Evidence being deliberately ignored?

November 29, 2008
29th November 2008 | Dan Qayyum

42-21293336Strange that none of the media (TV or Print) have picked this up at all. Or have they been deliberately ignoring it?

Have a look at the above picture of one of the terrorists. [Another angle]

Notice the orange thread / band on his right hand.

Tying a red thread or cord around the wrist is a Hindu practice and it is unlikely a Muslim, especially one politicized enough to carry out an attack such as this, would observe it. I think this provides more evidence that this was a false flag operation or at least an attack by a non-Muslim group. For more information about the significance of the red thread see wikipedia and this blog post. [Thanks to Uruk]

Additionally, the terrorists inside the Nariman House Building were reported to have stocked up on supplies on Wednesday evening, buying not just food items but liquor, among other things, from a local store [Source]. Again, it is highly unlikely that a Muslim, let alone a ‘Mujahid’, and especially one politicized enough to carry out such an attack, would consume liquor in normal life, let alone hours before his inevitable ‘martyrdom’.

Don’t let them ignore it. Circulate this to as many people as you can as we strongly believe it wouldn’t have been ignored if the terrorists were carrying a copy of the Qur’an, or a taveez.



  1. His name is Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amin Kasab and he has been captured. Your report is one of the most absurd i have ever read.

  2. With all due respect, how does his being arrested, or him claiming to have a muslim name change anything? When you have ‘terrorists’ calling TV channels and allegedly speaking in Pakistani accents (despite calling it ‘jiyadti and julm’ instead of ‘ziyadti and zulm), it should not come as a shock that the name being used is a muslim one, specially when the plan is to blame it on Pakistan.

  3. @ James
    Interesting name for the guy in picture above!
    If you go around and ask Muslims, you would never find a person with such a name where Muhammad comes twice, infact the name you have mentioned (and so has the media), it suggests more than one person. its either Muhammad Ajmal Kasab or Muhammad Amin Kasab. Who cares,critics would still call him muslim, isnt it?
    About the red thread around the guy’s right hand, I noticed it even in the first pictures published online and i guess its the Rakhi Bandan which a Hindu sister would tie on her Hindu brother’s right arm.
    Anyways, I have a problem in understanding one thing, I keep on hearing Indian Channels saying “A Pakistani mobile SIM card was also found which has many contact numbers on it”. Would an ISI trained person be that stupid to carry on such a visible clue?

  4. People tend to believe what is been shown over and over N number of time. It gets into the sub-concious thinking. The media is controlled by the so-called Neocons. Reuters (just one example) is a Jewish lobby. But no-one will mis-trust/believe if they show something wrong.

    What is been shown is not always the reality!

    Even a kid can tell that Internet is a virtual world, who mail what does not have any significance- it is a virtual world. Then , how come everyone believes whenever their is an attack in any damn part of the world and the next moment some news agency receives an EMAIL from a so-called Islamic Terrorist group claimimg responsibility.

    We talk about been very smart and modern, but the truth is people of the new world are the most stupid people ever existed on Earth. They have closesd their eyes to see the Real, the Truth.

    Muslims are been targeted in a very well-organised manner but no-one wants to know the reason why?

  5. @ AYusufZai

    No hindu wears a rahki throughout the year. A turkish couple were spared by the terrorists because they were muslim. Any ways there is no doubt that those terrorists were muslim and that is why i found the article’s focus on an orange band very ridiculous.

    I do not think entire pakistan is to be blamed. Even pakistan is facing similar problems (Marriot blast etc). But groups like LeT operating within pak i think are responsible. Pak government needs to crack down hard on these elements.

  6. A red string is also worn by the adherents of the ancient form of Judaism called Kabballa. A famous celebrity who wears one is Madonna.

  7. take their pants out and one can know if they were muslims or hindus. i dont think any hindus will have thier circumsion done.

  8. well, i dont know if this comment of mine suits here.. but this person, if you just see his looks, doesnt seems at all a pakistani, rather you will c his resemblance, his features, certainly like an indian inhabitant.

