100% groups of terrorists are supported by pakistani agencies as a planned startegy.
    this kind of activities are putting your country in a very embarrassing situation on the global front.
    rather than supporting kashmiri terrorist just because they are islamists is not right. you seem to be intelligent enough to understand these kind of issues try emphasise on the +ve things rather than creating more and more hate in the world.

    • Very Well said. I do not find any sort of motivation behind this article and such a graphic picture, other than mere personal political view.
      As said above, do not promote hatred as its enough.. and to be quiet honest, i do not think that your efforts are going to change any one but yourself and push you towards doom. Mate you’ll fuck your own brains up one day.

      Brisbane, Australia

  4. My Dear Admin Friend,

    The amount of time and energy you are spending on hate for India. I would request you to spend same amount of time and energy to make Pakistan Nice and beautiful place.

    Amit from New Delhi

  5. Atleast Indian Army have guns to shoot

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