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EXCLUSIVE: Attempted Coup In New Delhi

November 30, 2008

42-21302233With a traumatized nation and a paralyzed government, a core group of secular ideologues and Hindu nationalists are executing a ‘soft coup’ in New Delhi to bring to power hawks who want to pursue America’s agenda of grooming India as a regional policeman, sort out Pakistan and confront China. India will self-destroy in the process. India’s military and intelligence has been penetrated. The man who uncovered the plot, Hemant Karkare, the antiterrorism chief of Mumbai police, was the first target of the mysterious terrorists. Patriotic Indians need to wake up and save their country.

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What India’s forced ‘confessions’ are all about

November 29, 2008

The following is BBC’s news report from Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Seven men have retracted their confessions a week after police in the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay) said they had solved recent serial bombings. They told a court on Monday that their admission of guilt was obtained by police bullying and coercion. The court remanded them in judicial custody until 20 October.

More than 180 people were killed and 700 wounded in the bomb blasts in commuter trains in July. Police arrested 16 “key suspects”.

‘Political pressure’

Police said Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) – along with two Pakistan-based militant organisations – were behind the bombings. The lawyer for the seven accused men, Shahid Azmi, claimed his clients were forced to sign on blank papers. He said their signatures were not obtained in the presence of a police officer of the rank of deputy commissioner, which is mandatory under the law.

Most of the 16 accused men have been arrested under a law called the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act.

Mr Azmi said the police knew many of the accused men some time before the Mumbai blasts.

“They were picked up and let off several times between 2001 and 2006 on suspicions of being involved in the bomb blasts that took place in this period. But they have now been re-arrested under political pressure,” he said.

Police say they have evidence against all the men arrested, which will be produced in court during the trial. But there were some who expressed doubts over recent police claims that they had solved the Mumbai bomb blasts case, and the finger-pointing at Pakistan’s ISI. They say police must produce firm evidence against the accused men which can stand in court.



Why India should look within.

November 29, 2008

Having cried wolf a few times too many, its not surprising that the rest of the world has, to be frank, had enough. Its about time India acknowledged the threats within its own borders not just from Muslims who feel increasingly alienated, but the rising threat of Hindu Terrorism, as proven in the case of the Malegaon attacks and Samjhauta Express bombings. Pointing the finger at Pakistan every time while ignoring / denying the threats it faces from within, coupled with a failure to address the deep-seated problems that fuel this hatred – will be counterproductive and will have disastrous consequences for India in the months/years to come.

Dan Qayyum – Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz

42-20656594 Chrtistine Fair, senior political scientist and a South Asia expert at the RAND Corporation, was careful to say that the identity of the terrorists could not yet be known. But she insisted the style of the attacks and the targets in Mumbai suggested that the militants were likely to be Indian Muslims – and not linked to Al Qaeda or the violent South Asian terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

“There’s absolutely nothing Al Qaeda-like about it,” she said of the attack. “Did you see any suicide bombers? And there are no fingerprints of Lashkar. They don’t do hostage taking, and they don’t do grenades.” Fair believes the attacks could be “yet another manifestation of domestic terrorism” that has its genesis in a longstanding institutional discrimination against Muslims.

“There are a lot of very, very angry Muslims in India,” she said, “The economic disparities are startling, and India has been very slow to publicly embrace its rising Muslim problem. You cannot put lipstick on this pig. This is a major domestic political challenge for India.”

“The public political face of India says, ‘Our Muslims have not been radicalized.’ But the Indian intelligence apparatus knows that’s not true. India’s Muslim communities are being sucked into the global landscape of Islamist jihad.

“Indians will have a strong incentive to link this to Al Qaeda. ‘Al Qaeda’s in your toilet!’ But this is a domestic issue. This is not India’s 9/11.” Hoffman agreed that the assault was “not exactly Al Qaeda’s modus operandi, which is suicide attacks.”

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‘India trains all sorts of peoples, from terrorists to militants to fanatics, to suit its national and international needs. But in order to cover up its nefarious activities it focuses on Islam, Muslims, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Hajj, etc.; and blames its neighbors. Indian intelligence agencies are frustrated over the strong lobbying for highlighting Kashmir human rights violations at international forums by some NGOs in Europe and U.S., with the support of Indian human rights and peace activists. A huge lot of resources are being wasted on propaganda purposes by Indian government directly throughout the world.’