  9. these stupid Indians,
    they have nothing to do except blaming pakistan, its is being on record that Inside India there are arround 100 extremist who are against indian Govt.
    To hide their weakness India is jus blaming pakistan without any proof.
    more than that the name of guy being told is fake ( Mohammad used twice )
    2nd how come such huge amount of weapon can be carry throuh just 2 guys in such such bigest hotel(
    wow ..
    why would these guy use Pakistani sim….lol. see the guys are so stupid and they managed to get into such sensitive place of bombay
    Indian Get a life buddies
    and wow to INdian Media , they hav been doing gr8 jobs . see the professionalism in their media

  10. @James:
    Well dear would you mind commenting on why did they kill 6 people from a muslim family (saw their family member weeping on an Indian TV channel on Thursday)?
    My point is, How and Why does media point fingers at Muslims within minutes of any happenings?
    Same thing happened in case of Samjota Express Bombings. ISI was blamed for it. and guess what? Indian supreme court has found out that an Indian Army Lt. Colonel Parohat was seriously involved in it. seems strange isnt it? well hold on then, Lt. Col’s case was under investigation by the slain ATS chief Haimant Karkary.
    Finally, I would also like to know how was it possible for useless and good for nothing Indian Intelligence Agencies to make an ISI trained terrorist confess within hours of interrogation? Keep in mind Indian media were so much pressing on words like THESE ARE FIDAYEN AND ARE NOT AFRAID OF DEATH. if a person is not afraid of death, why the hell would he give up information that could lead to his trainers?

  11. I am asking people only one thing, if indian intelligence agencies are so efficient in finding all the clues within 24 hours of the attacks, why couldnt they get a hint of such attacks happening before hand? Indian media claims the terrorits have been there for more than 2 weeks and had drawn their plans in detail within that time. how was it possible to smuggle so much arms and ammo into so popular sites without the concerned security agencies getting a hint of it?

  12. I would like to add further.. the indian navy is soooo keen in arresting paki fishermen and they let a boat(fully loaded with ammos) passby all round from karachi to mumbai .. what a shame for them……..plus the cell firmware can be programmed and the numbers can be feeded in a cellphone easily..

    Conclusion: A dog died in India.. Suspect: Pakistan did this.

  13. I took a good look at the second photo and have concluded that the invasion was not carried out by terrorists, but by recently deceased humans who have returned to life to eat the living.

  14. Actually indian navy is busy in drowning Somali pirates ships that they lose control of their own waters

  15. In case all have forgotten, Allah is the protector of us all. And in this case, He is the one who is directing everything. Let us all not forget that, whatever the strategies of anyone may be, only what is to be done by Him happens, and nothing else.

    We, as Pakistanis, have a responsibility towards our country. And, that responsibility is what directs us to take action towards anyone who takes any step towards, us, our country, other Muslims, and any other human being on the whole.

    May Allah bless Pakistan. Long Live Pakistan.

  16. Oh come guys if the Indians are saying he is a Pakistani he must be. I am sure they will find the proof. Maybe if they search the guys bags and stuff more throughly they will probably find his ISI identification card as well as his National ID card and possibly a merit certificate for completing the course in subversion signed by the DG ISI.

    P.S. We must remember Indians are not very good at finding things. Their Navy (the strongest and largest in the Indian Ocean), just a week ago sank a pirate ship in the Arabian Sea, however couldnt keep rubber boats out of their own territorial waters. OR maybe these guys came in a Pakistan navy submarine… who knows

  17. i respectfully , would like to add ma argument in here that the case is not by whom the TERROR has actually been caused…but the case is how v as Humans shud Deliberatley bring this Terrorism to an end?..instead of blaming this all upon either MUSLIMS or Hindus is not a source of bravery..instead there should be a COMPLETE and HONEST investigation about the facts that might prove that What and why is such a barbarious attack been done?…and who actually shoud be made 2 PAY 4 it..

