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Attacks kill 8 CIA employees, 5 Canadians in Afghanistan

December 31, 2009

(CNN) — An attack by a suicide bomber at a military base in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday killed eight Americans believed to be CIA employees, a senior U.S. official told CNN.

Also Wednesday, four Canadian soldiers and a Canadian journalist were killed when a roadside bomb hit their armored vehicle in southern Afghanistan, Canada’s defense ministry said.

The suicide bombing happened at Forward Operating Base Chapman in Khost province, Afghanistan. The senior U.S. official who spoke to CNN said information indicates the bomber walked into a gym facility at the base and detonated a suicide vest. It is believed six Americans were wounded in addition to the eight killed. It’s not known how the bomber got past security.

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A Confused Pakistani Government

October 22, 2009

The Nation | Editorial

A traumatized nation watches its confused leaders make contradictory statements on the university attack and the Kerry-Lugar bill.

WITH an ongoing military operation and rampant terrorism across the country, the first priority for the government should have been to establish clarity of purpose and strategy. Unfortunately, that is still missing and this weakness stands exposed today as never before. A mere glance at the babble of statements coming forth from government personnel, shows the confusion and panic gripping those who should be allaying people’s fears and providing credible leadership. After the Islamic University (IIU) blast, the Interior Minister declared that it was a security lapse. However, by evening he had altered his mind and declared that there had been no security lapse at the IIU because it was out of the “security zone”. Was he implying that only certain elite areas, “the security zone”, was meant to get extra security, while the rest of the country remains a soft target for terrorists?

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Geo-Strategic Chessboard: War Between India and China?

October 17, 2009

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya | Global Research

Since 1947, India has not fully pledged itself to any camp or global pole during the Cold War and as a result was a founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement (N.A.M.). Since the post-Cold War era that position has eroded. New Delhi has been gradually moving away from its traditional position, relationships, and policies in the international arena for over a decade.

India has been vied for as an ally in the “Great Game” that is underway, once again. This round of the “Great Game” is, however, being played under a far broader spectrum than the one played between Britain and Czarist Russia. In question is the Indian power relationship with two geo-political entities: the first is the “Periphery” and the second is “Eurasia.”

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Zardari Looking To Replace Kayani?

October 11, 2009

Amir Mir

LAHORE: Amidst rising tension between Pakistan’s civilian government and the country’s military tops brass over some controversial provisions of the Kerry-Lugar Bill, there are reports that President Asif Zardari has been contemplating to replace Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani for his persistent opposition to the USD 7.5 billion American financial assistance programme.

The Pakistani military leadership has already made public its opposition to the Kerry-Lugar Bill by issuing a formal press release following the October 7, 2009 corps commanders’ conference which evoked immediate panic at the presidency and in government corridors. The statement issued by the military spokesman expressed serious concern over some of the provisions of the legislative bill and warned that these could affect ’national security’. Unlike previous no-strings US aid packages, Kerry-Lugar non-military financial assistance bill makes support conditional on Pakistan’s military being subordinated to its elected government, and taking action against militants sheltering on its soil. The Pakistani military leadership’s ire is focused on the Kerry-Lugar Bill’s specific requirements that the US Secretary of State certify, at six-month intervals, that the Pakistani military remains under civilian oversight, even specifying such details as the need for the government to control senior command promotions.

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US Recruiting Retired Pakistani Military Officers

October 1, 2009


Who Protected Ali Zaidi, A Frontman For American Mercenaries In Pakistan?

An Report

Despite denials by the US Embassy in Islamabad, this incident exposes the presence of American private security operations similar to Blackwater in Pakistan. The embassy and US citizens working for either the US government or the US military are recruiting retired and well connected Pakistani military officers in order to build a network of informants and special operations agents inside Pakistan. This is tantamount to creating a US military presence in Pakistani cities without sending the US army into Pakistan. To counter reports the growing reports of how the US is raising private security militias armed with heavy weapons to supplement the existing information-gathering network and the coming expansion in the US diplomatic presence in Pakistan; the mainstream US media is churning out stories that seek to discredit these reports as ‘conspiracy theories’.

