United Pakistan: India’s Worst Nightmare.

December 26, 2008

War ruled out – for now.


Dan Qayyum

One good thing to come out of India’s aggressive posturing since the Mumbai attacks is that it has united the Pakistani nation.

Zardari and his US appointed team wanted us to believe India is not a threat to Pakistan. Kudos to India for setting him straight.

Apart from a handful of politicians who owe their rise from mediocrity to the US anyway, the nation is united in the face of the Indian threat.

Mullen has been told to do one. The armed forces continue to stay on red alert, missiles and anti aircraft batteries are being deployed on strategic locations, leaves and holidays are being cancelled, troops are being moved from our western borders towards the east, weapons and artillery is being dusted off and made ready, and surprisingly the politicians have started speaking in one voice and sending out stern warnings to our neighbours on boths sides.

Cries of ‘Allah-o-Akbar’ and ‘Pak Fiza’ya Zindabad’ can be heard everytime Pakistan Air Forces’ Shaheens pass overhead, weapons on display, letting the people know they can sleep while the PAF is awake.

Whether its on the cricket pitch or the battle field, India always seems to bring out the best in us and unite us as one. If the Indians thought they could bring us to our knees with their threats of military action and by issuing deadlines, they know better now. War doesn’t scare us. It brings us together. And a united Pakistan is India’s worst nightmare.

India is now in a bit of a predicament. The Government of India expected Pakistan to follow the script – admit guilt, and hand a few of our citizens over, maybe even allow air-strikes at specific locations. Being seen as taking Pakistan to the task would have calmed the anger domestically and given their chances in the upcoming elections a bit of a boost while also covering up their own failures in Mumbai. To be honest if it was upto the civilian government in Pakistan, the Indians may well have got their wish.

In an interesting twist, two regional powers in Saudi Arabia and China have told India to tone it down and to work with Pakistan – which has been Pakistan’s position all along. The Saudis even made Pranab Mukherjee read out a statement to the media admitting that the Mumbai attacks were part of global terrorism and joint action is required to counter it. This comes after recent statements from the UNSC and Interpol backing Pakistan’s as well as the US appearing to distance itself from the conflict.

India is being forced on the backfoot as Pakistan Army prepares itself for swift and decisive action. There are even fears in some US and Indian circles that Pakistan may pre-emptively target Indian airbases if there is credible intelligence available that India plans to go ahead with any ‘surgical strikes’ on Pakistani territory.

What a stunning turnaround.

Expect India to make a hue and a cry in the next few days and beg regional and global powers to put more pressure on Pakistan, before resorting to increased covert terrorist activity in Pakistan. We should also not rule out the possibility of another false flag attack either in India or in a western country, which will legitimize an attack on Pakistan with the full military support of the US and Israel. Or they might just try their luck and carry out those surgical strikes they’ve been going on about.

India cannot be seen as pussying out of this confrontation now that they have made so much noise about ‘carpet bombing Pakistan’ and ‘turning it into another Afghanistan’ – certainly not in front of their American masters who have big plans for them in this region. This would have been their first test -proving their credentials in order to become America’s policeman for the region.

Backing off now in face of the unexpected and agressive response from Pakistan not only means total and utter humiliation, but is also a huge setback for India’s regional aspirations.

Are they brave enough to risk the total and complete disintegration of India by picking a fight with Pakistan?

Time will tell. Although they might not have much of a choice now.

Bring it on. Enough of the threats. Enough of the mindgames. Enough is Enough.

In the immortal words of Mr. Blonde, “are you gonna bark all day little doggy, or are you gonna bite?”



  1. Bring it on. Enough of the threats. Enough of the mind-games. Enough is Enough.

    Are you gonna bark all day little doggy, or are you gonna bite?

    Hhahhahahahahahha….what a stunning turn around?

    I like your blog just like Zaid Hamid programs. Hope is a good thing but hope is a dangerous thing, hope can drive a man insane.