  18. May Allah bless Our Country..ameen..
    no body has the right to blame anything directly upon our Country…we r the Believers of ISLAM…n our Lord is Allah..dere is nothing at all in Islam that might make us TERRORISTS!!
    i being a Pakistani and a Muslim ,accompanied with the feelings of all Pakistani , condemn all these Mumbai attacks wid the core of my heart..but ..i would definitely NEGLECT N OPPOSE this IMMATURE Blame upon Pakistan 4 such an act of Cowardice being actually done by some NON-MUSLIMS ofcourse!


  20. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=exvlatXpCnI

  21. AsalamoALikum from Yasir Kiani

    It is sad that these things are striking muslims every where but please note down that actually this is pre planned thing like 9/11 of USA. Actually Indian planned this very much before. first of all they engaged Pakistan Army in the Northern areas by sending the RAW agents to Afghan borders and did evrey thing to make people hate MUjhadin`s. Then engaged 1 lac plus army in that area.
    Now they are balming pakistani`s for it.
    actually that is their hate towards muslims and now easy to attack pakistan as their is less army on borders.
    Some body from Indian intelligence can tell you that they planned these things. More over get the answers of these questions
    1. Only 10 people to capture whole Mumbai
    2. 2000 rooms in Taj mahal hotel and 3 persons are enough to capture it for 2 days.
    3. They have a lot of ammunition and no body noticed that how they are travelling
    4. without knowing the cause direct blame on pakistan after the first shot
    5. elections are near by
    6. what happened in 1971 war and how india palnned
    7. Why a police man who gave his statement did nothing to save his country as he was wearing bullet proof jacket.
    8. how come a person who want to die tells you every thing wihtout being hurt

    Please look in your inside beofre blaming. We dont want fight never. live with peace and let other live with peace

  22. May Allah bless PAKISTAN..ameen..
    no body has the right to blame anything directly upon our Country…we r the Believers of ISLAM…n our Lord is Allah..dere is nothing at all in Islam that might make us TERRORISTS!!
    i being a Pakistani and a Muslim ,accompanied with the feelings of all Pakistani , condemn all these Mumbai attacks wid the core of my heart..but ..i would definitely NEGLECT N OPPOSE this IMMATURE Blame upon Pakistan 4 such an act of Cowardice being actually done by some NON-MUSLIMS ofcourse!

  23. […] post from November 29th, 2008 titled ‘Evidence Being Deliberately Ignored?’ has been featured in the above program (Clip 1, 7 minutes and 20 seconds) word for word. As […]

  24. Look closely it’s not a Thread that the Hindus wear.

    It’s too thick

    It’s bright orange- what they wear is a reddish one

    Their Red thread also has a white one woven into it- this is plain orange.

  25. This is same Drama played by Bush Government for 9/11 every thing was planned by INDIAN INTELLIGENCE.
    Camras was waiting for TERRORISTS and taj hotel also.

    making fool the other world INDIA want to become the TERRORISTS VICTUM where as it is their own interest.
    Bush got OIL wells by attacking on TERRORISTS in araq and got the close view on CHINA by attacking onm Afghanistan so INDIA also want to be a part of this major event planed by AMERCANS to surround the CHINA.

    anyway it is nice Trick by INDIA

  26. Well. I will not talk about the band on hand or liqour.

    Indian press and gov says that they were from Lashkaray Taiba. well every body knows that Lashkaray Taiba and other groups like them always looks for an opportunity to came in limelight of media to promote there thoughts.
    Why they are leting a chance by using a non famous organization.
    Strange isnt it.
    They are saying WE are DAKAN Mujahideen but Indian gov says NO you are LT.

  27. Hi folks!
    Why cannot you guys understand Indian psyche before you could start commenting on it. Please remember the Panikar’s (the Indian plunkar) debunked plant of 1930s and the George Bush’s recent hard work has now led India to really believe that it is no more a black nation in the world. Although its people’s colour remains still black even more than its neighbour Pakistan. So Pakistan has to be mentally ready to find itself in a very laughable situation sometime and in many cases a copy cat positions of West. This is called new World Order in which India would change its face colour and do many playful roles on behalf of West.

  28. While i agree, one of my friends did point out that the terrorists were in mumbai for two weeks and could of been wearing them to blend in while there,etc.