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US Military Bases ‘Will Destabilize Pakistan’

September 15, 2009


“The Americans are going to set up a large intelligence network inside Pakistan. And for that the excuse is that because we are spending this money directly on projects, therefore we need the security guards and we are bringing in the contractors. But in reality, what I fear is that, they really want to go for Pakistan’s nuclear assets. They are inching close to those nuclear assets day by day. They are getting very close and I am sure they are, because of their intelligence tentacles there, they are trying to gather information so that whatever surgical operation they have to carry out against our nuclear assets in connivance with Israel and India those will be totally taken out and nothing will be left in the hands of Pakistan”, General Hamid Gul

The following is a transcript of a Press TV interview with Pakistan’s former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Hamid Gul.

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Chinese Poll: 90% say India threatens China’s security

July 18, 2009

Zhu Shanshan | Editorial by PakNationalists

India used the distraction of North Korea’s recent missile tests to reinforce its military presence on China’s border in the disputed territory that India calls Arunachal Pradesh.

Being a disputed territory pending settlement, observers are interpreting the Indian move as a sign of New Delhi’s lack of sincerity in its commitments with China. The move also underlines India’s longstanding policy of unilateral action against neighbors whenever a geostrategic chance offers itself. India has done this in China’s Tibet province.

There is also evidence of close contacts between Indian intelligence officers and terrorists claiming to represent Chinese Muslims inside Afghanistan. Pakistan first identified this unique Indian style in managing relations with neighboring nations in 1956 when New Delhi backstabbed Pakistan and annexed Kashmir, and again in 1971 when India launched an unprovoked invasion of East Pakistan to help break up the country. And after 9/11, India is using Afghanistan to export terrorism into Pakistan in the guise of fake Taliban and fomenting separatism in other parts of Pakistan. India has accepted this Pakistani charge in the joint statement released in Egypt after the summit meeting between Pakistani and Indian prime ministers.

Our advice to China: Do not trust the Indians. They are masters at this game, and they are getting emboldened thanks to full backing by the American and the British propaganda machine.

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Is US ‘Occupying’ Pakistan?

June 23, 2009

38 Pakistanis Killed By CIA Drones Every Month Since 2006

Not only killing Pakistanis, but the U.S. is quietly increasing the number of its soldiers based in Balochistan and NWFP, and is building a massive military fortress right behind the Presidency and PM House in Islamabad that will cost one billion dollars. The arrival of the Americans comes with increased separatist chatter inside Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP, and the Northern Areas. The silence of the Zardari government has been bought for US $ 1.5 billion. Gradually, America will turn Pakistan to a mess like Iraq, with sectarian killings and proxy wars. The Pakistani people and the military need to wake up.

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Stop The Rot In Pakistan

May 20, 2009

If the political parties are unable to produce leaders, we cannot wait for them forever to do so. We in Pakistan do not have the luxury of time. The military can and will prevail over the threats facing us for the time being, but who will assume the challenge of making Pakistan an attractive place for its citizens? Pakistan’s existing ‘national leadership has been a failure in the best of times. Our challenges are tall and our leaders are pygmies. To move forward, Pakistan needs a new deal for the 21st century. And this deal cannot come through the ballot for the foreseeable future. Our best chance is for Pakistan’s best and brightest – outside the realm of our failed parties and a failed system – to step forward with a plan to remodel the state. Stop The Rot In Pakistan

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US bill links military aid to AQ Khan

May 17, 2009

To qualify for US military assistance, Pakistan will have to produce Dr. A.Q. Khan before American interrogators.Islamabad will also have to pledge to monitor all future activities of the nuclear scientist who is seen as a hero at home but as a villain in the West.

The purpose of the bill, as enunciated in the official text, is ‘to restrict US military assistance to the government of Pakistan.’



Obama Is Lying About Pakistan

May 5, 2009


Mr. Obama used a domestic event to ‘accidentally’ declare war on Pakistan. Now his team is trying to encourage the Pakistani military to seize power. The Americans destroyed Pakistan’s stability through the Benazir-Musharraf deal in 2007. They are doing it again. Here is the easiest way of telling the Americans to: Lay off, stop lecturing us on India, stop supporting separatism, and mend your ways in Afghanistan.

It is not difficult to respond to the entire American psy-ops on Pakistan, which are built on half-truths, disinformation and in some cases outright lies. This campaign is successful mainly because of the broad influence of the U.S. media in setting the world news agenda.