    Give us hope but realistic hope, well i can comment on the Pakistani radar system, i have some know how of their operations and the system that is been used in those radar courtesy to my some knowledge in Communication system, and i can tell you one thing we didn’t have the best of radars, they can go malfunction easily, very easily infact. So give us hope, we appreciate your comment but limit it to the truth. Don’t make yourself General Niazi, DHAKA was conquered without a single bullet being fired. Remember!

    Realistically, can Pakistan afford a limited or a full extent war? Keeping in mind the socio-econo stability in the country? and what about if India launches a proxy war? Tension in Karachi and trying to dis-integrate Karachi is something very serious, it must have a backing of Indian/Israeli intelligence.

    We are united, yes we are and we will go to full extent if there is any war, but what are the consequences…ever thought of it.

  2. Thanks for your comments ali.

    This will not be anything like 71. Then, we had 2 borders to defend and logistically it was almost impossible. You could say it was a disaster waiting to happen. What lost it for us was bad political decisions. We’d lost East Pakistan long before 71.

    Without saying too much, the PAF has a few surprises up its sleeve, if it comes to war.

    The army’s response so far has sent shockwaves in Delhi. They weren’t expecting this. The botched attempt at bombing Muridke and Muzaffarabad a few days ago has made it clear on them that PAF is ready.

    India knows this, they tried to have the US guarantee that Pakistan won’t strike back. That alone shows their cowardice.

    Even if it did come to war, it would most likely be short and decisive one. PAF’s response would be crucial. Again, can’t say too much but rest assured the people incharge know exactly what to do to get India on its knees Inshallah.

    If its a long drawn out war, our chances are equally as good. The economic situation will get worse but nothing that we cannot handle.

    Sacrifices will need to be made of course and we’re not a nation that shies away from it.

    If they thought Iraqi and Afghan resistance was fierce, we can make them look like boyscouts in comparison.

    The history of Islam is full of such occasions where we have been outnumbered massively and have still overcome the enemy. Whether its the 313 against Quresh in the dusty desert at Badr or the rag tag army of Afghans against the Soviets.

    Anyway its not gonna come to that just yet, as long as we stay united at this critical hour and send a strong message to the aggressors that this nation of 160 million is not to be messed around with and despite what Zardari said, we will not hesitate in using our nukes if the existence of Pakistan was at stake. And India won’t be the only one getting it.

    Ghazi or Shaheed. Not everyone gets that opportunity.

  3. The problem with the current situation is that the indian government has painted itself into a corner. It cannot back out, without risking a rout in the general elections in may 2009, and they dont want war. The winner in india, so far, are the hindu extremists. That is no good news for indian minorities.

  4. Salaams every one

    We need to do something to unite ourselves as an Islamic Block. The problem is that we are not united with each other. We all muslims are busy engrossed with our missions of this world and are divided because of lack of faith. FAITH is one aspect that can keep us united. We have to stop secularism. I do not want to see a secular PAKISTAN. We need be true and real MUSLIMS with our acts. We need to make ZAID HAMID the president of PAKISTAN and we should kick out all the culprits..I might be changing the subject but we need to get rid of the current government no matter what it takes or our neighbours will again look for an opportunity.

    Get rid of people like Nawaz Shareef, Zardari, Altaf Hussain and all the rest bunch of BASTARDS that are responsible for humiliating Pakistan. What I am not able to understand is that why are people not coming out and protesting to get rid of Zardari and the rest of his bunch. Excuse my french but BASTARDS like Zardari, Nawaz Shareef and Altaf Hussain are bigger threats to our nation. GET RID OF THEM…

  5. There is an urgent need of the change in leadership, that’s for sure.

    Sir, our western border are still unsafe, there are drones now humiliating us, who know once we indulge in a full fledged war NATO ground forces will enter into the region. I hope and expect than the tribal warriors give them a warm reception what they deserved.