  29. Reported 1000s of Israel military trainers in India. Halfway house only for vactioning Jews. But big questions,what’s the Jews doing in India and why did this half way house allowed the attackers to stay–for two weeks. It stinks!
    Jews are noted to kill their own/paid workers to blame others. One good example–911 attacks
    Jews must be stopped from infesting countries. Look what they have done to the stupid host America

  30. I find that In Malaysia, many-many males Hindu wear the kalva and those who wear it seem to be pious Hindu. I have been checking it since the news about the man wearing the wrist red band was shown on the internet. Picture does not always cheat. It talks thousands words. This guy is indeed Hindu, not Muslim. Now if the Indian government keep on saying that the Muslims were the perpetrators, they will keep on facing the attack because the action encourage the Hindu because there were unchecked.

  31. To James (9:17 pm)-

    You inbred reptile, cowardly, warmongering, mass murdering, bloodsucking, eternal evil jew terrorist rodent scum are really getting desperate aren`t you?

    How`s your cousin Adam Pearlman (aka “Adam Ghadan”) doing these days? You know the leader of the cia/mossad created boogeyman “Al Qaeda”.

  32. […] Did I miss something? Can you tell which model of AK it is from the photo on this page? Evidence being deliberately ignored? Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz The only video I have seen put the police and the gunmen at quite close range, less than 50 yds. […]

  33. HEllo, the band on his hand – they were all wearing it, as they wanted to fool the authorities that they were fisherment, when they were entering Indian waters from Pakistan side, in a hijacked boat.

    So pls stop fooling your own self, when Your paki government themself have accepted that all the terrorists were Pakistani nationals.

    No doubt, your country is a breeding ground for terrorists, and now the WHOLE WORLD knows this fact.

  34. Who benefits from the crime? 🙂

  35. How much longer will we allow false flag incidents to kick off needless wars on behlaf of Israel continue? Will it ‘change’ under Obama? Highly doubtful. Israel already owns Obama after he picked Rahm Emanuel, the son of a terrorist, as Chief of Staff. Obama will probably let Mossad slide on their 9/11 involvement and Obama will continue Middle East wars. So who won the US election? Israel did, as always.
    Excellent piece on Israel and 9/11, here:

  36. yes, you Pakis are correct to call it a ‘false-flag’ attack….got a cool word for a explaining why a Paki trained militant was wearing a “false-flag” – a pink-orange ribbon on his wrist’ to full the authorizes into believing that he was Hindu……similar to how ur Paki & Afghani terrorists attack in Kashmir’s civilian areas wearing Indian army dress…..and your media reports that Indian army has been committing atrocities & human-rights violation in the Valley…..


  38. The dawn newspaper itself acknowledges that the Kasab is from Pakistan.
    See the following link

    In retrospect, all the debate about the orange band appears meaningless now.
    I think it is time, all pakistani people stop watching the stupid zaid hamid talk shows

  39. Some answers to ur queries.
    1>The orange thread which u are talkin about are from the board of indian trawler(boat),Kuber which the terrorists used to enter indian seas after killing all its crew. All indian trawlers will have a small place for worship where these threads,vermillons will be presentfor the puja.So they used these materials inorder to escape if any coast guards will stop them to question.
    2>some are questioning how a 10 people can cause such a havoc by killing 180 peoples…
    But,there were only a bunch of them who destroyed the world trade centre killing more then 5000 people in U.S . If tht much security U.S couldnt stop,how can india with a police without any rifle could stop it.

  40. Ask Nawaz Sharif about this guy.

  41. it costs a rupee to put that string on? are u kidding me? is that the basis u want to create an argument? the country is imploding…adn u want to see what to talk about what the guy is wearing? the ENTIRE world now says all of them were pakistanis, the sooner pakistan comes to term with this the better. I have convinced my pakistani friends..it took a lot of convincing…brown from the UK, suggests over 60% of all terrorist acts across the world originate or are steered from pak!! come on..guys, lets take the problem on head on….u dont have to go far, enough bombs go off in pak every day!

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