Read more | Ahmed Quraishi


Pakistan’s major threat: US ignorance

March 26, 2009

Shireen M Mazari

US ignorance regarding the ground realities of Pakistan is a source of major threat to Pakistan, both in terms of its internal dynamics and external security concerns. Taking the internal dynamics first, there were the crude US interventions during the nation’s reassertion of its self in the context of the long march and the demand for the restoration of the constitutional chief justice – with members of the US Administration trying to bulldoze the opposition political leaders into abandoning the march to Islamabad and into making unholy compromises with their present favourite Pakistani – President Zardari. It is a testimony to the Pakistani people that the US failed in its nefarious designs and at the end of the day had to make conciliatory statements regarding the restoration of Chief Justice Chaudhry. But imperial hubris could not resist sending the CIA chief to Islamabad to coincide with the CJP’s date of restoration of office.

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Peace, For Now: Military Breaks Warring Politicians, Wait For The Next Crisis

March 19, 2009

Let’s not pat ourselves on the back too much. The celebration and the sighs of relief must not eclipse a worrisome development: The massive, embarrassing and unprecedented failure of political leadership in Pakistan over the past couple of weeks. That failure was no small event. The original sin of disturbing the Pakistani political process is born by the United States and Britain. The attempts at political manipulation by both countries as far back as 2006 have destabilized Pakistan. Their latest intervention was designed to protect their interests. Let’s celebrate the moment. But let’s also take our politicians to task for their failed leadership. And let’s keep an eye on the next crisis. It is coming.

Ahmed Quraishi

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A victory for the nation and for justice

March 19, 2009

Shireen M Mazari

The direct nation-state confrontation that began with the start of the Pakistani people’s long march for the restoration of the constitutional Chief Justice and an independent judiciary ended in a state of national jubilation on March 16 as the prime minister announced the use of his executive authority to restore Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. The nation had cause to celebrate since it defied all pressures from within the country and from our external so-called allies. The US especially had sought to push the defiant political leaders into accepting unacceptable compromises and trusting the tried, tested and found wanting leadership of the country. Now the US may put any spin on the issue it wants but the fact of the matter is that the people of Pakistan led by the lawyers and critically supported by some of the main political parties defied the state and its foreign detractors to secure a victory for justice.

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What worked in Iraq won’t help Afghanistan

March 18, 2009


General Petraeus’ Afghan ‘surge’ is an attempt to whack the Taleban round the head because they will not negotiate unless they are hurting. This is, broadly speaking, what Henry Kissinger believed of the Vietcong in 1968. The US increased troop numbers to drive them to the table to make concessions.

Rory Stewart has witnessed both our major conflicts. Here, in an extract from a speech at Chatham House, he suggests a new way forward.

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EXCLUSIVE: Declassified NATO documents

March 2, 2009

Describing the West’s war strategy in Afghanistan

Here is a declassified NATO document which I see is marked for “Official Use” only. Should I have this? Well, I do. (Sorry NATO!)

Anyhow, this document explains how they will fight the war in Afghanistan.

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SWAT Peace Deal: Separating facts from fiction

March 2, 2009

Farzana Shah takes a detailed look at what is gained and what is lost in Swat deal: BrassTacks Policy analysis on Swat deal.

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Bharatiya Sthalsena

March 1, 2009

One out of every 200 Indians is already employed by the Indian Armed Forces. Three out of every four Indians already live at or less than $2 a day. Bharat Sarkar (the Government of India) has, however, now jacked up the defence budget by a massive 55 percent. Who is India going to fight with?

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US Aware India Supporting Pakistani Taliban

February 19, 2009


Taken from an article in Foreign Policy Magazine:

While the U.S. media has frequently reported on Pakistani ties to jihadi elements launching attacks in Afghanistan, it has less often mentioned that India supports insurgent forces attacking Pakistan, the former intelligence official said. “The Indians are up to their necks in supporting the Taliban against the Pakistani government in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” the former intelligence official who served in both countries said. “The same anti-Pakistani forces in Afghanistan also shooting at American soldiers are getting support from India. India should close its diplomatic establishments in Afghanistan and get the Christ out of there.”

“The Indians are almost certainly going to do something before [their] elections,” said AEI military analyst Thomas Donnelly. “They will strike camps in Pakistan. They are really pissed about the incompetence of the response to the [Mumbai] attacks. …. It doesn’t look like the Pakistanis are willing to or even can do anything that will satisfy the Indians. I would really be surprised if something doesn’t happen, unless that changes. They got an election coming up in March or April. It will be an interesting test for the United States.”

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Taliban backed by RAW trained Wah bombers
Baitullah Mehsud’s TTP Threatens Jihadis


How To Overthrow A Government.