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‘The Indian government has two choices. First, it can simply say that the perpetrators are a domestic group. In that case, it will be held accountable for a failure of enormous proportions in security and law enforcement. It will be charged with being unable to protect the public. On the other hand, it can link the attack to an outside power: Pakistan. In that case it can hold a nation-state responsible for the attack, and can use the crisis atmosphere to strengthen the government’s internal position by invoking nationalism. Politically this is a much preferable outcome for the Indian government, and so it is the most likely course of action. This is not to say that there are no outside powers involved — simply that, regardless of the ground truth, the Indian government will claim there were.’

Possible Geopolitical Consequences of the Mumbai Attacks | Stratfor.


‘India’s political leaders have long congratulated themselves on the absence of any home-grown al-Qaida threat.

But this week’s attack in Mumbai is the latest in a series of incidents that have forced the Indian government to acknowledge privately that there may be Islamist militant groups within its borders. Pranab Mukherjee, India’s foreign minister, explicitly accused Pakistan of involvement yesterday, but Indian defence analysts concede that it would have been near impossible to mount such a carefully coordinated assault on the city without some degree of local support.’

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‘In the interests of combating terrorism, it won’t be long before anti-terrorist squads ask Indians with Muslim names questions like:  what are you doing out so late? Do you have a legitimate reason for walking near that hotel? How can you prove that you live in this city? If you’re not from here, what reason do you have for being in this city? It won’t be long before Indian Muslims are arrested simply for being Muslims, and asked to prove that they are not terrorists. As for the public, the great majority will applaud these actions. They’ll say it is unfortunate, but it is necessary. We know this because we have seen it all before.’ 

Is India reaping a harvest of hatred sown by Indians?  – We’ve seen it all before. A Sri Lankan Perspective.


Also, lets revisit the Samjhota Express blasts as well as Melagaon, both of which were blamed on Pakistan (ISI and Lashkar-e-Taiba) just as they’re trying to pin this one on us.

‘Indian authorities and the media were quick to assert that the evidence overwhelmingly pointed towards Pakistan and ISI. With the immediate release of sketches of the suspects, it seemed that Indians had it all figured out. For Pakistan it was nothing more than a feeling of déjà vu; India is known to have a history of blaming Pakistan and ISI for the smallest of occurrences in India, hardly ever backing it up with any credible evidence. And so when in 2006 Malegaon, a town in the Nashik district of the Indian state of Maharashtra, located at some 290 km to the northeast of state capital Mumbai, was rattled by a series of bombings, the blame was put on groups having links with Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Maharashtra Police blamed the Student Islamic Movement of India, further linking them to Lashkar-e-Taiba and in turn the ISI.’

‘The unlikely twist surfaced recently in India with the arrests of 10 people, including a serving Lieutenant Colonel Prashad Srikant Purohit, a Hindu monk and nun for their alleged involvement in bomb explosions that killed six people in the Muslimdominated town of Malegaon this year. So far, ten people, including a selfproclaimed Hindu seer and a serving lieutenant colonel, have been arrested for their involvement in the Sep 29 bombing. Besides Purohit, of the accused also include Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Shivnarayan Singh Kalsangram, Shyam Bhawarlal Sahu, Major Ramesh Shivji Upadhyay (retd), Sameer Kulkarni, Rakesh Dattaram Dhavde and Ajay Rahirkar. The suspicion is now directed at the extremist Hindu movement Sangh Parivar, a network linked to a former Major, and now in custody, Ramesh Upadhyay who represents the terrorist organization, Abhinav Bharat.’

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Also check out PKKH’s coverage of the Kashmir crisis:
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Also checkout the findings of the 2006 Sachar Committee Report, on the social, economic and educational status of the Muslim community of India, and a full list of all known extremist, militant and insurgent groups working in India.


Blaming it all on ‘Al Qaeda’ again..

November 29, 2008


The majority of the corporate media has gleefully seized upon the terror attacks in Mumbai to claim that they are the work of “Al-Qaeda,” despite clear and contradictory evidence suggesting otherwise, as a pretext to increase bombing campaigns in Pakistan and beef support for the ailing war on terror in Afghanistan.

“Earlier eyewitness reports from the hotels suggested the attackers were singling out British and American passport holders,” reports the BBC.