    News emerging that on the way back from tribal areas Pakistani forces received a warm and heartily welcome from the local population, people waved Pakistan Zindabad and Nara-e-Takbir, it so refreshing to hear.

    God bless Pakistan.


    Keep writing and do some gorilla marketing of your blog. I wish to see more comments and more hits at your blog 🙂

  6. Do you think honestly Pakistan can meet its regional challenges if the politics of mausoleums and worship of tombs continue thieving in the country the way its going on at present.

    Its bit sham to watch Pakistani media particularly PTV inconsistent with its national responsibility the way fake projection of diseased Benazir we are watching for last one week. Particularly at the face of present crises the country is facing. We ‘hv never watched more sinister goofiness getting delivered through this Govt or its state media.

    Whom these tomb worshiper are fooling to: themselves or us ?

  7. BTW, I forgot to mention about the “dog who barks”, how come the little doggy would bite, he has body “Made by UK”, teeth fixed by “USA”, and brains sponsored by “Mossad”.

  8. […] as we predicted, an all out war seems to have been averted and Indian media and officials are admitting […]

  9. […] as we predicted, an all out war seems to have been averted and Indian media and officials are admitting […]

  10. Mr. yhood boy ( I hope, I spelled his name right) and Few other, in our country, are on a payroll. Let them bark along with their Friends and employers across the boarder.
    As Far India threatening us with a war, was a Joke to begin with. I was laughing my guts out when I watched MR. megit, their Foreign minister giving us deadline. However, we must not let these comedians, get away with their Stupid threats. I would also advise, my dear officials, to stop Finding excuses for these Ignorant.

  11. India tells the whole world that Pakistan attacked Mumbai now the whole world wonders why India has not attacked Pakistan if India is telling the truth. Again barking dogs do not bite. They just bark. They barked before Pakistan did nuke test then they disappeared.

  12. […] as we predicted, an all out war seems to have been averted and Indian media and officials are admitting […]

  13. Dear Mr Editor.
    Please ensure some decency and civility is kept while making the the argument here – otherwise your website would loos its impact which you want to achieve through this noble cause.

  14. Spot on Shoaib. An indian-muslim friend of mine told me recently, he hopes there isn’t a war cuz they’ll make life a living hell for muslims in India who by and large are still somewhat sympathetic to Pakistan, especially when there’s a war on.

    SBH – This government will not last long, Inshallah. The time isn’t far when the people will rise to change this system once and for all. All the developments are pointing towards it.

    ABT – Thanks and your suggestions have been passed on to the relevant department. Keep letting us know of your suggestions and ideas, and thats to all of you.

    ASG – I couldn’t agree with you more. These bid’at are the reason we’re in this situation. As I said before, everything right now is building up to a revolution Inshallah.

    ASG – thanks for your input. I’ll be closely monitoring the comments from now on to cut out the unncessary abuse

  15. I agree with Mr. Gillani. Let’s keep derogatory language and emotions out and decency and civility in to have a healthy and meaningful debate.

  16. I would like to request my dear and beloved Pakistanis, to Strongly urge our current government and all the politicians to Pass an immediate resolution regarding our brave and patriotic army and ISI, Stating that, any Finger pointing an accusation against them will never be tolerated under any circumstances and would be taken as a chargeable offence. Furthermore, regardless what happens the Government of Pakistan will always Stand beside them.
    “Divide and rule” was one of the principle of British monarchy and Now, one of its major colony is trying the same against us. Believe me, with out these two important and crucial institutions, kiss the goodbye to Pakistan.

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  18. http://princefino.wordpress.com/

    “India bites the dust” Moral of the story, Too much excitement can be injurious….”

    Let them try to step foot into our borders. They will start the war but we will finish it. Its a promise by this Pakistani!

  19. in case of any hostility, the first target the PAF should take out is the Bhagliar dam, as this dam is already a declaration of war against Pakistan.

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