February 14, 2009

Came accross this piece written on and would recommend all of you to read it, as it will help understand what Pakistan has gone through in the last couple of years. Written in 2004, this article sums everything we’ve seen in Pakistan since around 04-05.

1. Find some opposition…ANY opposition in the country. Your best bet is some rich members of a former oligarchy or former military. Begin giving them funds, and, start training some of them in case you need to move in the direction of military action. I understand there is a nice training facility in the Florida Everglades that is available as all the Haitian death-squadders who trained there are now busy destroying Haiti. 
(PKKH: Bugti, NS, BB, Ex Servicemen, TTP)

2. Come up with some reasons that the current government must go. The reasons could be true or not, that is irrelevant. A popular one to use would be economic issues, which goes well with number 4, below. 
(PKKH: Return to democracy, War on Terror, Border attacks, Lal Masjid, CJ Dismissal)

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Pakistan Is Not America’s ‘War Theater’

February 3, 2009

There is no doubt left that we are fast approaching a point where some form of military intervention will become a necessity, in a way that is diametrically different from the past. We, the civilians, will need to borrow the organizational capabilities of the Pakistani military to help civilians in power reshape the Pakistani state domestically and in terms of foreign policy.

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Fearing containment, China raises defence spending

February 3, 2009

BEIJING, Jan 20: China fears containment abroad and separatist groups at home, a defence policy paper said, justifying a drive to increase military spending and push the People’s Liberation Army into the high-tech era.

China has long feared being surounded by hostile forces on its extensive borders, whether by Russia in the north and west, India to the southwest or allies of the USA in the east, including South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Read More

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Indian Soliders Killing Themselves

January 25, 2009


A member of an elite Indian army unit has shot dead six other soldiers in a shooting incident in the north-eastern state of Manipur, the army says.

The soldier from the Assam Rifles elite paramilitary force shot a comrade dead after an argument, a spokesman said.
He said the killer then shot dead five other soldiers who tried to disarm him, before fleeing the scene.

It seems more Indian Army soldiers commit suicide (or kill each other) than die in battle.

Since 2004: 392 Indian soldiers have been killed in militant attacks.
Since 2004: 652 Indian Army Soldiers have either committed suicide or have been killed by their colleagues.
Out of these 652, 521 committed suicide.

These numbers have gone up from around 40 a year in the late 90s and early 00s to nearly 150 in recent years.

DWF15-414956Psychology lessons as well as Music therapy has apparently failed to stop Indian Soldiers killing themselves and their colleauges. To be honest we can’t really blame them if it is Himesh Reshamiyya being blared on massive speakers – used as therapy.

Some analysts say the incidents reflect battle fatigue amongst the soldiers fighting Kashmiri Mujahideen as they continue to face humiliating losses on a daily basis.

There is also concern over what is seen as indiscipline and alcohol abuse among members of the security agencies which have been given extraordinary powers to tackle militancy.

India’s defence ministry ordered an inquiry into such incidents years ago but its findings have not been made public.

Meanwhile a quick search on google came up with the following news reports:

As Indian Army Gets New Chief, Another Soldier Commits Suicide
Indian Army female officer commits suicide
Falling Esprit de Corps: Fragging and Suicides in Indian Army
Indian soldier slays five colleagues
Kashmir soldier kills colleagues
Indian soldier turns on colleagues
Indian Army suffers 100 suicides a year (2006)
Suicide Deaths Worry India Army
Indian soldier ‘kills comrades’

The Sorry State of the Indian Army


Five Reasons Why India Can’t ‘Do A Gaza ‘ On Pakistan

January 7, 2009

Over the last week, many Americans (and not a few Indians) have asked me why India does not “do a Gaza” on Pakistan, referring, of course, to an emulation of Israel’s punitive use of force against Hamas-run Palestine, a territory from which rockets rain down on Israeli soil with reliable frequency (if not reliable destructiveness … but that is not for want of Hamas intent).

My answer, given with the heavy heart that comes always with a painful grip on reality, is simple: India does not because it cannot.

Here are five reasons why:

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The Indian Bluff

January 1, 2009

pakistanf-16 Will India launch punitive strike(s) against Pakistan? Highly unlikely. India would have already struck if it had a choice. It doesn’t have a choice for two major reasons:

1. Indians know, they can start a conflict, but where and how the war ends will not be in their control.

2. By tangling themselves in a war, they run a too realistic risk of delivering a mortal blow to their service-based economy, which may not even survive the brinksmanship Indians are engaging in.

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