“If the reports are true, our security correspondent Frank Gardner says it implies an Islamist motive – attacks inspired or co-ordinated by al-Qaeda.”

Really? Perhaps the BBC’s “security correspondent” should be worried about his job security, because the facts directly contradict previous alleged “Al-Qaeda” attacks.

Since when do Al-Qaeda take hostages? Since when do they hang around to be caught? Since when do Al-Qaeda use grenades rather than bombs or suicide bombs?

And if the attacks were targeted against British and American citizens then tell me why, out of at least 101 killed, was there only one British victim?

If the attacks were targeted against British and American citizens then why were the terrorists reported to be firing AK-47’s indiscriminately into crowds of (mainly Indian) people? Out of 101 victims, only six were foreigners, the rest were Indian. This was blatantly not a targeted attack against British and American citizens, but it is being spun that way by the media so as to justify a coordinated British and American military response, which will no doubt take the form of more bombing raids inside Pakistan and an increased presence in Afghanistan.

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Evidence being deliberately ignored?

November 29, 2008
29th November 2008 | Dan Qayyum

42-21293336Strange that none of the media (TV or Print) have picked this up at all. Or have they been deliberately ignoring it?

Have a look at the above picture of one of the terrorists. [Another angle]

Notice the orange thread / band on his right hand.

Tying a red thread or cord around the wrist is a Hindu practice and it is unlikely a Muslim, especially one politicized enough to carry out an attack such as this, would observe it. I think this provides more evidence that this was a false flag operation or at least an attack by a non-Muslim group. For more information about the significance of the red thread see wikipedia and this blog post. [Thanks to Uruk]

Additionally, the terrorists inside the Nariman House Building were reported to have stocked up on supplies on Wednesday evening, buying not just food items but liquor, among other things, from a local store [Source]. Again, it is highly unlikely that a Muslim, let alone a ‘Mujahid’, and especially one politicized enough to carry out such an attack, would consume liquor in normal life, let alone hours before his inevitable ‘martyrdom’.

Don’t let them ignore it. Circulate this to as many people as you can as we strongly believe it wouldn’t have been ignored if the terrorists were carrying a copy of the Qur’an, or a taveez.


The Mumbai Drama

November 29, 2008


For the past many weeks, the biggest story in India was involvement of Indian Military Intelligence officers in orchestrated acts of terrorism against Muslims to create a Hindu-Muslim riot situation as well as to create a justification for war against Pakistan. Many Indian army officers were caught and Indian Police was forced to work deeper into finding more BJP, Bajrang Dal and RSS terrorists in Indian military and Intelligence setup. This story had created a serious panic in Indian military and their Fascist patrons in Hindu Zionists. Something had to be done to divert the attention of the world and Indian public from acts of terrorism by Hindu Hardliners. …..Then comes the Mumbai Massacre.

Even when the shootings were going on in hotels, Indian media and army were blaming Pakistan for the attacks. The game is clear and sinister. The Indian Intelligence have diverted the global attention towards another issue where they would blame Pakistan for this slaughter and use Barack Obama’s doctrine of attacks on Pakistan to encircle Pakistan from both sides. It is such a shame that Pakistani media is not highlighting this issue and is only repeating what Indians want the world to see and

There is no such group in India as Daccan Mujahideen.

In the coming days, Pakistan should prepare for a high risk threat response as Indians would go to any limit to open another front against Pakistan to divert the local and world attention from their internal fascist elements in Hindu Zionists and military intelligence. The enclosed document is a BT policy paper and explains the actual sinister game which Hindu fascists are trying to hide.

May Allah protect Pakistan from all enemies.

Wassalam and Dua / Pakistan Zindabaad / Zaid Hamid

DOWNLOAD: Brasstack’s Policy Paper on Hindu Terrorism.

WATCH: BrassTacks’ Zaid Hamid explains the Mumbai drama on NewsONE –  VIDEO


India’s 9/11?

November 27, 2008


Mumbai’s night of terror underscores a phenomenon concealed by the Indian government and intelligence agencies and deliberately ignored by a biased Anglo-American media for a long time: The rise of a virulent form of Hindu terrorism that begets violence from other minorities. Here is a list of almost one hundred groups that are fighting the Indian government. All of them thrive in India. The context for what has happened in Mumbai is stunning only for those unaware how a cocktail mix of wrong policies, official patronage to extremism, and separatist movements have come together to destabilize India.

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